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OBAMA: Racism is alive in politics

Letter by Earl D. Erickson, Tacoma on April 30, 2010 at 1:19 pm with 118 Comments »
April 30, 2010 1:37 pm

On every issue that President Obama has had to face, the Republicans and “tea partiers” disagree in their glorified rhetoric. There is no room for compromise. Their minds are made up immediately. They hope President Obama fails. They have admitted this.

They refuse to believe he was born in America. They rant and rave and accuse him of being a socialist. They are certain his agenda is to take every gun out of the hands of every American.

But these issues are really not about politics. They are sadly under the disguise of deep-rooted racism and hate. They refuse to accept the fact that there is a black man in the White House. In their destructive minds, Obama is guilty of being a president while being black. And this is absurd.

I voted for Obama because I believe he is qualified to be the best leader to take us out of the ruins the other party precariously put us. I voted for a president who has a cool and calm demeanor. I voted for a president that would truly keep us safe. I voted for a president (regardless of color) who happens to be black and white — and a constitutional scholar with a high degree of intelligence.

Obama is the right man for the job. We should be fortunate that he was willing to take on such a catastrophic mess. He is a leader I can believe in.

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  1. ValleyTarts says:

    You believe in the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny also ?

  2. ktcmairman says:

    OMG! Are such fools are among us?

  3. ktcmairman says:

    OMG! Are such fools really among us?

  4. NWflyfisher says:

    That’s the beauty of this country, Earl, you have the right to believe what you want, I have the right to believe what I want. The difference is you openly impugn my beliefs and motivations under your right to free speech but I don’t impugn yours. See? I didn’t attack any of that sophmoric inflammatory vitriol that you wrote. What a great country, eh Earl?

  5. madmike272 says:

    Earl baby, do really believe this crap you postsd?

    . I voted for a president who has a cool and calm demeanor. I voted for a president that would truly keep us safe. “

  6. Roncella says:

    Earl, Stop drinking Obama Tea now. Its affecting your reasoning.

    You admire and believe President Obama is doing a good job, you have every right to believe that. However others don’t see it that way for alot of reasons, but race is not one of them.

    Stop trying to discredit the Tea Party folks for protesting the out of control spending, Government take overs, a bankrupt ObamaCare healthcare bill.

    You see Earl many other American’s don’t believe as you do in President Obama abilities. But you are the one that has brought Race into the discussion, thats what liberals do when they can’t win the argument they use Race to change the subject.

  7. The word “freedom” appears nowhere in this lib fantasy of a letter. Very telling.

  8. Earl, quit embarrassing yourself in public for the sake of your family.

  9. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Earl – “OH-Bummer” was a known marxist/socialist that was mistakenly elected to be President of the United States by an extremely naive and ignorant electorate!!! Wake up and admit that a socialist community organizer, who was heavily indoctrinated in marxist principles, is now a national embarrassment and should be removed from office!!! Start by removing the flock of socialist democrat dullards currently occupying congressional seats!!!!!!!

  10. Ah yes, the wingnut brigade is out in force today with all the usual nonsense.
    Mr. Erickson writes a good letter that tells the truth about the freedom we fight for and the tyranny we fight against and it is too much for the wingnuts to understand. Way over their heads. Far too intelligent.

  11. ValleyTarts says:

    Wingnuts ? No. Just those who are fed up paying for other peoples mortgages, health care, new cars, and college education. Democrats used to be patriotic fiscally responsible humanitarians. Now they just supply money and welfare to those who do not want to work, illegals, and thick. BHO now wants to legalize all the illegals as it boost the Democratic base. Keep voting for Murray, Dicks, McDermott et al, and you will see a continual downward spiral of national wealth and dignity. We are fed up bailing out everyone with Obama’s “reparations”. BHO was a well intended experiment that has blown up in our faces.

  12. madmike272 says:

    Publico – Far too intelligent

    Great typical leftist snobbery at it’s best. did you graduate from the alynsky school for the left? Anyone thar dare to disagree with you leftists must not be as smart as you, you the left is soooo enlightened and will tell us what is good for us unwashed masses.

  13. It’s a good thing McCain lost, look at where “drill baby, drill” has gotten us! Now it’s “spill baby, spill.” How’s all that leaky spilly stuff workin for ya? The hypocrisy of the right is now on full display. Bobby Jindal is crying for federal money, after refusing to take stimulus funds… I love the irony!

    The oil spill disaster is just more proof of how the Republican party is bad for this country. BP, who posted record quarter profits couldn’t even fork out 500k to install a safety device to prevent such a disaster. It’s time for more Republican socialism, privatize the profits and socialize the losses. Taxpayer dollars will no doubt be used to clean up BP’s mess!

  14. LuckyCharm says:

    “downward spiral of national wealth and dignity”? Um, the economy’s been up now for the third quarter in a row, after four straight quarters of contraction. And the US now enjoys greater worldwide popularity than it has in almost a decade.

    Yeah, I think our wealth and dignity are in good hands now….

  15. I agree with you Earl, and voted for Barack for many of the same reasons. Sadly however many Americans would rather have an all white president with half a brain, that a half white president with a whole brain.

    Funny how those who are fed up paying for America’s infrastructure and social programs never seem to tire of paying for war and corporate welfare isn’t it?

    Also funny how so many righties justify collecting every government benefit they can with one hand, while flipping off us progressives with the other.

    I know my country’s in better hands now than it has been for most of the last 40 years, and I bet you do too Earl, so don’t worry about those FOX watchers. Up is down, and down is up to them.

  16. the3rdpigshouse says:

    LC – the only improvements to the economy have been realized through temporary census takers and hiring of government employees at the State & federal levels – that is not economic growth – that is government growth and an increased burden on all taxpayers!!!!! Get out of the socialist democrat playbook and into the real world!!

  17. Olemag says:

    Dear Earl, I agree with you totally! The old saying “If you tell a lie often enough people think it is the truth” has become the mouthing mantra of the anti-Obama critics. They can not see past their own prejudice, irregardless of the carefully phrased rhetoric, the same-O, same-O slogans of hate and criticism, to even consider giving our President the respect he deserves as a world leader. The same phrases, the same allegations, repeat and repeat ad nauseum, with no fact or foundation. This is the time for those of us who believe in our country and our leadership to stand up and be counted, just as we did during the last election. Thank you for speaking out.

  18. blakeshouse says:

    Earl it is better to keep your mouth shut and have others think you and idiot than to open it and remove all doubt.

  19. Parkland says:

    A lot of people show up at a tea party to protest big government, and only a few minorities show up. Does this mean that the tea party people are racist? No, it simply means that only a few minorities showed up. It’s not as though anyone was discouraged from coming.

    Every presidential election, the democrats can count on about 90% of the black vote. It’s white people who decide elections, everyone knows that. So in 2008, a bunch of white people and virtually all black people voted for Obama.

    So, who’re the ones who engage in racial politics? The numbers speak for themselves, You can take your racial rhetoric and shove it, pal, liberals always think in terms of racism, because that’s the paradigm that their own little pea brains live in, which make them the actual racists.

  20. erkhvd says:

    Obama can have my guns. From my dead hands. Warm or cold, I don’t care. All I know is the hand they pry it from will be dead and the gun will be out of ammo.

  21. “greater worldwide popularity”… do tell.
    The good thing about this letter and others like it is that I never have to listen to Progressive Talk Radio in order to know what left wing talking points are currently on the air.
    snort! Obama people are such funny folks. Never ones to let reality get in the way of their beliefs. Thank you for your ongoing parody of the left wing hysteria points. I enjoy the laugh.
    The logic of a true believer ideologue has nothing on Lewis Carroll’s rabbit hole….
    Someone who thinks he knows how others think is a fool.

  22. When you make criticism about Obama about racism, you only fuel their fire.

    And by the way, regarding Obama and gun control…he’s allowed guns in parks. That’s it.

    So erkhvd, you can rest easy knowing he won’t have to snatch them from your dead body, and you won’t have to kill anyone in the process.

  23. frosty says:

    I wonder if the letter writer is one of those mind-numbed robots who faint whenever they hear their saviour speak?
    “Obama is qualified to be the best leader”? Oh really? Just where did Mr. Obama aquire these qualifications? Hey Earl, I hate to break this to you but the “voice from on high” that you guys hear is only reverb from his speakers, it’s not coming from heaven.

  24. Obama has, in the past, advocated banning all privately owned guns. Like most liberal religious nuts, you simply take your god’s pandering as truth.

  25. Thall shalt not put false gods before me……said Obama- according to all libs.

  26. LuckyCharm says:

    jim, a worldwide poll conducted by Pew shows that Obama has boosted our global reputation.

    3PH, our economic growth is measured in GDP, not employment data. The GDP is driven by consumer spending.

  27. geeterpontiac says:

    Regardless of which side one finds themself on, it is truely sad that so many people in this country believe as Mr. Erickson does.

    It demonstrates very clearly how some slip away from rational evaluation of candidates based upon hard facts and are willing to buy an empty promise and hope that is false.

    President Obama is a genuinely bad, dishonest person. His roots, relationships, and history clearly indicate such is the case.

    And, his race is totally irrelevant. He is simply a bad person who happens to be black. He could have been white, yellow, red, etc, and the truth would still be the truth.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

  28. LuckyCharm says:

    gp, you display a stunning incongruity: “…how some slip away from rational evaluation of candidates based upon hard facts,” only to state in the very next sentence, “President Obama is a genuinely bad, dishonest person. His roots, relationships, and history clearly indicate such is the case.”

    Where are your “facts” to support this characterization?

  29. InsideJob says:

    Earl, have you been drinking varnish again?

    Here’s a short clip that pretty well sums up the position Obama has gotten himself into:


  30. InsideJob says:

    LuckyCharm says:
    April 30, 2010 at 7:06 pm

    “”downward spiral of national wealth and dignity”? Um, the economy’s been up now for the third quarter in a row, after four straight quarters of contraction. And the US now enjoys greater worldwide popularity than it has in almost a decade.

    Yeah, I think our wealth and dignity are in good hands now….”

    From the NYTimes:
    JAKARTA, Indonesia — A recently-erected statue of President Obama as a 10-year-old boy will be removed from a public park here, city officials said Friday, bowing to vociferous criticism on Facebook just a month before Mr. Obama is scheduled to visit Indonesia.

  31. Leave it to Cheryl to mis-charicterize…

    Last time I checked, there were more than “two dozen nations” (less than 2 dozen were polled)… and July 2009, wasn’t that about the time Barry accepted the Pulitzer Peace prize for being … Obama?

    Besides, the positive poll result wasn’t driven “by opinions about his specific policies”… maybe ’cause nobody back in July of ’09 really knew anything about his policies…

    In summary…

    • LuckyCharm wrote on 07/10/2009 09:01:05 AM:
    Oh, and jimm, I know how you like to inject approval ratings into everything, but your polls don’t really mean a thing.

  32. Oh, and the story you linked was written by MATTHEW LEE… Associated Press Writer, not PEW. Due to the fact it’s a very outdated poll I was unable to find the actual poll to contrast and compare.

  33. Obama is a bad person. He is a hateful racist who embraced Marxism as a young man, and believes that the masses need to be shepherded as worker bees by elitists such as himself. Many of us, but not enough, apparently, saw him for the liar he is right off the bat. I mean seriously, the guy spent twenty years listening to a whitey hating preacher, was friends with a known terrorist, and surrounded himself with communists. The sooner he’s gone, the sooner we can start cleaning up his mess, and ridding the world of the progressivist disciples who’ve come out from the shadows.

  34. Roncella says:

    imjim, Isn’t it just peachy that France, Cuba, Vens., Russia, China, Iran, Seria, are all very happy with the new Obama Foreign Affairs Policy.

    Yes sir , I will sleep alot better now that I know France is very happy with our new Global Reputation. Yu betcha……

  35. jiminycricket says:

    I see that the usual racists and bigots are posting today. Earl, your letter is proof positive that racism is alive and well. You’ll hear from more haters than anyone else! What else is new?

  36. jc, seriously, if some guy spent twenty years attending some Neo-Nazi church over in North Idaho, would you consider him sympathetic to Neo-Nazis? Of course you would, so why should I not consider Obama a racist, having attended a black liberation theology church, listening to a racist preacher, for twenty years. Gimme a break, you’re nothing more than a mindless parrot for the left, and a less-than-intelligent racist.

  37. Great responses! He is a marxist/progressive. Its his poliitics not his race. I have a shirt that says “I was anti-Obama before it was cool”. Huge positive response now, especially from younger people. People are figuring out what he is and what he believes in and stands for. Either you like it and think it is the right direction for this country, or you hate it and feel he is destroying our country. More and more people are disliking his politices, so it sounds like its time to run around with the race card. If you don’t like him, its because he’s black. Guess what. I think Barney Frank is just as horrible and it’s not because he’s white and gay. It’s because of his politics.

  38. mongoos says:

    It’s not the color of Obama’s skin that I object to. It’s the thinness of it.

  39. InsideJob says:

    I second your sentiments.

  40. geeterpontiac says:

    “LuckyCharm says:
    May 1, 2010 at 12:05 pm
    gp, you display a stunning incongruity: “…how some slip away from rational evaluation of candidates based upon hard facts,” only to state in the very next sentence, “President Obama is a genuinely bad, dishonest person. His roots, relationships, and history clearly indicate such is the case.”

    Where are your “facts” to support this characterization?”


    It isn’t a matter of selectively looking for something to smear him with.

    One only needs to look at relationships such as that with Wright, Ayers, (I think his name is), plus, appointments of people to his cabinet that didn’t pay income taxes, others that were part of Goldman Sachs, etc.. (dishonest) Those are just a few. And, they have been well documented in a cross section of media. NYT, Washington Post, WSJ, etc.

    You know that as well as I do. He just a bad guy.

  41. Obama is a bad person. I know this because I know him.
    He is best friends with terrorists and surrounds himself with communists. He is anti-American, hates white people, and wants to paint the White House black. He also has implemented a eugenics program to get rid of white people, IRS concentration camps, and was able to trick artists decades ago into communist subliminal messages.

    All that I have said is true, because I know it. The lemmings glued to their lame-stream TVs need to wake up. Real news comes from the heart.

  42. newscrap says:

    Yes yes yes, I can see things clearly now. Parkland, Frosty, Roncella, ItalianSpring, and mostly 3rdpig and blakeshouse have finally made me see the light. If we could only make the socialist/marxist democratic party (god how nice that feels rolling off the tongue) illegal, or better yet round them up and put them in re-education camps we could once again be a great nation. Just think how easy things would be with only one party, the REPUBLIKANS. We could then be among the great other one party countries–Stalilnst Russia and Hitlers’ Germany, they only needed one party too.

  43. Concernedfather says:

    The previous poster mostly spews the second half of their name!

  44. newscrap says:

    Ah, but am I wrong?

  45. “I see that the usual racists and bigots are posting today.”

    I see that the TNT has relaxed it’s standards on this new format to allow a multi-moniker poster troll to continue to post… under multiple alts….

  46. imjim: As long as the pigshouse continues to spill his nonsense and empty rhetoric, I do not pity you folks having to deal with trolls. The pigshouse is the worst troll here. So, instead of focusing on our local left wing troll, why not do away with all trolls? It would make your position seem more consistent and less hypocritical. Food for thought!

  47. LuckyCharm says:

    gp sez: “One only needs to look at relationships such as that with Wright, Ayers, (I think his name is), plus, appointments of people to his cabinet that didn’t pay income taxes, others that were part of Goldman Sachs, etc.. (dishonest) Those are just a few.”

    Okay, smart guy — if you’re trying to convince me you know what you’re talking about, then give me the full names (even just one or two where you cite groups) of the people you’re referring to. No fair looking it up!

    When you say “Ayers, (I think his name is)” you betray the fact that you are merely trying (and not very well) to regurgitate right-wing talking points. If you were really interested in facts, you would bother to check things out for yourself before swallowing whatever they try to feed you.

  48. LuckyCharm says:

    IJob, what does a statue in an Indonesian park have to do with anything? Why WOULD the Indonesians want a statue of a foreign President (he is not Indonesian) as a boy in one of their parks? What’s surprising to me is that it was ever erected in the first place.

    jim, CBS also reported on the Pew survey. None of the articles I’ve seen on it have contained a link to the actual poll results — perhaps Pew didn’t publish them online.

    And, poll results do happen to be pertinent when questions of reputation are at stake. In fact, that is the ONLY way to determine the answer. Where they’re irrelevant is in questions of policy and such, as in “X percent of those polled oppose this or that,” which says absolutely nothing about whether said policy is wise or workable.

  49. Newscrap, thanks for putting my name in with the other true Americans who post here. I feel that I’m in good company with Parkland, Roncella, Italianspring, 3ph and Blakeshouse. I could sit down and have a converstion with these people at any time, the others who post here, I don’t need to name them because you know who they are, I wouldn’t want to be in the same room with. I avoid liberals at all costs. I can only vomit so much in one day.

  50. geeterpontiac says:

    “LuckyCharm says:
    May 1, 2010 at 10:39 pm
    gp sez: “One only needs to look at relationships such as that with Wright, Ayers, (I think his name is), plus, appointments of people to his cabinet that didn’t pay income taxes, others that were part of Goldman Sachs, etc.. (dishonest) Those are just a few.”

    Okay, smart guy — if you’re trying to convince me you know what you’re talking about, then give me the full names (even just one or two where you cite groups) of the people you’re referring to. No fair looking it up”

    LC, no one is trying to be smart.

    I was simply trying to answer your questions about the facts.

    Look, just because someone on the right you may dislike uses one of the people I mention as a talking point doesn’t mean it isn’t a valid point. And, I was trying to recall the spelling of the name from memory. I admit, I don’t have 20-20 memory. So, I tried to clarify that. I thought that was reasonable.

    Besides, I can tell you emphatically, I don’t listen to fringies for talking points on either side. I ‘ve told you and others before what I screen through that shapes my view.

    A few notes of interest from the very many.

    Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s failed to pay $43,000 in federal self-employment taxes for four years until he was nominated for the Treasury post

    Goldman Sachs Gary Gensler is Obama’s Commodity Futures Trading Commission head

    Rahn Emanuel received nearly $80,000 in cash from Goldman Sachs during his four terms in Congress

    Former Goldman Sachs lobbyist Mark Patterson works for Geithner as his top deputy and overseer of TARP bailout, around $10 billion of which went to Goldman Sachs.

    And Bill Ayers (my spelling was correct) a former Weather Underground leader which resorted to violence was a close associate of the President during his formative years and played a role as a mentor much like Wright.

    And, of course, there is Jerimiah Wright. There isn’t much to misunderstand about Mr. Wright.

    So yes, President Obama is a bad person in my book.

    And, contrary to what you seem to think, I don’t swallow much of anything from either side. I try to deal as much in facts as possible.

  51. newscrap says:

    Um, it wasn’t a compliment, but then again, the far right was never very observant. Both extremes are a little scary. It is hard to find anyone of either party that is moderate. The point, which you apparently missed, was that what type of country would we have if only the extreme right wing nuts controlled everything?

  52. “And, poll results do happen to be pertinent” when Cheryl decides they are…

    • LuckyCharm wrote on 07/10/2009 09:01:05 AM:
    Oh, and jimm, I know how you like to inject approval ratings into everything , but your polls don’t really mean a thing.

  53. beerBoy says:

    “Obama is a bad person”

    Seriously……that is the depth of your critique?!!???

    And……do you really want a “good person” as president? the last time we elected a “good person” to the office we got Jimmy Carter who wasn’t bad enough to do what had to be done.

  54. hansgruber says:

    Once again, it’s the libs screaming about race. Race has nothing to do with being liberal, socialist or anti-guns.

    By promoting cultural diversity, you are promoting racisit views. America is a melting pot of cultures in to one.

    I did not vote for the most liberal democrat ever to be elected President who’s cabinet has only 2 members of the 19 who have any military service, who is on course to out borrow all of the previous 43 Presidents combined. Not because of the color of his skin but because of his reckless spending and government controls he has put in place.

  55. beerBoy says:

    “the most liberal democrat ever to be elected President”

    So……..are you saying that FDR and LBJ were conservatives?

  56. frosty says:

    beerboy, there’s a differnce between being ” a good president ” versus a “naive” president. Carter was more of the latter than the former.

  57. frosty says:

    newscrap says” the far right was never very observant”, that’s a rather nebulous statement. But as I try to glean some significance from it, my only conclusion is that perhaps up until now, the far right never had a real reason to be observant. That all changed after the last election.

  58. InsideJob says:

    How The Hell Did GM Pay Back Its Loans “in Full And Ahead of Schedule”?


    Well, It Didn’t.

  59. Roncella says:

    getterpontiac, WOW, Well said, Anyone even a Liberal/Progressive/Dem. with an once of intelligence should be able to read and understand your Post.

  60. LuckyCharm says:

    Aww, gp, I said no fair looking it up! But since you did…:

    Tim Geithner skipped his taxes — right, his employer (the IMF) failed to withhold FICA taxes, but gave the 50% employer portion back to the employees. Geithner paid that portion to the government, but either he or his accountant forgot to include the 50% that would have been withheld as well. Heck, I could make the same mistake! Bottom line is, the Senate apparently didn’t think this was serious enough not to confirm him. And at any rate, even if you blame him, that doesn’t make Obama a “bad person.”

    Gary Gensler spent 18 years at GS, until 1997, after which he served as Undersecretary of the Treasury (1999-2001) and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury (1997-1999). These qualifications make him a “formidable foe” to Wall Street according to CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton, and nobody (even his skeptics) now doubts his commitment to reforming our corrupt financial system. You should really find out more about him. And, even if he were a “bad person,” that wouldn’t make Obama one.

    Rahm Emanuel… well, some of us are still scratching our heads on this one, but he doesn’t have any role in crafting financial reform anyway. And I’d bet he’ll be replaced before the end of Obama’s first term. Still, if he’s a bad person, how does that make Obama one?

    Mark Patterson has recused himself from any discussions involving issues he was lobbying, according to a Treasury statement. But it wasn’t Obama who chose him anyway — in fact, Patterson worked against a CEO compensation reform bill that Obama sponsored in the Senate. We can be reasonably sure that Obama would not have picked him himself. How does the fact that Geithner did make Obama a “bad person”?

    And please explain exactly how Bill Ayers was “a close associate of the President during his formative years and played a role as a mentor much like Wright.” How much time did they spend together? In what context? What ideas from Ayers — or Wright — have you seen reflected in his policies and actions?

    You claim to make decisions based on fact, but all you’ve shown me are shadowy suspicions based on weak connections and rumor. You’ve gotta do better than that, my friend.

  61. getterpontiac, I know that you are aware that you only scratched the surface of the many,many questionable characters that Obama associates with. But since the space is limited you couldn’t possibly list all of them without writng a book about it. Great job in listing some of the more agregious ones, I would add Vann Jones the self proclaimed commie to the list as well. I also realize that none of this will make the slightest impact on LuckyCharm since she is a true kool aid drinker.

  62. As usual, many of the criticisms made are built from hyperbole or the hypothetical.

    Just how many modern presidents haven’t had any questionable associates or political appointments? And I saw “modern” because with advances in technology, it has become more and more difficult to hide anything in the life of politics. Where presidents used to have affairs (like with blonde celebrities) and it was never spoken of then, we hear all the juicy details now.

    There is still valid cause to speak out against unjust action, but to imply that something unprecedented is happening is to be buying into the same garbage that you think everyone else is eating.

    BTW, I get a good laugh when people still bring up Ayers. I’ve heard the righties on this board say they were “best friends”, then after some challenge it was backed down to “friend” status. I still hear “best friends” from time to time though.

    If you were interested in the truth you could go to the non-partisan factcheck.org for their in-depth analysis of the garbage flung by the McCain/Palin camp, regarding the relationship between Obama and Ayers.

    But no, don’t try reading that liberal nonsense. Facts are just a component of the lame-stream media, right? Of course!

    Real facts don’t need to be verified!!

  63. Roncella says:

    I was wrong about my last post. LCharm shows what complete loyalty and blind allegence looks like.

  64. Loz, just like LuckyCharm cannot get beyond the commie style posters and the re-verb of the speakers when Obama is reading his speeches. He has more “czrs” in his administration than any president in history. If it weren’t for Fox News, he’d have a lot more. At least Beck got rid of Vann Jones.

  65. “czars”

  66. geeterpontiac says:

    “beerBoy says:
    May 2, 2010 at 6:19 am
    “Obama is a bad person”

    Seriously……that is the depth of your critique?!!???

    And……do you really want a “good person” as president? the last time we elected a “good person” to the office we got Jimmy Carter who wasn’t bad enough to do what had to be done. ”

    My critique is based upon relationships and past actions, some of which I identified.

    When I use the term “good” I am not talking politics at all. I am talking about the character of the person. And the term refers to those qualities I think you and I could agree constitute what “good” is. Those are things like trustworthyness, truthful, unselfishness, honorable, serving others rather than being served, etc.

    The character of an individual cannot help but impact his performance in whatever function he undertakes. Whether the President, a teacher, a laborer, etc, the quality of the performance will be affected by the person’s character.

    Obama is without question charismatic individual. But, he is also a deeply flawed individual illustrated by his past relationships with the likes of Wright, Ayers, and other extremists. And, he lies continually about those relationships as well as those with other extremist groups and is totally untrustworthy.

    That is a brief summary of why I think he is a bad person personally and therfore, professionally.

    By the way, in many respects FDR and LBJ would be considered conservatives in todays culture. :) And Truman would be a even more so.

    I think Truman is an excellent example of qualities I would look for in a good president. He was essentially an honest, truthful person who loved the country and its people and did the best he could in difficult times. Was he always truthful? No! But, his divergences from truth were more a result of trying to do what is best for others than lying about himself or others in order to protect or promote corruption. Reagan was much the same way.

    Mr. Obama is just the opposite. He is simply a wolf in sheep’s clothing and he and his pack are devouring the country.

    That makes him bad in my book.

  67. And regarding guns, you should read the factcheck.org detail covering a 15 million dollar NRA campaign to spread many lies about Obama’s support of the 2nd amendment.

    Just about the only thing the NRA got right was to cite Obama’s support in 2004 in banning concealed weapons, except for police officers.


    But don’t go to factcheck’s site…don’t let the FACTS get in your way!!!!

  68. He has more “czrs” in his administration than any president in history.

    WRONG again, frosty!!!!! George W Bush had more czars than Obama does


  69. geeterpontiac says:

    LuckyCharm says:
    May 2, 2010 at 10:14 am
    Aww, gp, I said no fair looking it up! But since you did…:

    So? I wanted to make sure I got the spelling right. :)

    Anyway, believe what you want or continue to protect a poor excuse for a human being much less a president. That is your choice.

    It seems obvious to me that you don’t want to consider the importance of relationships and how they play off in real life, whether personal or political.

    I think you are simply an apologist attempting to support the unsupportable and no amount of data from someone like myself will ever convince you otherwise. (as if that was my intent) And, if your mind is changed it won’t be because of me or others. It will be self induced as a result of logical examination of the facts and the recognition that the truth is simply the truth however uncomfortable it makes you.

    So, spin to your heart’s content. :)

  70. But, he is also a deeply flawed individual illustrated by his past relationships with the likes of Wright, Ayers, and other extremists. And, he lies continually about those relationships as well as those with other extremist groups and is totally untrustworthy.

    Perhaps you should check the factcheck.org link I posted above regarding the so-called lie Obama made involving Ayers.

    Or has Obama lied about anyone else specifically? And what other extremist groups are you referring to?

  71. I hope facts didn’t scare anyone away…

    I know they can be rare nowadays.

  72. bullman120 says:

    Earl D. Erickson is a typical democrat, when dealing with those who disagree with you, just call them a racist, it puts them on the defensive, and it changes the subject. I hope you are not as simple minded as you appear.

  73. factcheck.org?? Yer kiddin’ right? Nice touch how they put the .org on the end, as well, makes it seem legit to the common guy.

  74. LuckyCharm says:

    Repeated for gp’s benefit: “And please explain exactly how Bill Ayers was “a close associate of the President during his formative years and played a role as a mentor much like Wright.” How much time did they spend together? In what context? What ideas from Ayers — or Wright — have you seen reflected in his policies and actions?”

    I have hung out with many different types of people in my life, some by choice and some by coincidence, such as happening to belong to the same club or organization. It doesn’t mean I instantly adopt all their beliefs, habits, and lifestyle. In fact, I’ve been “closely associated with” several people for my whole life who hold beliefs that violently clash with my own, but I don’t disown them or refuse contact with them on account of that. Since when did tolerance and open-mindedness become a flaw? Since when do I have to agree with everything my friend says and thinks? Do you really think everybody is as incapable as you at forming their own opinions in spite of what they hear from those they surround themselves with?

  75. It has been widely reported and never disputed that Obama “kicked off” his political career with a fundraiser hosted by and in the home of Bill Ayers. You can shill for the guy all you want, it doesn’t mean that you’re not just another dishonest racist.

  76. LuckyCharm says:

    Obama was then-state senator Alice Palmer’s chosen successor in 1995. She introduced him as such during an informal gathering at Ayers’ home, which was attended by a number of Chicago political personalities. They also served briefly together on the board of the Woods Fund of Chicago. Beyond that, they were never close friends, and certainly the relationship had nothing to do with “mentoring.” Sorry, but you’re really grasping at straws here. If there were anything more nefarious to it, don’t you believe Clinton, and then McCain, would’ve exploited it to the fullest while they ran against him? They pulled cheaper tricks than that….

  77. What a bunch of ridiculous crap. Any other person in America, save a few Marxist loving progressives, when invited to a party at the home of a known terrorist, would have simply said “no”. You can apologize for this amateur shlub all you want, in fact, keep doing it. Like I said, trying to sound reasonable when defending an unreasonable racist simply affirms your own racism.

  78. Roncella says:

    geeterpontiac, Notice how careful LCharm and loz are in avoiding the Rev. Wright, President Obama’s Minister for well over 20 years. Wright screamed during his sermons many times showing his hated for whites, jews, America.

    Obama sat in his pew with his family soaking this up, right up till the Main Stream Media during the election cycle found out about Wright’s reputation. Obama gave a speech about his relationship with Wright then dropped him like a hot potato. The Main Stream Press then never followed up on the actual relationship between Wright and the Obama’s, they where lazy.

    Looking at the list you prepared, anyone with even a small amount of common sense would question why Obama would have associated with the type of people he did and does. At times it seems there is a reasoning defect in the thinking of Liberal/Progressives/Dems. especially when it comes to defending other Liberal/Democrats.

  79. InsideJob says:

    I would say that not only is Barack Obama a lousy president, he is also a despicable human being. So put me squarely in the “bad person” camp.

    I cannot think of one admirable quality he possesses. I really cannot even think of any neutral quality he has.

    I would not trust him as far as I can spit.

  80. You guys crack me up sometimes.

  81. LuckyCharm says:

    Parkland, I have been to many parties and feasts at the homes of known, possible, or suspected terrorists. That doesn’t make me one. At the time of Obama’s meeting with Ayers (which I repeat, was not initiated by him OR Ayers), the latter had renounced his former misbehavior from the ’70’s and had been a respected teacher for a decade. He was well-known in Chicago’s political circles, and there should have been no reason not to accept an invitation to his house for the purpose of announcing his selection to succeed Palmer. Unless you’re a ditto-head who gets all wrapped up in ridiculous conspiracy theories and the like.

    And as far as Wright, Roncella, nobody’s avoiding the topic — it’s just that nobody’s managed to prove or even credibly suggest that Obama ever went along with his most extreme rhetoric.

  82. Keep telling yourself that LC. But when you keep apologizing for communist terrorists, (take your pick which one) you kind of show your cards, and for normal people, it’s not a pretty sight. Before Obama, most people weren’t aware of how ugly and loathsome progressivism is, but now that’s changed. Keep it up, please.

  83. geeterpontiac says:

    Birds of a feather flock together.

    Old cliché, but a truism that just won’t go away.

    You are known by the company you keep. Especially if one has kept it kept it for 20 years and probably nodded their head in agreement and maybe even hollered a few “Amens”.

    And, if you kept silent, and/or decided not to leave, you affirm and support the dialogue

    Hatred of whites, hatred of Jews, hatred of America.

    Really pretty basic.

  84. Roncella says:

    geeterpontiac, Its really hard to imagine that LCharm and other liberals can justify President Obama sitting in his pew including his family for Twenty Years listening to hatefull mean remarks and sermons week after week.

    From what I undertand to be true, Opra Winfred also attended The Rev Wrights Chuch on the South Side of Chicago, but as soon as she heard his hateful sermons she left and never went back.

  85. Pacman33 says:

    LuckyCharm says:
    MAY 2, 2010 AT 2:00 PM
    “Parkland, I have been to many parties and feasts at the homes of known, possible, or suspected terrorists.”

    Finally, L.C. posts something that is truthful and factual.

    LOL. Love the blog Parkland. Too funny. That is some good s …… stuff.

    Everybody needs to click on Parkland’s name if they get a chance.

  86. I’ve heard others make the comment about “cool and collected”.. it is as if he’s thinking, “That’s all I have to do – remain calm.” Someone of his handlers may’ve told him to be that way… Rham E. maybe? I don’t know but judging by the beer summit response and lack of response to this spill that has media wishing they had Bush back to bash and such I’d say he is pretty reactive/nonreactive in not so good ways. Ratings are lower than Bush – who was bashed constantly continually and thought among the worst rated upon leaving office – though now looking pretty great!

  87. geeterpontiac: Obama is very conservative compared to LBJ and FDR, get your facts right. Has Obama stopped even one of Bush’s failed programs? No. He’s just as bad as Bush, so much for hope and change.

    Spill baby, spill!

  88. LuckyCharm says:

    Lack of response to the spill? BP lied initially to make it look not as bad as it is.

    This administration is putting tons of resources toward this catastrophe.

    The TNT printed my letter in today’s print version about it.

  89. Novelist2 says:

    Once again, the tired, worn-out race card is pulled. It has long since lost any meaning to it, and yet it keeps getting played.

    Look, “Earl”, I’ll be nice and say this- you’re probably rejoicing in the fact that the Trib printed your letter.

    But you’re dead wrong.

    Race has absolutely, positively nothing to do with anything going on in our politics today. Republicans don’t like Obama because he’s doing a massive amount of damage to our country in a lot of ways. Health Care, Immigration, the way he conducts himself in front of world leaders (like his reprehensible habit of bowing to every tinpot dictator he meets), his snubbing of our allies in favor of said lunatic tinpot dictators… on and on and on. And now, according to news sources, the word is out that he’s stepping into Bill Clinton’s shoes and having trysts with campaign staffers at seedy hotels!

    Again- we hate Obama for what he is doing, what he has done, and what he has declared he will continue doing. His race is totally and completely irrelevant in every way, shape or form.

    No matter how many times you continually push it forward, the idea that the right’s dislike of Obama is somehow seated in race is baseless and offensive, serving only to mask the real issues that are present at this time. In other words, you’re doing nothing but clouding the issue.

    And yet still they printed you.

    How very like the Trib to do so.

  90. “None of the articles I’ve seen on it have contained a link to the actual poll results”… so it’s outdated AND meaningless.

  91. beerBoy says:

    So…..is it a race card when folks say the hatred for Obama (very evident by the posts on this thread) is based in race but not a race card when the people who hate Obama blather on about Rev. Wright and “Hatred of whites, hatred of Jews, hatred of America”?

    BTW geeterpontiac – please NO EMOTICONS! ;-)

    And…….are you saying that hatred of America is equivalent to hatred of whites and Jews? Gee…….that kind of makes the Black Nationalist belief that America is skewed towards whites and Jews seem plausible…….

  92. donjames says:

    LuckyCharm says:

    “Tim Geithner skipped his taxes — right, his employer (the IMF) failed to withhold FICA taxes… ”


    As usual, the resident 0bama administration apologist-in-chief, LC, has put the facts of this matter through the food processor.

    As an American citizen working for the IMF, Mr. Geithner knew he was considered self-employed. How can he claim he was unaware he was required to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes for himself as both an employer and an employee as I, and all other self-employed peons religiously do?

    What a load of steaming crap.

    The IMF and World Bank reimburse employees, including U.S. citizens, for their U.S. income taxes. They don’t, however, make contributions toward Social Security and Medicare taxes, which individuals are expected to pay on their own.

    From the WSJ:
    “According to Mr. Geithner, he initially failed to pay payroll taxes on income he received from the International Monetary Fund in 2001, and then repeated the error in the three subsequent years, despite the help of an accountant. Apologizing to the committee, he took responsibility for what he called “careless” and “avoidable” mistakes while insisting they were unintentional. He acknowledged signing an IMF statement at the time that he understood he had been reimbursed to pay those self-employment taxes, adding that he should have read the statement more carefully. Millions of Americans have said the same thing about the tax code during an IRS audit, earning less forgiveness.”

    In other words, LC, as you well know, geithner was informed – in writing (3 times fercrissake) – of HIS responsibility to pay all payroll taxes that were due! His (in)actions simply cannot be defended by any rational taxpayer.

    But then…

  93. simsgirl50 says:

    I’m sorry, but you’re an idiot. Race has nothing to do with why we don’t like Obama as our president. I would have loved to have had a CONSERVATIVE black president. Keep on spouting the liberal lies that only fools believe. To me, it was racist to have voted for Obama BECAUSE he’s black as black preachers in Tacoma admitted to doing. They betrayed their principles (such as being pro-life) just to get a black president in office; it didn’t matter to them that his beliefs totally contradicted theirs. When liberals grow up and stop using the race card every time someone disagrees with them, then we might be able to have some mature discussions with them.

  94. Roncella says:

    donjames, Thanks for the facts on Geithner. None of that will matter to LCharm and other liberal/progressives who post here. They have a long 3 1/2 years to defend and make excuses for the most Radical President in the History of the U.S.

  95. Roncella says:

    beerBoy, Can you explain how a very intelligent and alert, highly educated very bright Person like President Obama could sit in a pew for over twenty years and listen to a hateful, mean, nasty Minister Wright scream his ugly references about Whites and Jews and America, then when asked about Wright during his campaign for the Presidency by the Press, he dropped him like a hot potato ??

    One more thing beerBoy, I can’t speak for other Conservatives but I have no hate for President Obama. I disagree with almost all of his policy changes, his ObamaCare bill, how he apoligizes to Communist/Socialist/Dictators and some other things..

    It seems to me those folks that constantly bring up Race as the reason so many folks dislike President Obama are themselfs hung up on Race.

  96. LuckyCharm says:

    dj, this NYT article contradicts what you’ve said about Geithner’s accountant. And, the fact remains that the issue was closely examined in the Senate, which ultimately confirmed his appointment. And, I still fail to see how, even if Geithner did for some reason intentionally fudge his taxes, how that makes the President a “bad person.” His vetting committee might have been careless, or maybe he even personally displayed poor judgment in that case (and there isn’t a man or woman under the sun who hasn’t), but nominating a highly-qualified financial expert who might have had a black spot on his record hardly makes him a “bad person.” I don’t consider myself a particularly bad person, but Lord knows I have terribly, tragically misjudged other people’s character before. For this to reflect at all upon Obama, one would have to assume that he was intimately familiar with the man’s financial affairs for years back, which is ludicrous.

  97. LuckyCharm says:

    Do you know Rev. Wright personally, Ron? This Catholic priest does. Or maybe you’d be interested in what Mike Huckabee had to say about the issue — you should have seen it, it was a Fox interview!

  98. Roncella says:

    LCharm, Huckabee/McCane/Graham/ are all rino Republicans. Their beliefs are very close to being liberal/Dem. . I and many other Conservatives wish all three would move over to the Democratic Party where they belong.

    I was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, I have many friends and family that still live there. I am very familar with the South Side of Chicago. You can believe what ever you want to in reading blogs and whatever.

    LCharm, You’ll need to stay on the defensive for at least another 3 1/2 years to defend your idol President Obama.

  99. Roncella says:

    LuckyCharm, The Catholic Priest that you refer to in your post is not very well thought of or respected by the Catholic Community in the Chicago Area.

    Father Flagher, not sure on his spelling but believe me, when I tell you he is not a main stream Catholic. He is an embarrassment to the Catholic Church.
    Why the Church has allowed him to continue as a priest is beyond belief.

    LuckyCharm, as I have mentioned to you before, your reliance on blogs and google, Huffington puff, leaves alot to be desired in forming your opinions and beliefs.

  100. “Let me perfectly clear”! I was on top the the situation in the Gulf Coast, I personally sent my Homeland Security honcho down there to investigate, she even wore her baseball cap, and so did the EPA honcho Ms. Jackson. After carefully diving to a depth of 5,000 feet, they both came back and assured me that it is under control!! Let me be perfectly clear!! I didn’t wait nine days after the fact to show some interest in this mess, after all, it’s Bush’S fault, Let me be perfectly Clear!! It’s all British Petroleum’s fault, Let me be perfectly clear!! I am going to hold my boot on their thrroat to get this cleaned up, now I urge all people living on the Gulf Coast to sue B.P. Let me be perfectly clear!!

  101. LuckyCharm says:

    Roncella, what does politics have to do with this at all? My point was that other clergymembers have come to both Obama’s and Wright’s defense. Are all clergymembers supposed to be Republicans in your world?

    frosty, BP has been predictably lowballing the severity of the accident. Also, since this event is unprecedented in all the world, there doesn’t even exist a way to accurately measure the flow coming out of that rig. The administration can’t be faulted for not responding quickly to something they were told was no big deal.

    This, by the way, is one of the strongest arguments for a clean-energy economy NOW. As long as there is drilling, there will be spills — it’s unavoidable. Now look — we’ve got a gusher a mile underwater, and no flippin’ idea what to even do about it.

    Time to invest fully in clean, renewable energy, no matter what you think about global warming.

  102. frosty says:

    LuckyCharm, very timely talking points. We knew that the next initiative from the left as a result of this incident would be to stop all drilling and further handicap this nation. Yet no one seems to be concerned that other countries are in the Gulf right now drilling for oil. I wouldn’t let this one incident cripple the country, regretably, many liberals seem to be anxious to do so. and oh BTW, I just noticed your comment about going out to parties and feasts with terrorists. How did you manage to do all of that while supposedly serving your country in the military? I also spent over 20 years but can’t ever recall partying with terrorist.

  103. LuckyCharm says:

    frosty, I don’t know about any initiative from the left, but I would personally be thrilled if all offshore drilling were immediately halted. As this accident shows, we just don’t know what to do about it when something goes wrong. My own solution? Put a wetsuit on Ms. Palin and send her straight to the bottom with a BIG, HEAVY plug. She could fix it, you betcha….

    And FYI, I served in Iraq as an interrogator with a THT, which included CI elements. It was our JOB to mingle with locals, including their VIPs. Not all of them, I am convinced, were solidly on our side…

  104. Can’t pass this opportunity up Lucky. You realize your statement about sending Palin to the bottom with a BIG, HEAVY plug is the same thing you are railing about when she says reload, or uses a target sign. Are you advocating for the murder of Sarah Palin? Of course not! Just had to point out the hypocrisy:). Sorry, tried to pass, but I’m just not strong enough too….

  105. LuckyCharm says:

    No TMell, I’m just saying, this same Sarah who dared to mock Joe Biden in a debate, calling offshore drilling not only safe but environmentally friendly (!) seems to have all the answers. Why doesn’t she put her money where her mouth is, so to speak, and go fix this little problem? It’s so easy for her to go around saying “Drill Baby Drill,” but when a Big Effin’ Gusher opens up a mile beneath the surface, is she ready to roll up her sleeves and show us how it’s done? Of course not. The best she can muster is a tweet to the people of Florida, saying she’ll pray for them, and that she knows how it is because of the Exxon Valdez (from which Prince William Sound has still not recovered). There is NO comparison! At least then, it was a surface spill, and there was no guesswork as to how much could be released. In the present case, this supposedly “environmentally friendly” industry doesn’t have Clue One as to how to shut this monster off, or how much it can spew into the Gulf before it’s done. So yes, I think this little cheerleader for Big Oil (which now employs her hubby again, coincidentally) should be made to take some sort of personal responsibility for this accident. Lives and livelihoods have been lost, and it’s impossible to know the extent of the devastation to the ecosystem and food chain there. And still this lamebrain is going around saying we should “trust the oil industry” as we watch them fumble and flail and talk about domes and boxes and spray chemicals and still no way to shut the dammed thing off… Anybody who can go around still drumming up support for practices that, even without an accident, cause lasting damage to areas around them, deserves to take personal responsibility for the results, even if that means going down there herself to plug the flippin’ hole. Until then, as far as I’m concerned, every word out of her mouth is dishonest and tantamount to treason — she must WANT to jeopardize America’s future energy independence, national security, and coastal industries and ecosystems.

  106. interesting logic, always enjoy it.

  107. Is the answer drilling in ANWR? I think everybody(myself included) other than big oil wants more green energy. But, burning wood waste is considered green in this state, and hydropower isn’t considered a renewable resource?

    This tragedy is terrible, and unprecedented.

  108. LuckyCharm, I believe I’ve asked you this question before. Do you drive a car? Do you heat your home, have electricity for lights and appliances? Does your computer work off of batteries? Do trucks bring supplies in to the stores that you shop at? If you use energy sources you are also part of the problem. When you move out into the woods with a tent and two pieces of flint stone, then maybe some one will listen to you.

  109. LuckyCharm says:

    TMell, a lot is being done in the field of energy innovation. Researchers are studying fuel made from algae, solar panels on roadways, energy converters on busy sidewalks, etc. Much more needs to be done, though, to make these technologies viable and practical. I think every tax break given to oil companies should be taken back and poured into more R&D for clean, renewable technologies. Maybe offer some kind of incentive for students to go into this field, too. Meanwhile, China is pouring massive gov’t resources into windmills and electric-car battery production, so when the rest of the world finally decides to get serious about this, they’ll already have the market cornered. Why can’t America be a leader again?

    frosty, I do drive, as little as possible (I walk or take public transportation when I can, and fully support expanding the role of public transportation locally), and the most fuel-efficient car I could get at the time I purchased it. I wish it were possible to buy an electric car that would recharge itself with sunlight, but until somebody builds and markets one, that won’t be possible. I limit my consumption of plastics (a BIG culprit) and overpackaged goods, and I can usually go 2-3 weeks between trash pickups, between my composting, recycling, and creative reuse of unwanted items. (Freecycle.org rocks!) I do what I can to limit my personal impact on the environment, but let’s be realistic — until better solutions are made easily available to the average citizen, we’re not going to make much progress.

  110. Roncella says:

    LuckyCharm, Why so much hate for Sarah Palin. When all is said and done her simple slogan of Drill Baby Drill actually is good advice.

    She is not saying to stop green programs, she is saying we need clean coal, nuclear Plants, oil wells, oil refineries asap while working on clean energy discoveries.

    She makes alot of sense. It was always funny to me that kennedy would not allow windturbines off the coast of Mass. because he didn’t want to see them when he looked out his windows from one of the many Kennedy compounds in Mass. Yes he sure was concerned about pollution, that noble liberal.

  111. LuckyCharm says:

    What has Sarah Palin ever said or done that made sense? Oil drilling does not “make sense” next to clean, renewable energy. Fossil fuels pollute our air, disrupt fragile ecosystems, and cost lives and livelihoods. Now they’re ruining our Gulf Coast too, and oil’s biggest cheerleader is running around telling us to trust the oil industry! Go say that to the fishermen who may never get back on their feet, or the economically depressed areas that have just suffered a blow they could ill afford. For what? To make BP rich? Don’t think all that oil would have gone straight from the well to your gas tank — it belongs to BP, who will trade it on the world market to the highest bidder.

    I hope they fold, I really do.

  112. Roncella says:

    LuckyCharm, We cannot go to a clean energy exclusively now, without bankrupting all of us. The Gulf Coast will be cleaned up and things will eventually return to normal. No one wants to see things like this happen, especially to all the folks depended on tourism, fishing, boating, and all the rest.

    LuckyCharm, I’m sure many Americans are employeed by BP, again this was not done intentionally lets not wish their jobs away

    When I see all you folks like Gore, and the other Green alarmists screaming about no more drilling, its actually kind of humorous. I and many others will take you alot more seriously when we observe you all moving out of your homes and motorhomes and yachts, stop flying around in your private planes and large 747’s etc .,stop buying any premade products of any kind. Start living on Flour, Sugar, Wheat, Corn, etc., Plant vegetable gardens and live off them, cook all your own foods no more fast foods of any kind. I could go on but I believe you must understand what I’m trying to explain to you by now.

    One more thing I need to ask is do you heat your home with oil, or natural gas, do you burn wood in your fireplace, thats all causing polution, if you do, you really need to stop.

    When all you Green extremists start doing the things I described above I will have alot more respect for your opinions.

    By the way LCharm, why did it take President Obama, and his staff so many days to react to the giant underwater oil leaks ??

  113. LuckyCharm says:

    No job is worth putting hundreds of species at risk and decimating entire industries in an area that’s already hard-hit and trying to struggle back. The mere thought of 5,000 barrels per day gushing into the ocean, contaminating the food chain (guess you won’t be ordering that shrimp scampi anytime soon on your SS budget!) just turns my stomach.

    Oh, and I don’t have a motorhome, yacht, or even a 747. Nor do I use oil or gas heat or eat fast food. With rare exceptions, I do cook from scratch, mostly produce, although my gardening skills need a little sharpening, I’ve found. I also make it a hard and fast rule never to drive anywhere I can walk in under 20 minutes, no matter what the weather, and as long as I don’t have more to haul than I can comfortably put on a bus, I take public transportation. So I’m doing my part. Perhaps if everyone would just cut back in a few simple ways, even a few days a week, we could make a big impact.

    And I can’t believe you even ask why the President didn’t react sooner to this gusher. First, BP told them there was no leak. Then they said it was only about 1,000 barrels a day, but they could shut it off. When the Coast Guard finally came to investigate, the truth began to come to light. And the worst may be yet to come. (And all the while, Ms. “Spill Baby Spill” runs around telling us to trust the oil industry… yeah right…) But even if they had been there the moment after the explosion, what could they have done? All the best and brightest engineers in the world are scratching their heads over this one — how do you plug a Big Effin’ Hole almost a mile underwater? Gee boss, I dunno…!!! Obama doesn’t have a magic wand to command the oil to stop spewing — the best thing he could do right now, in my opinion, is to say, “Forget what I said last month about new offshore leases. In fact, we’re gonna cancel the ones we’ve already signed. We’ve seen that we CANNOT trust the oil industry, and it’s not worth ruining our coastal areas and oceans. We’ll find other ways.”

  114. LuckyCharm, where does electricity come from? If you heat your home, use electric lights, cook a meal, charge the battery in your car, you are still a part of the problem.

  115. LuckyCharm says:

    Oh, I guess I missed a few things that were going on behind the scenes in response to the disaster — apparently the administration was involved from the start. Here is a timeline of events — it was four days before the leak was discovered/admitted.

    And frosty, it is not possible for the average citizen to exist off the electrical grid. That’s why I push so hard for development of renewable energy sources — I would LIKE a windmill, but my property isn’t conducive to setting one up, and would probably violate code. It would certainly interfere with other people’s electrical lines, and there is very likely not enough wind for one windmill to power my home anyway. But I can join causes that support emplacing them where they CAN be effective, and weaning ourselves off Filthy Fuels. Likewise, I can support efforts to develop and produce solar cells here where they can create American jobs producing a quality product at an affordable price.

    Much as you would like to have it so, nobody lives completely unto himself, and we all depend to some extent on other people to survive. That is the way it’s been since the beginning: “It is not good for man to be alone.” So rather than saying, “If you don’t want to be part of the problem, then just abandon the system,” some of us prefer to work to CHANGE the system. I can’t be a credible voice with our local utility, for example, if I’m not a ratepayer.

  116. larsman says:

    Hi Lucky, good points. You’re aware of the other dozen or so companies in the gulf, including those from Viet Nam, Mexico and China. Do you really think there is active co-operation among global competitors? International waters are just that. In 1994 the U.S. was self-mandated to have safety equipment ready and in place for just such an occasion(we didn’t and we weren’t ).After about a week we generously sent two C-130’s (threw 2 glasses of water at a house fire) . China is vigorously drilling off shore and inland(check out their 50-year plan).Regarding “alternative” energy, October 1973 a confederation of misguided nations chose to disregard the Balfour declaration, the U.N. charter of 1947-48 re. Israel and of course the Abrahamic Covenant(Gen 12, 26, 28 and 35 among several others) resulting in the famous gas-lines of 1974. So why dont we have solar houses and windmill cars? We’ve had almost 40 years warning, cant blame this one on one person, give me your input, please…

  117. LuckyCharm says:

    lars, since it’s the US that grants the leases in the Gulf, please cite your source for foreign drilling there.

    And what does Israel’s statehood have to do with drilling in our oceans?

    One thing I can answer, though, is why we don’t have solar, wind, and other green energy solutions now — because Big Oil is way bigger than you and me and even Congress, I often suspect. Have you ever seen Who Killed The Electric Car? Follow the money and you’ll find the culprit.

  118. Obama is a idiot! And the more he puts his clue-less but out in front of the camera, more people will realize that a one legged man is more prepared for a butt kicking contest than Obama and his hand-picked morons are to run a blender.
    This administration couldn’t find it’s rectum hole with a funnel!

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