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IMMIGRATION: How about boycotting Mexico travel?

Letter by Connie L. Lowry, Puyallup on April 30, 2010 at 1:27 pm with 12 Comments »
April 30, 2010 1:36 pm

Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon criticized the recent passage of the Arizona immigration bill. He must have forgotten most of the illegal immigrants in the United States are from Mexico.

Maybe before he criticize Arizona’s laws he should take stock of how he is running his own country. Why are his people fleeing their homeland? What does Mexico have to offer its citizens?

I encourage American citizens to stop taking vacations to Mexico. Maybe that would give Calderon something to think about.

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  1. Who, would want to go to this fetid toilet bowl called Mexico !

  2. Roncella says:

    Connie, Your point about not vacationing in Mexico is a good way to shake the inept Mexican Government up. Lets keep our Amerian dollars here at home.

  3. If you want to hear some strange talk.
    ask an official from the Mexican govt. about what their govt. does with illegal aliens they apprehend!

  4. beerBoy says:

    does this mean we can eat French Fries again?

  5. simsgirl50 says:

    Amen to this letter. It’s practically treasonous for people to suggest boycogtting our own state of Arizona. It’s pretty disgusting when our lawmakers (and other American citizens) are on the side of the lawbreakers. Go Arizona!!!!

  6. I have only limited problems with illegal immigration. As long as EVERY illegal immigrant is an absolutely beautiful woman between 18 and 30ish, I’m ok with it.

  7. I say let them all come here and live with the liberals and the rest if us go take over Mexico and start a new country. It couldn’t be any worse than what’s going to happen here.

  8. pazzo242 says:

    Oh I like this one. I think my next vaction should be in Scottsdale. What I also find astounding is these jerks booing the Diamondbacks–like they were the ones who proposed this laws. People are so pathetic.

    Frosty said we should all move to Mexico and form a new country. I say lets all move to Arizona and start there. First order of business is to build a 25 foot high. 25 foot deep, 25 foot thick wall on the border.

  9. Roncella says:

    Frosty, Your post is right on. We might as well annex Mexico and give all the millions of Mexicans citizenship and social security benifits, free medical, schooling, housing, and all the rest. They could just go on speaking spanish and the liberal/democrats could then force the rest of us to learn to speak spanish.

    No walls would be needed and we would just be the New United States of Mexico, Probem Solved………You Bett Cha……..

  10. Theoldsergeant says:

    Right on. Now, I will be extremely happy to visit Arizona. Those folks are great and if the stupid Feds won’t do anything then they will and can.

  11. larsman says:

    1) How does the Mexican Govt. (Federales) respond to illegals crossing from Belize, Guatemala or Honduras, when apprehended deep in Chiapas or Sonora State?
    2) What is the literal and working definition of ” El Centro de La Raza”-The Center for The RACE provides pro bono legal assistance, housing, medical, education and a myriad of informational amenities only to those of (multiple choice here) a) Nigerian, b) Tunisian, c) Israeli, d) Icelandic, e) Nepalese, or none of the above sorry if you’re not in ‘the club’. You guessed it, transparent or opaque people need not apply. I hear that Gavin Newsom has an open invitation to all ‘undocumented’ refugees from AZ seeing that fear of actually obeying the law has so gripped the air…

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