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A look ahead: Bimbo’s meat sauce is back

One of the first meals I had when being recruited to the News Tribune in 1988 was at Bimbo’s in downtown Tacoma.

Sports editor Pete Wevurski took me there, and it was a brilliant call. I’d have said ‘yes’ to most anything after pasta with Bimbo’s meat sauce.

In 2001, that restaurant – part of Jerry Rosi’s family for more than 80 years – was bought by the city, which wanted to build a convention center there. Sadly, they never did, but Bimbo’s was gone.

Now 68, Rosi still loves cooking for people. Two days ago, he cooked a hundred

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Man vs. bull – to a draw? Another journalism fable

The same man who got me bitten by a ‘harmless’ coati also assigned me to participate in a Baja, Mexico bull-fighting class.

It’s possible he didn’t like me.

It was back in the Long Beach Press-Telegram days, when I’d been moved from covering hard news to producing features, and editor Terry Sattoria’s assignments always seemed to end in my humiliation.

It’s possible he didn’t like me.

Anyway, a photographer and I made the drive across the Mexcian border and arrived at a bull ring. In the next hour or so, students were shown cape work, from  how to slip the

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32 days, 703 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail

The Walking Wimbergers, Tacoma siblings Elena and Gus, spent the last week avoiding forest fires, scrambling for water and piling up  mile upon mile of the Pacific Crest Trail.

All in all, the duo – along with Elena’s boyfriend, Carter Chaffey – have hiked more than 700 miles north from the Mexican border. And as Elena says  on this week’s blog, there have been personal discoveries.

“At the very essence, thru-hiking is just putting your nose to the grindstone and not letting even a smidgeon of doubt that you won’t finish the trail, or the thought that you’d rather

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Interview with a dominatrix: A journalistic fable

While working for the Orange County Register in the days of  yore, George Cunningham was assigned to interview one Velvet Rhodes, a local dominatrix, and of course I tagged along.

She was good-looking, tall, dressed in black and had, in her home, whips and masks and things that, frankly, gave me the willies.

George, older and more a man of the world at the time, was fascinated.  They talked, I listened and may have taken photographs. Or I may have sat with my mouth open, I cannot be certain.

Velvet explained that her profession called for tormenting her clients, physically,

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In Puyallup, these two Eagles have flown

A couple of best friends who share the same birthday – each turned 14 two days ago – are the subject of today’s column, and Ben Rood and Slater Sorensen earned a bit of recognition.

Before turning 14, these two Puyallup kids became Eagle Scouts – this in an era when the average age for reaching that Scouting level is 17.

Neither of these guys seems overly ambitious, though Ben admits his motivation had family ties.

“I wanted to beat my brother, Paul, who became an Eagle Scout at 17,” Ben said. “And I wanted to do it before

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Jonathan Meline competency hearing set July 23

Jonathan Meline, a diagnosed schizophrenic who killed his father last October, will have a competency hearing July 23 in Pierce County Superior Court.

Often delayed, the hearing had been scheduled next week, but prosecutor Steve Penner requested one last delay – this one for the survivors of Rob Meline.

His wife, Kim, and three of the couples four daughters, had scheduled a brief family vacation in Hawaii next week back when the hearing was originally to happen last week.

Meline, 29, has confessed to killing his father in his Tacoma home with a hatchet. Defense attorneys will provide expert testimony

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Got an old bike? Give it to a child who needs it

If you’ve got a bike that’s been sitting unused for years in the garage – even in disrepair – there’s a chance Saturday to help change someone’s life with it.

Bikes and bicycle parts brought to the Metropolitan Market in Proctor will go directly to students in Togo, West Africa, where rural children must walk between five and 15 miles to attend school.

The statistics are stunning: 91 percent of girls and 48 percent of boys drop out of school before sixth grade. Donations of bikes change those numbers dramatically: 95 percent of those given bicycles graduate.

Those donations have

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Another week on the Pacific Crest Trail

Those walking Wimbergers – Tacoma siblings Elena and Gus – passed the 400-mile mark on the Pacific Crest Trail, despite encounters with the poodle-dog bush.

No, it’s not like stumbling upon a grizzly, but apparently this particular bush has driven hikers mad for years, and Gus, Elena and her boyfriend, Carter, have had to do some road-walking to avoid it.

Milestones? Well, the 18-year-old Gus missed his official high school graduation this week, but if he’d waited for it he’d have gotten a late start on the trail.

That trail runs 2,663 miles, from the Mexican border in California to

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