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Category: 2015 U.S. Open


Chambers Bay ready for another USGA-mandated facelift

After a lengthy tour Tuesday morning with general manager Matt Allen, I wanted to get at least an overview of the changes that will occur at Chambers Bay over the next few months (and a story will publish next week sometimes):

The tweaks were all highly recommended by United States Golf Association officials on site visits since the 2010 U.S. Amateur in August:

All work will be done in distinct phases:

PHASE I, Oct. 20
First hole - Entire green will have new sod, and the area short right of the putting surface will be softened. The hole will be closed starting Oct. 20 for roughly six weeks. Golfers will play the 10th hole twice.

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Davis wants ‘home run’ sites as fixtures in U.S. Open rotation

In the tug-o-war among U.S. Open hopeful venues along the West Coast, new USGA executive director Mike Davis made some telling comments about who gets the thumbs-up – and quite possibly the thums-down – for the future.

On the heels of the USGA’s announcement that the U.S. Open will be heading back to Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in New York in 2018, Davis was asked point-blank where Torrey Pines South Course fits into the rotation.

Given the USGA likely won’t keep four West Coast courses are part if its 12- to 15-course rotation for the U.S. Open, the suitors are Pebble Beach Golf Links (Monterey Peninsula), The Olympic Club (San Francisco), Torrey Pines South (San Diego) and Chambers Bay Golf Course (University Place).

Historic Pebble Beach will ALWAYS be part of the rotation, and gets another crack at it in 2019. The Olympic Club has been a stalwart for years, and will host it next year. Chambers Bay is front and center in 2015 for the first time as an influx of new courses are starting to crack the lineup.

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Bodenhamer leaves PNGA for USGA senior staff job

John Bodenhamer’s career in golf has come full circle.

Bodenhamer, the PNGA’s executive director since 1990, was announced Thursday as the United States Golf Association’s new senior managing director of rules, competitions and amateur status.

He will be one of new USGA executive director Mike Davis’ four senior managers – and will do a lot of the same responsibilities with championship-competition management Davis did before his promotion as the head man.

Bodenhamer, 49, will transition into his new job by Aug. 1, and relocate to USGA headquarters in Far Hills, N.J.

It was April when Davis called Bondehamer about the

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Pepper on Chambers Bay: ‘Not quite ready for prime time’

Sports Illustrated got a hold of NBC on-site reporter Dottie Pepper and asked her observations about Chambers Bay Golf Links during the U.S. Amateur.

She was mildly critical of the course, as seen here.

I will say this, she did walk the course during broadcasts – unlike others who were working in similar capacity.


‘Zero’ chance Chambers Bay loses 2015 U.S. Open

The mini-crisis, if you want to call it that, has taken a much-bigger-than-it-should life of its own in the past week.

Like with any slight tremor felt, everyone expects an earthquake to follow – all leading to the supposed uncertainty of the 2015 U.S. Open at Chambers Bay Golf Course in University Place.

Ever since it was announced in the winter of 2007 that Chambers Bay had been awarded the 2015 U.S. Open by the United States Golf Association, unfounded rumors have cropped up, all stating that, “if this doesn’t happen, or that doesn’t happen” – golf’s top governing body will renege on its agreement.

A clubhouse? Yeah, it would be nice one is built by the next century. But it hasn’t been, or never will be a deal-killer.

Not enough hotels for 70,000 patrons? Golf fans would stay in Aberdeen if it meant not missing one moment of the most stringent test in the sport.

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‘MC’ Moore visits Chambers Bay before U.S. Amateur

PGA Tour golfer Ryan Moore, center, poses for a photo with newspaper publishers George Le Masurier and David Zeeck on the left, local businessman Bruce Titus and Mike Gregoire, the husband of Governor Chris Gregoire, on the right.

Moore tests out the new driving range Tuesday at Chambers Bay Golf Course.

Every week on the PGA Tour, Puyallup’s Ryan Moore is a pitchman – whether it’s about golf (he still lurks around the top 50), or fashion (including his new line of shoes) or even about technology (loves his new iPad) – in pro-am rounds before a tournament begins.

In other words, you don’t schoomze – you ultimately lose.

As one of the co-hosts of the upcoming U.S. Amateur, Moore – the 2004 winner – was at Chambers Bay Golf Course in University Place on Tuesday, promoting the product the world is waiting to see debut this August.

His itinerary:

• Moore arrived early to film a commercial about the championship with Mike Gregoire, the husband of Governor Chris Gregoire.

• He saw the new driving range on the south side of the property, then played nine holes each with two groups of sponsors (including a News Tribune/Olympian group with publishers David Zeeck and George Le Masurier).

• Moore signed more than a few autographs to be shipped out.

• He filmed a video diary to be aired around the time of the championship.

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Benjamin on the button in blasting Taylor

University of Washington senior Nick Taylor came in to the 2009 as the No. 1 ranked amateur in the world.

And he then proceeded to take the No. 1 seed from stroke play all
the way to the 36-hole championship finals Saturday against left-hander
Brad Benjamin.

From there, Benjamin did the rest, rocking Taylor, 7-and-6, in the finals at the Jimmmie Austion OU Golf Club in Norman, Okla.

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Ever-changing par? It’s a possibility at Chambers Bay

Mike Davis, the United States Golf Association’s championship guru
who isn’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers with bold setup moves, might
be considering one for the age for the 2015 U.S. Open at Chambers Bay
Golf Course in University Place.

Changing a hole’s par during a tournament.


That is what he told Associated Press reporter Doug Ferguson over the weekend in a telephone interview.

“One thing I’m absolutely positive we’ll do in the future, perhaps
in 2015 at Chambers Bay, is play a hole certain days as a par 4, and
certain days

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