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Winter break: Clousers and Sun

Where: The beach

When: The past two weeks or so

Species Pursued:  Whatever was out there

Flies used: Various clousers, conehead squid, chum baby

Song of the trip: “7-29-04 The Day Of,” David Holmes, from the Ocean’s 12 Soundtrack

I think I could get used to vacationing in the Caribbean during the winter.

Like last year, I had accrued an abundance of time off and had to find a way to burn it before year’s end.

Seeing as how I had such a great time the previous winter, St. John was an easy choice.

Now about getting that

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Knocking some rust off

Where: The beach

When: Sunday

Species Pursued: Sea-run cutthroat, resident coho

Song of the trip: “How You Like Me Now?”  The Heavy

Last Sunday’s taste of success had me obsessing the entire week.

I needed proof that I wasn’t just lucky that day.

As the weekend came within reach, the pull intensified–I was going to the beach and nothing would stop me.

With Gore-Tex packed and a 5 weight fast enough to deal with the forecasted 8 mph breezes, I slipped into the early morning darkness.

The first stop was to be expected–too much of a headwind to make

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Forcing the issue

Where: The beach

When: Sunday

Species Pursued: Sea-run cutthroat, resident coho

Song of the trip: “One of These Mornings,” Moby

I am at the point of desperation.

Knowing that the forecast called for wind and rain, I plotted a course that I hoped would keep me out of harm and frustration’s way.

But beach after beach presented the same problem.  Though rain was nowhere to be found, wind appeared in abundance.

Too much abundance.

I couldn’t find a shore that faced the right direction, so I settled for a small chunk of beach with a barely tolerable breeze and

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Weekend at the vise: worms

I had honestly planned on fishing.

Come late Friday night, however, whatever plans I’d dreamt up for the weekend disintegrated as a massive lack of motivation took over.

Instead of preparing for my would-be adventure, I found myself poring over various bits of info on the good ol’ Interwebs.

Specifically, I was piecing together people’s opinions on and efforts during the spring salt fishery.  Yes, there’s the typical chum fry migration, but last year, there was quite a buzz around another spring event–worm “hatches.”

I ignored it mostly, having been familiar with this particular food source, but never choosing to

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Hunt and peck turns to testing turns to hunt and peck

Where: The Beach
When: Saturday and Sunday
Conditions: Overcast, slightly breezy, persistent drizzle but balmy
Flies used: Clousers, Ringlee’s conehead squid fly
Species pursued: Sea-run cutthroat and resident coho
Song of the day: “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” Green Day

From the time that I first dipped my fly rod in the salt, I have never seen the beach fishing this bad.

Even as a rank novice, with my really, really poorly tied flies and even worse casting, I achieved a higher degree of success than the season that I find myself smack dab

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