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Good times in Juneau despite fishing

Where: Juneau, AK

When: Friday through Sunday

Species Pursued: Dollies, Kings

Song of the trip: “Vacation,” Belinda Carlisle

Fishing trips and the expectations they invariably create must always be managed.  Nothing is guaranteed except what you decide to make of your time away.

In this instance, just being away was enough–the fact that I had the fortune of hanging out with a couple of good fishing buddies while doing so was gravy.

That said, I will be up front and say that fishing was tough.  Dollies weren’t very cooperative (at least not for me) but I was able to

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Nothing to report

Where: The beach; a lake

When: The past few weekends

Species pursued: At this point, anything willing

The title says it all.

I wish I could say I’ve been neglecting the water–it’d certainly make it easier than accepting the fact that the fishing’s been pretty sketchy lately.

Seeing as I’m chained to a desk 5 days a week, I have to fish when I can, weather permitting or not.

Sadly, this reality has been extremely stark over the past two weekends, manifesting itself in the form of every fly angler’s best buddy, the wind.

From the beaches to the local

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Busy weekend: Lakes or BBQ?

The answer could very well be, “Yes.”

In addition to this Saturday being the general lake opener, April 24th will mark Gig Harbor Fly Shop’s 1 year anniversary celebration.

If you want to avoid the local crowds or just wait most of it out and fish the swing shift, Blake and the GHFS staff invite you to join the party.

As an incentive, there will be the ubiquitous raffle (multiple raffles, actually) and, of course, free food.  And while you’re munching away, waiting for your lucky number to be drawn, the shop’s hosting quite the collection of demos and mini-seminars.

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A step in the right direction

When: Saturday

Where:  The beach, a secret spot

Species pursued: Sea-run cutthroat, resident coho, resident cutthroat

Song of the day: “Intro,” The xx

“If you really need to change your luck, try Glenmorangie, they support fly fishing.”

After reading my latest entry, a friend e-mailed me this little tip on dealing with bad fishing juju.

I had to laugh.  Hours before, I had grabbed a sample of the Highland malt  based on some good reviews I had come across.

Was this a sign of things to come?  I would have to wait all week to find out, as well

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Spring is here

Or is it?  I can’t tell looking out the window.

Yesterday’s blue skies (but breezy conditions)  are gone and all that remains this morning are clouds and more wind.

In past seasons, I might’ve been tempted to head out in spite of the weather, but as they say, “The older you get, the wiser you get.”  And based on my quick recon mission with Don last weekend and a few reports from some friends,  it’s pretty obvious that things haven’t hit their stride as of yet.

So here I sit, watching Shaw Grigsby and some Louisianan teen phenom nail redfish

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