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Summer’s end

The deluge pounded away at the rain fly.


11:34 PM.

1:16 AM.

3:53 AM.

Then nothing, save for the occasional droplets coming off the branches above.

Summer had come to an end–Nature had signaled so.

Fickle, stingy and downright miserable are words you could use to describe the fishing; no surprise given how things went in the Spring.

Rather than let the negativity stew, I decided to focus on skill development over the past few months, specifically with the two-hander.

I did get some fishing done here and there, but for the most part, I’ve been going to “summer

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Tennis elbow and spring musings

February hasn’t been the best of the months.

On top of lousy fishing, I’ve been forced to take some time off due to a case of tennis elbow–courtesy of one of my other hobbies.

With any luck, all will be well in a week or so.  For the meantime, I’ve been passing the weekends tinkering with equipment, tying and, more importantly, plotting my spring and early summer fishing.

For starters, there are two major saltwater “hatches” to look forward to:  the chum fry and this year, the pink fry.

Clousers and even small wooly buggers will do if you suddenly

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New year, new appoach

Where: The Beach
When: Saturday
Conditions: Overcast, windy, a few showers
Flies used: Clousers
Species pursued: Sea-run cutthroat and resident coho
Songs of the day: “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,” AC/DC

What better way to bring in the New Year than with a little fishing?

Suspecting a strong on-shoulder wind to be the order of the day, I
packed something special to cope with the conditions and scooted off to
a likely spot.

A few minutes after arriving, Mike pulled into the lot and we headed down the beach.

Our first expedition of

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Holiday treats

Where: The Beach
When: Saturday
Conditions: Sunny, calm, frigid
Flies used: Clousers
Species pursued: Sea-run cutthroat and resident coho
Songs of the day: “Wake Up,” Arcade Fire

I hope everyone had a good Christmas weekend.

As some of you know, I view Christmas in two ways. On one hand, it’s
a chance to celebrate with loved ones, open presents and stuff your
face into calorie oblivion.

On the other hand, the holidays are an opportunity to engage in…

…another form of gluttony. :)

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No bones about it

Where: The Virgin Islands and the Beach
When: The past two weeks; Saturday
Conditions: Sunny, warm in the VI; Freezing, dry and windy here
Flies used: Various bonefish flies in the VI; Clousers on the beach
Species pursued: Various reef fish in the VI; Resident coho and Sea-run cutthroat on the beach

Songs of the day: “Swim,” Jack’s Mannequin,” “So What,” Pink

The temperature was in the mid 80’s as I boarded the plane. After
nine days in the tropical winter sun, I was less than eager to make my
way back to the

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