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Live fire practice

Song of the day: Inno Nazionale Italiano (The Italian National Anthem–it’s a long story…)

“Hey, check this out–you’ve been to this shop, right?”

“Yeah. Casting games this Saturday, huh?”

“Let’s go; it’s another Scott Demo Day, too.”

“Nice. You remember what happened the last time I went to one of those, right? I bought rod 23…”

Fast forward a couple of days and I’m in the back of Pacific Fly
Fishers, tooling around with a limited edition 12-foot 5 weight spey
rod–the one rod that eluded me at the previous event.

“Are you going to compete?” Dan, the

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“The price of admission…”

“…is a new SA fly line.”

“Fair enough. See you tomorrow night.”

At $65, a new line is a small price to pay to attend an
invitation-only casting class taught by none other than Brian O’Keefe.
If you don’t know who Brian is, just flip through the pages of any fly
fishing magazine and take a look at who took the photos. Not only does
this guy have the life that many of us dream about, he’s a Fly Fishing
Federation Master Casting instructor.

Today’s topic? Competitive casting.

How could I resist the invitation?

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