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Good times in Juneau despite fishing

Where: Juneau, AK

When: Friday through Sunday

Species Pursued: Dollies, Kings

Song of the trip: “Vacation,” Belinda Carlisle

Fishing trips and the expectations they invariably create must always be managed.  Nothing is guaranteed except what you decide to make of your time away.

In this instance, just being away was enough–the fact that I had the fortune of hanging out with a couple of good fishing buddies while doing so was gravy.

That said, I will be up front and say that fishing was tough.  Dollies weren’t very cooperative (at least not for me) but I was able to

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Bit by the steelhead bug again; mobile blog!

Where: The River

When: The past two weekends

Conditions: Ranged from overcast and cool to foggy then sunny and warm

Species Pursued: Steelhead

Flies used: General Practitioner in Orange, Black, Purple

Song of the day: “Joker and the Thief,” Wolfmother

Steelhead are back on the menu (figuratively, not literally) and it’s been all I can do not to obsess about it since the rivers re-opened.

And I am nothing if not obsessive when something captures, or in this instance, recaptures, my interest.

So it is with steelheading–so much so that the thought of bailing on my upcoming AK trip

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