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Nothing to report

Where: The beach; a lake

When: The past few weekends

Species pursued: At this point, anything willing

The title says it all.

I wish I could say I’ve been neglecting the water–it’d certainly make it easier than accepting the fact that the fishing’s been pretty sketchy lately.

Seeing as I’m chained to a desk 5 days a week, I have to fish when I can, weather permitting or not.

Sadly, this reality has been extremely stark over the past two weekends, manifesting itself in the form of every fly angler’s best buddy, the wind.

From the beaches to the local

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Eking it out

When: The past two weekends

Where: The beach

Conditions: Breezy but fairly warm

Species pursued: Sea-run cutthroat

Song of the day:  “Faint,” Linkin Park

Being sick is never fun; much less so when the sun is bright and the weather has finally warmed up.

Unfortunately, such was the case this past weekend.  Having to work in the typical rat maze of cubicles indicative of any Korporate Amerikan environment, one can only hope to avoid the various coughs, sneezes and other assorted maladies that you’ll find circulating in such a place.

As the ever-anticipated weekend grew closer, so, too did

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