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Tennis elbow and spring musings

February hasn’t been the best of the months.

On top of lousy fishing, I’ve been forced to take some time off due to a case of tennis elbow–courtesy of one of my other hobbies.

With any luck, all will be well in a week or so.  For the meantime, I’ve been passing the weekends tinkering with equipment, tying and, more importantly, plotting my spring and early summer fishing.

For starters, there are two major saltwater “hatches” to look forward to:  the chum fry and this year, the pink fry.

Clousers and even small wooly buggers will do if you suddenly

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Weekend at the vise: worms

I had honestly planned on fishing.

Come late Friday night, however, whatever plans I’d dreamt up for the weekend disintegrated as a massive lack of motivation took over.

Instead of preparing for my would-be adventure, I found myself poring over various bits of info on the good ol’ Interwebs.

Specifically, I was piecing together people’s opinions on and efforts during the spring salt fishery.  Yes, there’s the typical chum fry migration, but last year, there was quite a buzz around another spring event–worm “hatches.”

I ignored it mostly, having been familiar with this particular food source, but never choosing to

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Hunt and peck turns to testing turns to hunt and peck

Where: The Beach
When: Saturday and Sunday
Conditions: Overcast, slightly breezy, persistent drizzle but balmy
Flies used: Clousers, Ringlee’s conehead squid fly
Species pursued: Sea-run cutthroat and resident coho
Song of the day: “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” Green Day

From the time that I first dipped my fly rod in the salt, I have never seen the beach fishing this bad.

Even as a rank novice, with my really, really poorly tied flies and even worse casting, I achieved a higher degree of success than the season that I find myself smack dab

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