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The change up

Where: The Sound, an “S” River
When: The past two weekends
Conditions: Sunny and calm on the Sound; Calm and overcast turning to blustery and sunny on the river
Flies used: Clousers in the salt, various spey flies on the river
Species pursued: Coho then changing up to steelhead

Song of the day: “Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In),” Kenny Rogers & The First Edition

“Now why am I telling you all of this?”

I was trying to digest everything he’d been saying for the past few minutes and his question

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Less than what I hoped for

Where: The Sound
When: The past two weekends
Conditions: Everything but snow: Wind, rain, clouds, sun, dead calm.
Flies used: Clousers
Species pursued: Coho

Songs of the day: “Wanna Be Starting Something,” Michael Jackson

The hunt for coho continues.

Unfortunately, the crazy weather over Labor Day weekend and a
not-so-ideal schedule from this past weekend has frustrated my efforts
at finding more silvers.

Skunkings were avoided with the barest of saves.

Underscore “barest” in this instance.

I was convinced that my last outing would yield solid results; the

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