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By the dawn’s early light

Where: The Sound
When: Sunday
Conditions: Calm, sunny
Flies used: Epoxy head patterns, bunny flies, clousers
Species pursued: Sea-run cutthroat, Coho

Song of the day: “Money Talks,” AC/DC

“That is crazy.”

On one hand, I couldn’t agree more.

On the other? It’s simply a matter of dedication that, at times, bleeds slightly into obsession.

In just a handful of hours, I would be knee-deep in the salt,
fishing that oft-times critical period between darkness and daybreak.

For the moment, I was at a wedding, of all things, entertaining questions (and comments) about my weekend habits.

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Comparing notes

Where: The Sound
When: Sunday
Conditions: Calm, overcast, later windy
Flies used: Clousers
Species pursued: Sea-run cutthroat, Resident Silvers

Song of the day: “Lookin’ Out My Back Door,” Creedence Clearwater Revival

The tinny beeping of the alarm roused me from my troubled sleep.

Not more than a few hours beforehand, I had slumped into what has
probably been the crummiest bed I’ve ever slept in my entire life.

Despite the grogginess and the typical congestion one experiences
from a bit too much fun with fireworks, I would not be kept from the

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Here and there

Where: The beach, Cedar River
When: The last few weekends
Conditions: variable
Flies used: Clousers, Pat’s Rubberlegs, Shock & Awe
Species pursued: Sea-run cutthroat, Resident Silvers, Trout, Suckers

Song of the day: “Numb,” Linkin Park

Haven’t been doing much lately, at least in terms of catching.

I didn’t think the AK thing would have burnt me out as much, but I guess it did.

Despite my lazy attitude of late, I managed to force myself outside
over these past few weekends, doing a few things here and there.


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