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Tracking them down

Where: The beach
When: Saturday
Conditions: Calm, chilly
Flies used: Clousers
Species pursued: Resident coho

Song of the day: “Simple Man,” Lynyrd Skynyrd

This was going to be a challenge.

First, the tidal exchange was less than optimal and second, recent
reports from the beach related less than favorable conditions.

In an attempt to manage expectations properly, I told everyone the
night before that our outing would be spent tracking the coho down.

Undeterred by my pessimism, they assembled faithfully the next morning.

No turning back now.


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Upcoming Class Announcement

If you don’t already know, resident coho fishing is in full swing.

Puget Sound Fly Co. will be offering one more beach class before the
Narrows shuts down for SALMON until March. Class will be divided into
two parts–one classroom session on Friday, January 23rd starting at
6PM and the other on the beach the following morning, January 24th.

If you have haven’t been to the beach yet, want to learn more or
have questions about saltwater fishing in general, this is your chance
to get all three out of the way while participating in

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The bitter end and a fortunate beginning

Where: The beach
When: Last Sunday, New Year’s Day, Friday, Saturday
Conditions: Windy–REALLY windy
Flies used: Clousers, Dave’s Frank’s fly
Species pursued: Resident coho

Song of the day: “All These Things That I’ve Done,” The Killers

It had been too long since I’d fished.

After three consecutive weekends without wetting a line, the
corrosion of cabin fever on my sanity had begun to show at home. I was
crabbier than ever.

At my wit’s end, the proverbial silver lining finally revealed
itself: temps in the low to mid forties and clearing roads foreshadowed

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