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Giving thanks to the resident coho

Where: The beach
When: Thanksgiving, Friday
Conditions: Partly cloudy, calm at first then windy
Flies used: Dave’s Frank Fly, experimental patterns
Species pursued: Resident coho

Song of the day: “Float On,” Modest Mouse

Seven-ish on a glorious Thanksgiving morning.

Given certain logistics this holiday, I had the perfect opportunity
to enjoy a morning on the Sound before heading home for some turkey and

As I looked over the railing, I spotted a handful of jumpers within range.

Rigging up the light spey, I chatted with the Tinders,

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All you can eat

Where: The beach
When: Sunday
Conditions: Mostly sunny, calm, cold and later balmy
Flies used: Experimental patterns
Species pursued: Resident coho

Song of the day: “Space Oddity,” David Bowie as briefly covered by Cat Power here

Beach fishing has been ramping up steadily the past few weeks and Sunday was no exception.

Figuring that the chum run was officially over, we decided to stop by Doc’s on the way to a few other locations.

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones thinking the Narrows was a good place to hit.

I instantly recognized some of the

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Plan B fun

Where: The beach
When: Saturday
Conditions: Mostly sunny, calm
Flies used: Experimental patterns, clouser, wooly bugger
Species pursued: Sea-run cutthroat, resident coho

Song of the day: “Chop Suey,” System of a Down

The price of chum eggs is especially high this year and netters are responding accordingly.

Rather than fight for what few chum are heading into the bay right now, I opted for plan B: a sea-run/resident coho hunt.

Scott, Brian, Mike and Jake were happy to oblige and soon we were
caravaning to what was arguably the exact opposite of the Chico zoo:

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Upcoming Beach Class Announcement, Friday, 11/14

‘Tis the season for beach fishing, folks, and that means saltwater classes are back!

We had a great turnout for the October class and are now booking for this month’s session.

The classroom portion will be held at Puget Sound Fly Co. on 11/14
followed by a day of fishing, giving you the opportunity to employ the
tactics we cover the night before.

This particular class deals not only with general beach fishing but
will also include a discussion of chum salmon fishing in the salt.

Interested? Call Puget Sound Fly Co. at 253-839-4119 to sign up.

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