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Good old days

Where: The beach
When: Saturday
Conditions: Sunny, warm
Flies used: Clousers, a few experimental patterns
Species pursued: Sea run cutthroat, resident coho

Song of the day: “Extraordinary,” Liz Phair

I almost jinxed us.

While winding up the class the night before, I casually mentioned
that I haven’t had a group yet that didn’t have at least one of them
hook up.

“As a group, I haven’t been skunked yet.”

Don’t you hate it when the voice inside your head suddenly commandeers your mouth? :(

I probably wouldn’t have made such

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Last minute class announcement

The fishing in the Sound is finally picking up.

Rumors are already flying around about this year’s chum run.

While on vacation earlier this week, I had a chance to do some recon.

Some early chum are indeed starting to move through the salt and now through Thanksgiving would be the time to catch them.

Of course, if you’re looking for something a little more manageable,
the cutthroat and resident coho fishing is pretty solid right now.

If you haven’t tried saltwater fly fishing yet, this is a good time to give

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Circling back

Where: The beach
When: Sunday
Conditions: Overcast, slightly windy
Flies used: Clousers
Species pursued: Sea run cutthroat, resident coho

Song of the day: “Barracuda,” Heart

“You planned this, didn’t you?”

I smiled.


For the past 2 hours, we worked down a narrow stretch of beach,
picking off members of this year’s crop of resident coho, along with
equal numbers of sea runs.

Though the setting was familiar, my approach was different, and so was I.

Dedication to something completely new usually comes at the cost of

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