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2009 Gear Preview: Simms and Sage

“Come down next Tuesday, that’s when George will be in.”

“Next Tuesday” happened to be the day that “George” would be previewing some of Simms’ and Sage’s 2009 releases.

Ever the gear junkie, I raced down to the shop during my lunch hour
to find the back table stacked with all sorts of goodies from fly
fishing’s favorite “S” companies.

Here’s a glimpse of things to come:

A completely new lineup of Sage reels. These things actually blew me
away. I used to think that the old Sage reels were cool,

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Sixteen Hours

Where: Cowlitz River
When: Saturday
Conditions: Sunny, hot
Flies used: General Practitioner-style flies
Species pursued: Steelhead

Song of the day: “The Metal,” Tenacious D

5:30AM, Saturday morning.

Expected high of the day, 98 degrees.

For the moment, things were cool. Steve Buckner, our guide for the
day, pointed out our respective runs and described his approach to
fishing them.

Wisps of vapor rose from the river’s surface like curtains pulling
back, revealing the slices of fishy water I had daydreamed about for
the past week.


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Back in the salt

Where: Puget Sound
Conditions: Sunny and breezy
Flies used: Clouser
Species pursued: Coho and searuns

Song of the day: “Mad World,” Gary Jules

Seeing as how a few better than average reports have been coming in
from the salt, I thought it might be a good time to check things out.

Following my typical summer fishing protocol, we left before
daybreak and fished the sunrise at a beach I suspected would hold a few
coho and maybe even a searun.

What we found was both encouraging and frustrating: consistent boils at different

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Success…and failure

Where: Cowlitz River
Conditions: Cool, overcast
Flies used: Not important. ;)
Species pursued: Steelhead

Song of the day: “Say It Ain’t So,” Weezer

After feeling pretty wiped out and taking last weekend off, I was ready to hit the water.

Rather than beat a seemingly dead horse and, more importantly, avoid
the inevitably disastrous Seafair traffic, we pointed the Scion south.

When last we were there, the river was much higher, visibly faster and cold.

Scratch that last part. The river was still cold. :)


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