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Where: Two rivers, one lake, and one creek
When:Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Conditions: Sunny and HOT
Flies used: What didn’t I use? :)
Species pursued: Steelhead, suckers, trout and carp

Song of the day: “Maps,” Yeah Yeah Yeahs


Sleep 8, Fishing 28

From 2AM on Friday morning to about 10:30AM on Sunday morning, the ratio of sleep to fishing penciled out at 2 to 7.

And the time in between? Spent in prepping for each of those days.

The cost may seem steep, but the rewards

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More steelheading and…a new blog!

Where: Back on the river
When: Saturday
Conditions: Mostly sunny, light breeze
Flies used: Marabous
Species pursued: Steelhead

Song of the day: “Surrender,” Cheap Trick

“It gets to you like that.”

The guy on the other end knew exactly how I felt.

Steelheading has started to consume me.

And it’s not just the steelhead.

It’s everything about steelheading.

I’ve come to accept that it’s a very low-numbers game–and I’ve even convinced myself that I like it that way!


How about daydreaming of walking-pace runs and thinking of traffic
as river right or river left?

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Summer’s almost here!

Where: On the river
When: Saturday
Conditions: Mostly sunny, slightly breezy
Flies used: Various marabous
Species pursued: Steelhead

Song of the day: “The Way It Is,” Bruce Hornsby

Summer steelheading is upon us.

Days are starting earlier and ending later, making both after work
jaunts as well as entire days, complete with mid-day naps, all too

If there’s anything I could get lost in at this stage in my fly fishing life, summer steelheading is it.

And that’s what we did.

A few pictures to whet the appetite of those enamored by the

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Where: Rocky Ford
When: Saturday
Conditions: Sunny, windy
Flies used: White bunny leech, glo bug, Rickard’s stillwater nymph
Species pursued: Ditch (rainbow) trout

Song of the day: “My Name Is Jonas,” Weezer

“I spent a lot of time out here. Some weekends I’d head out on
Saturday morning and come back that evening. Then I’d do it again the
next day. I just wanted to get away.”

Of course, back then, gas was cheap, my time was free and my experience limited.

The perfect formula for feeding an addiction.

Sure, I’d fished Rocky

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I’ll take it

Where: NOT the Cedar River
When: Sunday
Conditions: Cool, overcast
Flies used: Marabou Spey, some no-name summer flies
Species pursued: Steelhead

Song of the day: “Are You Happy Now?,” Michelle Branch

“The Cedar is definitely a no-go.”

Our favorite urban stream’s flows, like the majority of the other rivers’, were out of control.


This couldn’t have come at a worse time for me, either.

I’ve gone fishless for the past month and the itch for a tug had really gotten to me.

I ran through the list of options

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