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Cutties, (new) old school style

Where: Puget Sound
When: Saturday
Conditions: Sunny, slightly windy
Flies used: Various clousers, Ferguson Green and Silver, epoxy baitfish
Species pursued: Sea-run cutthroat

Song of the day: “Groove Is In The Heart,” Dee Lite

“All three of us have old school lines today.”

Clark and Mitch had joined me in a little retro-style beach fishing.

Though my equipment was certainly 21st century, its specifications were not.

A full intermediate line, standard arbor reel and medium action rod
formed this modern throwback to the days before Outbound shooting
heads, large arbors and fast sticks like

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Finally, a lucky break in the weather

Where: Puget Sound
When: Saturday
Conditions: Calm, sunny
Flies used: Various clousers, euphausiid Gotcha
Species pursued: Sea-run cutthroat

Song of the day: “Don’t Look Back In Anger,” Oasis

“Wow, this place is beautiful.”

“That’s what I thought my first time here. And today’s perfect.”

The wind had died down over the past few days and the forecast predicted it would continue over the weekend.

I hadn’t had a tug in a while and the past few weeks of wind had gotten on my last nerve.

Jamie’s comment on the view from the shore stopped me from

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Warm, sunny beaches–but not here!

“What’s everyone’s availability like over the next few weeks?”

The forecast was bad–lots of wind and pretty nasty rain.

“I just want to take you guys out with the deck stacked in your
favor. We could wait until next month when the rezzies are open again,

The class agreed. Better to fish during decent conditions than try your luck during poor ones.

The next morning, I weighed my options.



Too sloppy out there and, judging by the flows, not exactly good bet.

Head down to the shop?

I was just there last night.

Looking out

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REMINDER: Upcoming Beach Class February 8th

Interested in getting into the salt but don’t know where to start?

Join me on Friday night (February 8th) and the following day for a crash course on beach fishing.





Where to find the fish?


We’ll talk about this and more.

Give Puget Sound Fly Co. at 253-839-4119 to sign up and hear about future beach class dates.