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When it counts most

Where: Puget Sound
When: Saturday
Conditions: Calm at first, turning to snow, then rain then raging wind
Flies used: Various clousers, shock & awe, white wooly bugger, foul free herring
Species pursued: Resident coho

Song of the day: “Are You Gonna Go My Way,” Lenny Kravitz

As I looked around the table, a bit of nervousness came over me.

The class featured enthusiasm and eagerness to learn mixed with a bit of skepticism.

The Sound is a big place, after all.

To many, I’m sure fly fishing from the beach seems the most ineffective way

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Give me a break!

Where: Puget Sound
When: Sunday
Conditions: Calm at first, then blustery
Flies used: Various clousers, snot dart
Species pursued: Resident coho

Song of the day: “Self Esteem,” Offspring

“I think you brought the wind with you.”

Mike was right–just as I stepped onto the beach, the wind kicked up.


It wasn’t that way earlier, though.

The day had started out well enough: warmer temps, no wind (for a change) and a promising looking beach.

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As luck would have it

“Sorry, Sunday’s out for me, I have plans.”

“Well, we’ll be out in the morning and we’ll let you know how we did.”

“All right, good luck out there.”

No fishing this weekend, folks, despite Sunday’s respite from the
wind–sometimes your schedule just doesn’t match up with the fishing
conditions. :(

Besides that, the flu touched me this past week and I’ve been
recovering since. Still not feeling 100% and with Saturday’s gusty
conditions, I decided to bag any notion of hitting the beach.

On the brighter side of things, there are

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The last and the first

Where: Puget Sound
When: Monday and Tuesday
Conditions: Calm, sunny
Flies used: Pink over white and chartreuse over white clousers
Species caught: Resident coho

Song of the day: “Slow Ride,” Foghat


A most hated nemesis.

For the past few weeks, W-I-N-D had spoiled my attempts at finding the rezzies.

Or any fish, for that matter.

But yesterday morning showed a reprieve.

“If the weather holds, I’m going out,” the e-mail read.

Someone was reading my mind.

“But where are the rezzies? I haven’t heard anything from the usual places and the wind’s kept me away

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