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Where: An “S” River
When: Last Saturday and Sunday
Conditions: WINDY!
Flies used: MOAL, Glo-bug

“I totally support that decision,” said the voice on the message.

The wind hasn’t been playing nice over the past few weeks. It went so far as to sabotage our long-awaited night fishing plans.

Rather than try my hand at fighting the breeze in the dark, I opted out.

I wish I exercised similar wisdom last week.

But as they say, the tug’s the drug and I needed my fix.

Wind or not.

Unfortunately, the river felt differently. On both occasions, all

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Not what I was hoping for

Where: Puget Sound
When: Saturday
Conditions: Sunny, WINDY
Flies used: Clouser

Song of the day: “I Wish,” Stevie Wonder

“Have you looked out the window?”

“Uh, no. Why?”

“Go look.”

Gusts of wind tore at the trees.

And yesterday was dead calm.

What’s the deal with all this extreme weather of late?

We bet against ourselves and went anyway, though–it was supposed to
be a nice clear day and we hadn’t enjoyed the sun in the past week or

Here comes the sun…

Unfortunately, we bet wrong.

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Christmas Wish List: Top Five

I hope you were all nice instead of naughty this year! If you were,
chances are you’ll be able to cash in on your good behavior and
convince somebody to leave one (or, preferably, a few *wink*) of these
great items under the tree for you.

Just don’t forget to put it on your wish list at Puget Sound Fly Co. so your benefactors pick the right gift for you. :)

Don’t have a wish list? Give the shop a call at 253-839-4119 and set one up.

And without further ado, here

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