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Too cold for Steelhead?

Where: East of the mountains
When: Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Conditions: Overcast, FRIGID
Flies used: MOAL, marabou spey, glo bug
Species sought: Steelhead

Song of the day: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” Rolling Stones

Below freezing temperatures.

Low water.

Small chance of success.

All good reasons to go on a road trip to me! :)

Banking on the fact that almost nobody would be fishing over the
holiday weekend, the four of us reserved rooms for two nights and
packed our bags.

It was time for another adventure.

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Death by chum

Where: Puget Sound
When: Sunday
Conditions: Windy, overcast, rainy later
Flies used: Lanterns (green, pink, orange) , General Beauregard, wooly bugger
Species sought: Chum salmon

Song of the day: “Trinity Infinity,” Don Davis, from the Matrix movie score

The e-mail read:

“My neck and shoulders are so sore dude.”

I was suffering, too.

Chum will do that to you.

A few days before, Bryan, Don and I had decided it was time to catch these vicious beasts.

With spey rods.

We were all dying to test the limits of our new setups and figuring

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Heading back to the salt

Where: Puget Sound
When: Sunday
Conditions: Fairly calm, overcast
Flies used: Clousers and wooly buggers
Species sought: Sea-run cutthroat

Song of the day: “1234,” Feist

There are fish being caught in the South Sound, folks. And we’re not talking chum, necessarily.

Check it out:

It started with cutties…

…then to rezzies…

…then, of all things. :)

I guess it’s time to put the spey rod down for a bit, isn’t it?

Or is it?

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