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“Today should have been yesterday…”

Where: Deschutes River, OR
When: Saturday evening, Sunday and Monday morning
Conditions: Clear, sunny, COLD
Flies used: Sara Jane, marabou spey, General Beauregard, Mardi Gras spey
Species pursued: Steelhead

Song of the day: “Give A Little Bit” Supertramp

“It doesn’t seem like four hours.”

As I strung up my rod, determined to fish before darkness swallowed the canyon, I recalled Tyler’s comment.

He was right–that was probably the shortest non-fishing four hours I’d ever experienced.

But it was the longest five minutes rigging up. ;)


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Cast of characters

Where: Puget Sound
When: Saturday
Conditions: Rainy, WINDY
Flies used: Marabou spey, Green Goblin spey, Lantern
Species sought: Chum

Song of the day: “With A Little Help From My Friends,” Joe Cocker

“The Chum are in, along with a few Silvers.”

“Then it looks like we’ll be celebrating Don and Bryan’s birthday out in the salt.”

Since I’m not done packing for my flight to Chicago, I’ll make this quick:

“Which fly do I use?”

“Which cigar do I smoke?” :)

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Within arm’s reach

Where: An “S” River
When: Saturday
Conditions: Foggy in the morning, clear and warm during the afternoon
Flies used: Marabou spey, Sara Jane Spey, Fall Favorite, MOAL
Species sought: Steelhead

Song of the day: “Daydream Believer,” The Monkees


The whoop echoed off the fall colors surrounding us.

I looked upstream and gave the guy a thumbs up. His elation deflected the shot of depression aimed my way.

Not five seconds before, a little steelhead rocketed out of the water.

And gave me my fly back.

Thirty seconds before that,

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Baja Day Four: Por Final!

Where: Skykomish River
When: Sunday
Conditions: Overcast, rainy
Flies used: MOAL leech, marabou spey
Species sought: Steelhead
Species caught: A few beat up, nasty pinks. :(

“Let’s go anyway.”

That was the thought. The four of us had been geared up for spey all
week and, river blown out or not, we were gonna get us some SPEY. :)

Practicing the anchor stroke…

Fall’s colors painted the river and the weather seemed as if it would stabilize.

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