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Would you like fish with your salad?

Where: Puget Sound
When: Sunday
Conditions: Slightly breezy, overcast, chilly
Flies used: GITD and pink over white shock & awe, snot dart, olive over white clouser
Species caught: dogfish, greenling (I think), flounder, staghorn sculpin aka “bullhead,” and a few coho

Song of the day: “Time,” Hootie and the Blowfish

“When are you going to bring some salmon home again?”

It had been a long time and my dad apparently had a craving for salmon.

“When the fish show up, I’ll get one for you.”


A week later, Don and I, awake since midnight, cast

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Baja, Day One: No Tienen Hambre

“Antonio and Luciano will meet you at 6:30 on the beach out back.”

The next morning, rods in hand and boat bags slung, we trotted
through the sand (okay, maybe I was the only one trotting) to meet our

Buenos dias!

I inhaled the humid, tropical air and turned to Steve.

“Here we go…”


“Whoops, I just lost him.”

My first hook up on a dorado and he spat it out.

“Oh well, we have one in the boat.”

Steve had landed the first one I’d ever seen up close

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Baja, Day Zero: Vamos a pescar!

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have now closed the cabin door…”

“Then let’s go already!”

“…all portable electronic devices must be turned off and stowed…”

“Oh jeez,” I thought to myself. The anticipation was starting to get to me.

“…please direct your attention to the front of the cabin…”

“Can we just go to Mexico already?”

A short (and yet unbearably long) time later, we were airborne and
with the help of a Tylenol PM, I had reverted to a more relaxed, sane


Hours later, we were finally there.


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Reminder: Beach Fishing 101 class this Friday at Puget Sound Fly Co.

Just a reminder about tomorrow night’s class at Puget Sound Fly Co. in Kent.

If you’ve ever wanted to try beach fishing out but have never gotten around to it, this is the time–the pinks are coming! :)

Give the guys at the shop a call at 253-839-4119 about getting into the class.

We’ll cover all the basics and have a special segment for targeting pink salmon.

Hope to see you there,