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Saltwater Fly Fishing 101 at Puget Sound Fly Co.

For anyone interested in learning the basics of Saltwater Fly
Fishing, I’ll be teaching a class this Friday night at Puget Sound Fly

This is actually a two-part class. On Friday night, I’ll cover
species, equipment, flies, where to find the fish and how to get them
to eat your fly. We’ll wrap up with how to tie a few simple saltwater

On Sunday morning, we’ll go through useful casts walk through how to fish the beach effectively.

Learn the basics of the saltchuck and then come

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Countdown to Baja

I stared out the window, mulling over the odds.

“Are you fishing tomorrow?”

“I don’t think so–it’ll probably be windy like this tomorrow. Besides, I have to start getting ready for Mexico.”

Mexico, Baja del Sur. Dorado, skipjack, maybe some yellowfin and the
slightest chance of a yellowtail. Possibly a billfish of some sort
(though they freak me out).

It’s a trip I’ve been waiting for all year and our planning meeting
this past week reminded me that I was behind in my own preparations.

“At the very least I have to finish those leaders and tie

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Fishing With Dad

Where: Trophy Lake
When: Sunday
Conditions: Overcast, cool, slightly breezy
Flies used: White bunny leech

Song of the day: “AM 180,” Grandaddy (Check out the new video player function above!)

Quote: “That’s a huge one!”

“I hope it doesn’t rain,” I thought.

“At least it’s calm out here.”

As I drove off the ferry, droplets sprinkled my windshield.

I groaned.


“C’mon, let’s go–if it rains, we’ll just bail.”

“No, that’s okay.”

Mom chimed in.

“Go, Jess.

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Ham ‘n Cheddar

Where: The Cedar River
When: Friday and Sunday
Conditions: Sunny and HOT
Flies used: Pat’s Blackwell *heh* (ask the guys at Puget Sound Fly Co.), some ratty stonefly imitation I tied up.

Song of the day: “Under the Bridge,” Red Hot Chili Peppers (Click the title to see what my idea of fun is)

Quote: “I just realized they meant 5AM.”

I had to do it.

To be part of the crowd.

No, it didn't have big shoulders
No, it didn’t have “big shoulders.” ;)

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