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Los Dos Delinquentes

Where: Banks Lake
When: Saturday
Conditions: Calm and slightly cloudy
Flies used: Black Bunny Gotcha, carp wooly

Song of the day: “Los Tres Delinquentes,” Delinquent Habits (Click the title to see how carping affects your appetite)

Quote of the day: “I thought dogs were the only ones that did that…”

“Did you see that?”

“Yeah. That’s crazy.”

Carp were everywhere, breaching and kicking up mud.

“They’re still on the spawn, but I think we can get a few to eat,” I said as I strung up my rod.

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A long, busy day

Where: Puget Sound
When: Saturday and Sunday
Conditions: Overcast, rainy and windy
Flies used: Various clousers

Song of the day: “Zombie,” Cranberries (Click the title to see what an 18-hour day of fishing and related things is like)

“It looks like one of those all-day winds…”


Tim and I had agreed–it was a shame to come all this way just to be
blown off the water. Our optimism had gotten the best of us.

Or had it?
Or had it? :)

“Well, at least

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UPCOMING EVENT: Sea Run Cutthroat Fly Fishing Summit

When: Sunday, May 20, 6:30 PM
Where: Seattle Aquarium
How much: $35 donation or advance tickets from Puget Sound Fly Co.

For anyone interested in learning more about sea run cutthroat and
how to fish for them, this is your chance to see demonstrations, attend
a few speeches and even spend some Q&A time with experts of this

Folks like Les Johnson, Anil from Puget Sound Fly Co. and innovators
like Roger Stephens will be in attendance to share their knowledge of
this fishery.

Have a question about tides? What about “match

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Cinco in the Salt

For anyone interested in learning more about saltwater fly fishing in
Puget Sound, I’ll be presenting a seminar to the Puget Sound Fly
Fishers on the basics of getting into the salt scene. It will be held
at the Tacoma Elks Lodge at 1965 S Union Ave, Tacoma. The meeting’s on
Thursday, May 10th, and starts at 6PM. The program should be underway
by about 7PM. Hope to see you out there. :)


Where: Puget Sound
When: Saturday and Sunday
Conditions: Sunny then overcast and

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