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Not all fishy water holds fish

Where: Puget Sound
Conditions: Rainy and windy on Saturday; Sunny and windy on Sunday
When: Saturday and Sunday
Flies used: Olive over white, pink over white, brown over white clousers

Song of the day: “Ready Steady Go,” Paul Oakenfold (Click the title to catch a glimpse of the Puget Slam)

“Man, it’s pretty much the end of March. Trout season’s going to take over now…”


“Omak for the next three weeks; more Rocky Ford, Blue Lake and maybe
a little Rufus Woods thrown into the mix–before you know it, we’ll be

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The Ditch in the Desert

Where: Rocky Ford and Lake Lenore
Conditions: Sunny and warm, a little breezy
When: Saturday and Sunday morning
Flies used: Rocky Ford: Glo bug, stillwater nymph, white bunny leech Lake Lenore: Black zonker, chironomids (!)

Song of the day: “Good Ol’ Boys,” Waylon Jennings (Click the title to see how Ditch Trouting went)

I think it's spring time...
Nothing like a great sunrise to start the spring season…

“How was the winter?”

“Brutal. We usually get a lot of sun, but not this year. The ice just came

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Not a chance

Where: Puget Sound
Conditions: Windy…very windy…and rainy, too. :(
When: Saturday
Flies used: Puget Sound: Brown over white, pink over white and olive over white clousers

Song of the day: “Crawling In the Dark,” Hoobastank (I can’t seem to upload a video right now, so please bear with me!)

“I hear it’s going to be nasty this weekend.”

“Yeah, but do they mean rainy nasty or windy and rainy nasty?”

“I don’t know–are you going to try to fish in this?”


“You’re crazy!”


I looked out the window on Saturday

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