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That’s fishing!

Where: Puget Sound and Trophy Lake
Conditions: Windy, rainy
When: Saturday and Sunday
Flies used: Puget Sound: Brown over white, pink over white and olive
over white clousers. Trophy Lake: White bunny leech, Griffith’s gnat,
black wooly bugger, hairwing streamer (rainbow trout)

Song of the weekend: “Mr. Brightside,” The Killers (click on the title to see how fickle fishing can be)

It’s funny how fishing can be good one day and then dead the next.

Take Saturday, for instance.

Steve and I decided to hit the North Sound as it’s currently open

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Support your local fly shop!

Song of the day: “
Goodbye Stranger,” Supertramp (click the title to see why it’s important to shop local)

“Did you hear?”


“The Morning Hatch is going out of business. Something about
internet stores and shops like Cabela’s and Sportsman’s Warehouse…”

I shook my head on the other end of the line.

I wasn’t sure that was an accurate statement.

Folks are saying what a bummer it is; how Gary provided such great
service and filled a critical need. And then they blame the internet
vendors and big box stores for the

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The Show

Where: Puget Sound
Conditions: Windy, drizzly
When: Sunday
Flies used: Brown over white clouser

Song of the day: “Big Me,” Foo Fighters (click the title to see what the Fly Fishing Show was like)

Ah, the Fly Fishing Show.

It’s become a Mecca for gear dorks like me to congregate, drool over
all the new stuff and fight over who gets to show off next at the
casting pond.

In other words, it’s a playground.

Unlike the playgrounds of my younger days, this one had lots of friendly faces.

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Cutties for a month!

Where: Puget Sound
Conditions: Overcast, drizzly
When: Saturday
Flies used: Olive over white clouser

Song of the day: “You’re All I Have,” Snow Patrol (click the title to see how crazy the past month has been)

It’s back to cutthroat now. At least until March.

Jamie and I hit the Sound hunting for some and not more than ten
steps down beach we saw a swirl and cast to it. Instead of a cuttie,
though, Jamie was rewarded with a nice little rezzie. It seems almost
impossible to avoid

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