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Last Cast in the Salt

Where: Puget Sound
Conditions: Calm, clear, cold
When: Saturday
Flies used: Glow in the dark clouser

Song of the day: “The Way,” Fastball (click the title to see how fishing went)

“Dude, did you fish last weekend?”

“Yeah. Didn’t you hit the Sky? How was it?”

“It sucked…how was the salt?”

I think Brendan could hear me smiling through the cell.

“Doc’s at 3:30 tomorrow. See you there. And bring ‘Yard if you can.”


I was going to fish with a shark nut and our mutual friend who happens to be a

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Avoiding the crowd

Where: Puget Sound
Conditions: Calm, clear
When: Saturday night/Sunday morning
Flies used: Glow in the dark clouser, glow in the dark Shock & Awe

Song of the day: “Paint It Black,” Rolling Stones (click the title to lose some sleep!)

I heard from a friend that fishing at a popular spot has slowed down
lately. The suspicion was that the resident coho had switched from
baitfish to amphipods.

My theory is that they were getting too much pressure.

At least during the day. :)

The solution, of

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All conditions fishing!

Where: Puget Sound
Conditions: Overcast, snow flurries, FRIGID!
When: Saturday
Flies used: Olive over white, chartreuse over white clousers

Song of the day: “Crazy,” Gnarls Barkley (click the title to feel the frostbite. *heh*)

“Whose idea was this, anyway?”

Prompted by the sarcasm, I smirked and raised my hand in admission.

I was told that the roads were in good shape, but I didn’t count on the snow.

No turning back, now...
There’s no turning back now…

So we loaded Don’s stuff into the Scion and hit the beach.


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Old (and not so old) fishing photos

Where: Puget Sound
Conditions: Windy, rainy
When: Saturday night
Flies used: Glow in the dark clousers

Song of the day: “Vox,” Sara McLachlan (click the title to see a re-cap of 2006)

I was supposed to go steelheading on Saturday.

Of course, that didn’t pan out, as all the recent rain blew the rivers out.

Is it me, or am I NOT supposed to catch one of these things? :)

No matter, the backup plan was the beach and seeing as how things
have been great lately, a fizzled steelhead

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The last fish of 2006

Where: Puget Sound
Conditions: Calm, frigid
When: New Year’s Eve
Flies used: Glow in the dark clousers
Species caught: Resident coho, blackmouth

Song of the day: “Octopus’s Garden,” The Beatles (click the title to see how the year ended)

I stuffed the sandwich into my mouth, patted the dog on the head and shuffled down the beach to meet the year’s final sunset.

You know, I think I\'ll sit here for a moment...
You know, I think I’ll sit here for a moment…


It eased me into

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