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Holiday Wish List, Part II

Now that you all have had a few days to mull over the top half of my holiday wish list, let’s cover the rest.

6) Fishpond Cloudburst Gear Bag
in Crimson/Steel Blue — What good is all that fancy equipment if you
can’t keep it organized, especially if organization isn’t your strong

Thankfully, for a schmuck like me who tends to keep things in piles,
Fishpond has the Cloudburst Gear Bag. It’s perfect for keeping the
necessities together for day and weekend trips, featuring gobs of

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Holiday Wish List, Part I

I should have fished yesterday.

Actually, I tried, but got lost at first. I ended up finding my way,
but the beach was too high to fish so I gave up and headed to Subway. :)

And now I’m suffering for my lack of effort. The wind’s up, the rain is cold and there are reports that it will snow.

Rather than lament, I’ve channeled my dejection into something a little more positive: a wish list!

You know you’ve got one and if you’re reading this, chances are
something fly fishing related is

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Fishy People

Where: Puget Sound and Trophy Lake
Conditions: Saturday–perfect! Sunday–gnarly; windy and WET
When: Saturday and Sunday
Flies used: Cutties–everything in my box…and then a black wooly bugger; Rainbows at Trophy Lake–SLSB bugger, glo-bug
Species pursued: Sea-run cutthroat and big, dumb rainbows :)

Song of the day: “Flood,” Jars of Clay (click the title for a quick slideshow and sample)

Late autumn’s weather is a cruel mistress.

If it wasn’t the rain, it was the wind and more often than not, it was both. In great amounts.

I did get a

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Preston’s Dog Day

Where: Puget Sound
Conditions: Saturday–windy and sunny; Sunday–windy and wet
When: Saturday and Sunday
Flies used: Cutties–brown over white clouser; Chum–nothing that worked :(
Species pursued: Sea-run cutthroat and chum salmon

Song of the day: “Haruka Kanata,” Asian Kung Fu Generation (Don’t freak out, it’s all in Japanese. Click the title–you’ll like it, I promise. *smile*)

Wow. I thought last weekend’s weather was bad.

If it wasn’t wind, it was rain. But there were fish, too, so I stayed. :)

The weekend started well, I

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Where: Look carefully at the pictures. :)
Conditions: Wet. Really wet. Windy. Really windy. :)
When: Saturday and Sunday
Flies used: Chartreuse gotcha, chartreuse green cactus bugger

Song of the day: “Tubthumping,” Chumbawumba (click the title for a sample and a quick re-cap of this weekend)

I believe the word is miserable.

That’s the only way to describe this weekend’s weather.

I think it's going to rain...
“I think it’s going to rain.” :)

Fortunately, the fishing was

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