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Hunt for the Calico October

Where: Puget Sound and Hood Canal
Conditions: COLD. Windy. COLD!
When: Saturday and Sunday
Flies used: Small chartreuse spiders, chartreuse Gotcha, pink cactus bugger

Song of the day: “Bad Day,” Daniel Powter (click the title for a sample)

Well, folks, I was hoping to have pictures of a Halloween chum for you, but no such luck.

We went everywhere…

Like here...
Like here…

...and here...
…and here…

...had to check here...
…and we had to check here…

For all

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Last Casts in the Desert

Where: Lake Lenore and Rocky Ford
Conditions: Cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon; relatively calm and sunny
When: Saturday and Sunday
Flies used: Lenore: Rickard’s stillwater nymph, rubber-legged hare’s
ear (natural), black zonker, burgundy wooly bugger. Rocky Ford:
Rickard’s stillwater nymph, apricot glo bug, white bunny leech

Song of the day: “L’Inno Nazionale,” (The Italian National Anthem) (Click the title for a sample and crank up the volume!)

“There he is!”

I turned over my right shoulder, half in disbelief, half in the kind
of familiar disgust you experience

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Open Invite: Lake Lenore and Rocky Ford

Where: Lake Lenore/Rocky Ford Creek
When: Saturday, October 21 and Sunday October 22
What: Lahontan Cutthroat and FAT Rainbows

Lakes are closing soon and before you know it, snow and other
inhospitable conditions will deter all but the most hardcore anglers
from crossing the pass into the eastside trout country.

So Jamie, some friends and I are using this weekend to get into some big, hungry fall trout one last time this year.

Trout like this.
Trout like this.

And trout like this.
And trout like

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Where it all began

Where: F Lot Beach and Hood Canal
Conditions: Foggy and overcast, cold
When: Saturday, 9AM to 3PM
Flies used: Chartreuse over white, pink over white, olive over white, brown over white clousers
Species pursued: Sea-run cutthroat

Song of the day: “Bittersweet Symphony,” The Verve (click the title for a quick video sample)

There isn’t much I won’t do for a good fish fight. Waking up before
roosters do, driving hundreds of miles, enduring discouraging
conditions—short of risking my life, I’d say that I would do almost

It didn’t used

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Fathers and Sons

Where: Yakima River, Ringer and spots in the Lower Canyon
Conditions: Overcast alternating with sun, chilly in the morning, warm in the afternoon
When: Sunday, 10AM to around 3PM
Flies used: Red Copper John, size 14; Bead Head Hare’s Ear’s, natural, size 16; Jumbo John, size 6, red
Species pursued: Whitefish
Species caught: Trout (Doh!)

Song of the day: “All This Time,” Sting (click the title for a quick video sample)

I had dinner with my folks on Saturday night. It was the first time
I had seen my dad

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