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Rod Number 25…but not for long!

Song of the day: “Elevation,” U2 (click the title for a sample—sorry Mac users, it’s Windows only!)

Every year, the Washington State branch of the Federation of Fly
Fishers hosts a casting expo. The event is 2 parts classes, 1 part
competition and all fun. It’s a chance to introduce yourself to new
skills, meet up with old friends and, if you like, see how you stack up
against some of the state’s best casters.

This year, Jamie and I decided to try out for the Puget Sound Fly Company’s two teams and successfully

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Coughing in the Canyon

Where: Yakima River, Lower Canyon
Conditions: Overcast alternating with sun, mild, slightly breezy
When: Sunday, 10AM to around 3PM
Flies used: Red Copper John, size 14; Bead Head Hare’s Ear’s, natural, size 16
Species pursued: Whitefish (seriously)

Song of the day: “Number 1,” Goldfrapp (click the title for a sample)

This happens every fall.

I get sick because of the change in weather and I go fishing in an attempt to cure my ailment.

It never works.

At the least, I caught some fish in between cough drops. :)

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Fishing picture video montage

I think montage is the right word.

Anyway, seeing as how I’ll be out of town this weekend (translation:
no fishing report next week), I thought I’d leave everyone something to
look at in my absence.

It’s the result of my first attempt at tooling around with video (click here)

Sorry if it takes a little long to play–the files around 8MB. :(

Thanks to Ibn and Corey for some of the Bahamas pics from ’05. :)



Heave! Ho!

Songs of the day: “Sweet Caroline,” Neil Diamond (this one’s Steve’s Fault!) and “Endorphin Express,” DJ Citrik

Where: Pacific Ocean, 40-45 miles off the Oregon Coast
Conditions: Gray, cold, windy, rough seas
Time of day: Sunday, 9/3, 5:30AM to around 4PM
Flies used: Blue over white/flash and baitfish over white/flash Magnum Baitfish
Species caught: Albacore tuna


Of all the fish I’ve caught so far, a tuna is the only one I’d apply that label to.

As I was sitting on the Maranatha’s deck, lobbing a Magnum Baitfish pattern into a school, Ricky yelled, “Fish on!”

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