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Let’s try this again

Song of the day: “All The Small Things,” Blink 182

Where: The Sound
Conditions: Sunny, calm
Time of day: 7AM to 9AM.
Flies used: Pink over white clouser
Species pursued: At this point? Dinks, even.

This is my last day of living in Tacoma. The last morning that I’ll
wake up, jump in the car and drive 10 minutes to hit Doc’s. And the
last morning that I’ll be able to look out the window and check the

Given that, I had to make one last drive from my soon-to-be former

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Can I get an “Amen?”

Song of the day: “What Have I Done To Deserve This?” Pet Shop Boys

Where: The Sound
Conditions: Sunny, slightly windy
Time of day: 7AM to 9AM.
Flies used: Pink over white clouser, chartreuse over white clouser, snot dart, white woolly bugger
Species pursued: Ummm…something with fins? :)

I am a glutton for punishment. What was once an ever-generous beach
has been nothing but a cobbled stretch of torture this whole year. And
yet, I keep going back, thinking that things might change.

And today they did, if ever so

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Neah smorgasbord

So Joe sent me some pics from his latest excursion to Neah…

Let\'s start with a ling
Let’s start with a ling

Now let\'s try a greenling
Now let’s try a greenling

How about a rock bass?
How about a rockfish?

And let\'s finish it off with a cabezon!
And let’s finish it off with a cabezon!

Nice work out there, guys. Looks like I need to get my new rod up there soon. Anyone want to invite me?

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Rod #23 is here!

That’s right. My 23rd rod has finally arrived, in all of its 3-piece, 8-foot, 8-inch glory.

What is it? It’s a Scott Heli-Ply 8 weight, part of their 2006
Classics collection. For those non-equipment junkies out there, the
Heli-Ply was a very popular rod series that Scott produced a few years
back but has since discontinued. Rods in the HP lineup were prized for
their easy casting and durability, not to mention, as I’ve discovered,
their ability to absolutely sling gobs of line! :)

Of course, the reason why my rod

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You win some, you lose some

Song of the day: “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” Poison

Where: The Sound
Conditions: Slightly overcast, calm.
Time of day: 6:30AM to 8AM.
Flies used: Brown over white shock & awe; olive over white clouser
Species pursued: Anything at this point!

The rumor was that tons of baitfish have been showing up at a
particular beach over the past few days and seeing as I had the time to

I met Phil around 6:30 and was pleasantly surprised to see Paul there, using a double-hander, no less.

One of</img></a> <a href=

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