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Live fire practice

Song of the day: Inno Nazionale Italiano (The Italian National Anthem–it’s a long story…)

“Hey, check this out–you’ve been to this shop, right?”

“Yeah. Casting games this Saturday, huh?”

“Let’s go; it’s another Scott Demo Day, too.”

“Nice. You remember what happened the last time I went to one of those, right? I bought rod 23…”

Fast forward a couple of days and I’m in the back of Pacific Fly
Fishers, tooling around with a limited edition 12-foot 5 weight spey
rod–the one rod that eluded me at the previous event.

“Are you going to compete?” Dan, the

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“The price of admission…”

“…is a new SA fly line.”

“Fair enough. See you tomorrow night.”

At $65, a new line is a small price to pay to attend an
invitation-only casting class taught by none other than Brian O’Keefe.
If you don’t know who Brian is, just flip through the pages of any fly
fishing magazine and take a look at who took the photos. Not only does
this guy have the life that many of us dream about, he’s a Fly Fishing
Federation Master Casting instructor.

Today’s topic? Competitive casting.

How could I resist the invitation?

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Back to the salt

Song of the day: “Tourniquet,” Evanescence

Where: The Sound
Conditions: Sunny, calm.
Time of day: 7:30 to 9AM
Flies used: Brown over white clouser, Ferguson Green & Silver
Species caught: Anything!

Seeing as how I’m going to be a Seattleite soon, I figured I’d visit
some home waters before they become more than a hop, skip and a jump

The rumor was that some fly chuckers have been picking up adult
silvers in the AM at a popular, but previously unproductive beach.
Since it’d been a while since I’d plied the

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Vacation: Bahamas, Day 6

Song of the day: “Return to Innocence,” Enigma

When you travel thousands of miles and spend thousands of dollars to
chase something you can’t catch in your back yard, it’s easy to lose
perspective and forget about everything but your quarry.

That changed today. This was my vacation, after all, and it only
made sense to enjoy the other things that the Bahamas had to offer.

Our first adventure only reinforced my desire: a few hours of
bluewater fishing with nothing to really show for it got me thinking
about how Ibn and Sol had

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Luck runs out

Song of the day: “Everybody Hurts,” R.E.M.

Where: Banks Lake
Conditions: Sunny, warm
Time of day: 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Flies used: Black bunny Gotcha, carp wooly, various crayfish imitations
Species caught: Carp, smallmouth bass

Speeding down I-90, I tried to push the premonition to the back of my head. I certainly didn’t share it with my companions.

But the closer we got to our destination, the more it nagged at me:
the day was just too perfect. Blue skies, no wind, comfortably
warm…it wasn’t a fishing day.

By late morning, six anglers

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