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The Buffet: Bahamas, Day 4

Song of the Day: “Heroes,” David Bowie, performed by The Wallflowers

A long day.

Sol, Ibn, Anil and I started it on Angelo’s boat, 12 weights in hand, hoping to scare up a tuna or dorado.

That didn’t exactly work out, so off to Galloway we went to hunt for sharks and cudas.

But in the Bahamas, it’s easy to get distracted and it’s especially
easy when bonefish are tooling around right in front of you. Sol caught
one of the ghosts (video) while I played around with a stingray (video).

Eventually we

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Oh let the sun beat down upon my face

Song of the day: “Kashmir,” Led Zeppelin

Where: Banks Lake
Conditions: Hot, sunny, slightly breezy. Did I mention hot? :)
Time of day: 11:30AM to 2:30PM
Flies used: Black bunny Gotcha
Species caught: Carp

Saturday night:

“Wait. You’re going to drive 4 hours, fish for 4 hours then drive 4 hours back home?”



Fast forward to early Sunday evening as I’m munching on carne asada in Ephrata, flipping through pictures on my digital camera.

“Because of days like this,” I’m thinking.

Phil setting the tone

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And now a report from the Kamloops

It looks like Phil did pretty well while he was out in the Kamloops…

Only the beginning
Apparently, this was just the beginning…

Just another day in the Kamloops for Rob
Just another day in the Kamloops for Rob…

It's gotta be the hat!
It’s gotta be the hat! :)

Sponge Bob gettin' it done!
Sponge Bob gettin’ it done!

And here’s the coup de grace: a 10-pound rainbow, caught while night fishing. I bet that

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The Silver Lining: Bahamas, Day 3

Song of the day: “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta,” Ghetto Boys

I finally had the chance to fish with the fabled Phillip, apparently the head bonefish guide for our group.

Phillip lived up to his reputation and more–he’s just as fanatical
about fly fishing as any of us are. Put that together with a mostly
cooperative weather system and bonefish were plentiful enough to keep
the day fun and interesting.

First bone on the pink reel!
Breakin’ in the Pink CLA!

Can't we just stay</img></a></p>
<p></img> <a href=

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