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One: let the games begin!

Song of the day: “Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!” Ramones

The day is finally here. By tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be hunting for
tarpon in a familiar channel or stalking bonefish on the adjacent flat.

See you all in about a week–Bahamas, here I come! :)

I wonder if we'll see this guy again
Bring it on!



And the countdown begins…

Something's missing
I can’t put my finger on it, but something’s missing in this picture…


Stick to the plan!

Song of the day: “Roam,” B52’s

Where: Rocky Ford and Banks Lake
Conditions: Rainy and windy in the morning, bright and windy in the afternoon
Time of day: 9AM to Noon and 3PM to 5PM
Flies used: Rickard’s stillwater nymph, glo bugs, Gollum, black wooly worm
Species targeted: Rainbow trout, carp

Reminder: 7 days and I’ll be in the Bahamas

“You brought a new 8 weight, too?”

That’s how the day started. Jamie and I had every intention of
finding smallmouth bass today and planned on breaking in our 8’s on
them. But it’s

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