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You can’t know if you don’t go

Song of the weekend: “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” Green Day

Where: Omak Lake, Chopaka Lake, ???? Lake
Conditions: Sunny and warm, glassy on Friday, very windy Saturday
Time of day: Noon to 7:30PM Friday, all day Saturday
Flies used: Olive Denny Rickard’s stillwater nymph; olive egg-sucking,
rubber-legged hare’s ear; olive egg-sucking leech; black egg-sucking
leech; black zonker; peach glo-bug.
Species caught: Lahontan cutthroat and rainbow trout

Unfortunately, this weekend was more bust than boom, but I don’t
mind; it was better than sitting in the office on Friday, gnawing off
my arm

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Just another three day weekend

OK, so I have to fly to Dallas on Monday, which means I have to
pack. Which means eating up a day of my weekend. Which is a problem!

Solution: take Friday off! It is the lake opener this weekend, after all.

I’ll give you three guesses as to where I’m going, but for those of
you who have been following along in the past few weeks, you’ll only
need one. :)

Pictures to come!


The Wind Jinx

Song of the day: “In The End,” Linkin Park

Where: North Sound
Conditions: Sunny, very windy
Tidal stage(s): Middle of small exchange, incoming; middle of large exchange, outgoing
Time of day: Mid morning to noon-ish; 3PM to 7PM
Flies used: Olive over white clouser, pink over white clouser, brown over white clouser, olive/white mini-ceiver
Species caught: Starry flounder, sea-run cutthroat, resident coho

It seems that I am a wind magnet. Today was an otherwise perfect
day, except for that: good tidal exchanges and LOTS of residents

Too bad Bryan and I couldn’t

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Photo test

OK, let’s see if this thumbnailing thing works.

Here’s a pic from last weekend.

Click on the picture to see if it blows up.

Rolling over it with your mouse should provide a caption.

The egg-sucking, rubber-legged hare's ear strikes again!

The egg-sucking, rubber-legged hare’s ear strikes again!