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Category: Crime stats


Mid-year crime report

The Washington Association of Sheriffs & Police Chiefs is out with its annual mid-year crime report.

There’s some good news for Tacoma (and it’s a little surprising, at least to me, given the reports of gang violence this year.) Violent and property crimes are down in the city. It’s the same story for Federal Way and King and Thurston counties.

Pierce County has mixed results. Violent crime is up slightly and property crime is down. That’s the trend for the entire state.

I just posted a story on our homepage with more complete numbers. A more

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New crime stats web site

An Olympia company has dipped into the world of Internet-based crime stats.

Looking Glass Analytics announced today they’ve launched a new web site, Users can browse – for free – crime statistics from Washington law enforcement agencies.

The information is based upon the stats provided to the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs through the Uniform Crime Report. That’s the standard reporting technique and the report that feeds the annual FBI report.

Each user can tailor the site to provide stats by crime, jurisdiction, etc. Crimes are broken down by reported crimes and

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Searchable crime stats on-line

Here’s one for all you Tacoma residents, business owners or home seekers.

Tacoma crime stats are now on-line. You can search the data by specific address, subdivision or previously-defined neighborhood and get statistics for a .5-mile radius around the address.

There is a link on the Tacoma Police Department web site. Click on Neighborhood crime data.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department is the host for this free service. Other cities, including Bonney Lake, Puyallup, Edgewood and University Place, also have or will have statistics available through the Sheriff’s Department’s crime data web site. Check

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Also online, Peninsula crime stats

Pierce County sheriff’s Lt. Larry Bauer, supervisor of the Peninsula Detachment, reports that crime stats for his area are now online.

Bauer will be posting the monthly reports that he uses to track the overall crime trends in unincorporated Gig Harbor, Fox Island and Key Peninsula, according to an e-mail letter he sent out to subscribers of Peninsula Detachment news.

Bauer writes:

You will see what I see each month as our Crime Analysis Unit compiles and sends me these stats.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between these stats and the actual

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Also in Bonney Lake, crime data

It looks like Bonney Lake residents can now get crime stats for their homes and/or businesses.

The city’s web page boasts a new feature — search Bonney Lake crime data. The city is hooking up with the county to make this possible. (The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department’s web site has been offering this service for unincorporated Pierce County, Edgewood and University Place for some time.)

You can look up crime data by address, neighborhood or Neighborhood Action Team. You’ll get crime information within a half-mile radius of your location. The data covers the most recent

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July sector reports now online

One of the nice things about the Tacoma Police Department web site is the posting of the monthly reports for each of the city’s four sectors.

Each report highlights the significant incidents for that month and the sector problems and policing strategies applied. It also goes over what the sector lieutenant and community liaison officers have been up to and the citizen complaints filed. (Yes, the reports will even go over complaints citizens make against officers.)

The July reports were delayed in getting up but here are some of the highlights. To check out the reports yourself, click

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National crime stats

There’s a story in today’s A section about the release Sunday of crime stats from the Justice Department.

It’s a short story and doesn’t explain where exactly these numbers come from. The stats are from the annual National Crime Victimization Survey, which asks residents in American households about whether they’ve been victims of a crime. Hence the name of the study.

The 2005 survey was based on data collected from about 77,200 households and 134,000 individuals age 12 or older. Because it’s responses from crime victims, the study does not include information about homicides.

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Stats for WSP’s Computer Crime Unit

The Washington State Patrol’s Computer Crimes Unit has reported in for the first six months of 2006.

The unit has examined nine cell phones and one personal data assistant (PDA) as part of investigations into a homicide, drug activity, homeland security issue and child exploitation. The State Patrol reports that the examination of these devices provided investigators with critical evidence that led to arrests and prosecutions. The specifics of the case were not released by the State patrol.

Detectives in the Computer Crimes Unit have specialized training to forensically examine technological devices such as cell phones, PDAs, credit

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