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Category: Crime stats


Crime declined in Tacoma, according to FBI report

Violent and property crime in Tacoma dropped last year, mirroring a national trend.

Violent crime – murder, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault, decreased more than 3 percent, going from 2,008 incidents in 2008 to 1,943 in 2009, according to a preliminary report issued Monday by the FBI. Property crime – burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft and arson – fell more than 7 percent, going from 15,110 incidents in 2008 to 13,962 in 2009.

The preliminary report only listed crimes in cities with populations of 100,000 or more. Besides Tacoma, Bellevue, Seattle, Spokane and Vancouver were listed in Monday’s

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Crimes falls in 2008 across the nation

The FBI released a preliminary report today on the crime trends from last year in the country. You can find specifics here.

Here’s the report from the Associated Press:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The FBI says violent crime dropped in 2008 in the United States, falling 2.5 percent compared to the previous year.

Property crimes also fell, by 1.6 percent, according to the preliminary data collected by the FBI. Nationwide, murder and manslaughter dropped 4.4 percent.

There were some increases, though. In small cities with less than 10,000 residents, murder rose 5.5 percent, rape increased

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Preliminary crime stats released

The FBI this morning released the preliminary crime statistics for 2007.

The good news is there were declines reported in violent and property crimes. That mirrors what Tacoma and Pierce County experienced last year (and what we reported in March.)

Here are some highlights from the agency’s press release:

* All four of the violent crime offense categories declined nationwide in 2007 compared with data from 2006. Forcible rape decreased 4.3 percent, and murder and non-negligent manslaughter declined 2.7 percent. Robbery and aggravated assault offenses each decreased 1.2 percent.

* Forcible rape declined in all population groupings. Cities with one million or more inhabitants experienced the greatest decline, at 8.0 percent.

* Property crime decreased in all city groupings. Cities with 250,000 to 499,999 inhabitants had the greatest decrease in property crimes with a decline of 4.2 percent. Non-metropolitan counties saw a 1.7 percent decrease in property crime, and metropolitan counties had a 1.6 percent decline.

* Burglary offenses ranged from a decrease of 3.3 percent in cities with 500,000 to 999,999 persons to an increase of 4.0 percent in cities with one million or more inhabitants.

* Motor vehicle theft experienced declines in all population groupings.

* Arson offenses, tracked separately from other property crimes, decreased 7.0 percent nationwide and declined in each of the population groupings.

See below for my March story on Tacoma and Pierce County’s crime stats for 2007.

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Which Pierce County city had the highest crime rate in 2007?

It wasn’t Tacoma, though the county’s largest city did come in third.

Puyallup led the list with 86.7 crimes per 1,000 residents. Fife was second with 86.5.

Tacoma’s crime rate was 83.4. (The crimes counted to calculate the crime rate are murders, rapes, robberies, aggravated assaults, burglaries, thefts, motor vehicle thefts and arsons.)

The information comes from the preliminary 2007 crime statistics posted on the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs web site.

Other notes from the preliminary crime stats:

* 21 law enforcement agencies were listed in Pierce County.


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Violent crime up, property crime down in T-town

The FBI released its first look at crime that occurred in 2007.

This preliminary report covered only the first six months of 2007 but revealed that:

Each of the violent crime offense categories (murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault) decreased nationwide during January through June 2007 when compared to the corresponding months in 2006. Murder decreased 1.1 percent, forcible rape declined 6.1 percent, robbery decreased 1.2 percent, and aggravated assault decreased 1.7 percent.

Violent crime increased 1.1 percent in non-metropolitan counties and 1.1 percent in cities with populations of 10,000

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Study finds violent crime on the rise

The New York Times has a story in today’s paper about a recent study that found violent crime is on the rise again across the country.

The story begins:

Violent crime rose by double-digit percentages in cities across the country over the last two years, reversing the declines of the mid-to-late 1990s, according to a new report by a prominent national law enforcement association.

While overall crime has been declining nationwide, police officials have been warning of a rise in murder, robbery and gun assaults since late 2005, particularly in midsize cities and the Midwest.

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Crime stats galore

I’ve got a story in today’s paper that reveals the 2006 violent crime stats for the Tacoma Police and Pierce County Sheriff’s departments.

If you want to spend more time looking at and analyzing crime stats, there are plenty of places to look.

The Tacoma Police Department provides citywide and sector-based stats and calls for service reports on its web site.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department hosts the a crime data page that allows people to search for crimes within a .5-mile radius of a given address in Bonney Lake, Tacoma, Puyallup, South Prairie, Edgewood

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