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Ted Bundy’s mother, Tacoma resident Louise Bundy, has died

Post by Adam Lynn / The News Tribune on Jan. 9, 2013 at 2:30 pm with 5 Comments »
January 9, 2013 3:47 pm
Louise Bundy talks to her son, Ted, minutes before he is executed in a Florida prison in 1989. (Russ Carmack/The News Tribune file)
Louise Bundy talks to her son, Ted, minutes before he is executed in a Florida prison in 1989. (Russ Carmack/The News Tribune file)

The woman who gave birth to one of the nation’s most notorious serial killers and defended and loved him as only a mother could has died.

Louise Bundy of Tacoma was 88 when she passed away last month after a long illness.

Bundy was a married mother of five and working as a secretary at the University of Puget Sound in the mid-1970s when allegations against her son, Ted Bundy, turned her life upside down.

Authorities across the nation accused her eldest child in a string of gruesome killings. He ultimately confessed to murdering more than two dozen women and was executed in 1989 after being convicted of killing two Florida State University sorority members and a 12-year-old girl.

For many years, Louise Bundy refused to believe her son could be a killer.

“Ted Bundy does not go around killing women and little children!” she told The News Tribune in 1980 after Ted Bundy was convicted in the Florida killings. “And I know this, too, that our never-ending faith in Ted – our faith that he is innocent – has never wavered. And it never will.”

That stance softened over time as he made a number of Death Row confessions, but she still would rise to his defense if she thought he was unfairly accused.

Such was the case in 1999 when there was speculation Ted Bundy might have killed Ann Marie Burr back in 1961. The 8-year-old girl disappeared from her house and was never seen again.

“I resent the fact that everybody in Tacoma thinks just because he lived in Tacoma he did that one, too, way back when he was 14,” Louise Bundy told The News Tribune. “I’m sure he didn’t.”

Ted Bundy is one of a number of suspects in the case, but authorities have never been able to tie him directly to the girl’s disappearance.

Louise Bundy remained in Tacoma following her son’s execution and was an active member of Tacoma’s First United Methodist Church until recent years when she became too ill to attend, the church’s pastor, the Rev. Melvin Woodworth, said Wednesday.

“I always enjoyed Louise,” Woodworth said.

Her son’s troubles took a toll on her. She and her husband, John Bundy, endured jokes and dirty looks over the years and often were forced to change their telephone number to avoid angry calls.

Through it all, she loved her boy.

She talked to him twice on the day of his execution, according to news accounts, telling him at the conclusion of the second call, “You’ll always be my precious son.”

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  1. Suzanne Hill says:

    I enjoy these books about Ted. I am sorry the way his life ended & that Ms. Bundy has passed.

  2. I’m so sorry that this woman had to suffer because of her son’s barbaric actions… Terrible. My mother died just two months before Mrs. Bundy… I’m sorry for her family…
    God bless,

  3. Ted better be burning in hell

  4. Sue Siko says:

    No sadness lost over her son’s death or the disgrace that Ted brought to his mother…she lied to him about his very existance…lying about who is father was…lying to him by acting as if she was his older sister…what a mess of a family…and we all wonder why he was a f-up?! Either step-up to the plate and be honest with your self and your children and start building a better life, or LIE and COVER UP stuff and then act like why you don’t know how things went so wrong. Are people that stupid? Obviously, the answer is YES. WTF…

  5. Brian Threlkeld says:

    Ms Siko’s rant is simplistic and thoroughly unconvincing, in its attempt to ascribe Ted Bundy’s pathologies to secrets and deceptions in his early life. Yes, Louise Bundy may never have disclosed who his biological father actually was. And for a number of years in his childhood she and her parents maintained a pretense to Ted that the •grandparents• were his mother and father, and Louise was his older sister. But there are numerous instances of other individuals who have been raised initially believing just such fictions, who are all known for things other than becoming serial killers!

    Ted Bundy himself at some points did blame those early deceptions for giving rise to resentments that made him a killer. But Bundy was an enormously manipulative liar, who was constantly eager to find something that would allow him to shift the blame for his acts. There’s no reason to consider his claims on this matter persuasive.

    Ms Siko has given us nothing but the worst sort of armchair psychologizing. The only interesting question she really raises is, what generates the sort of bitter, spiteful outburst she has spewed forth here? What drives her compulsion to blame an innocent person — a mother who, we should remember, raised four other children who became perfectly fine, productive, law-abiding members of society — for crimes that, ultimately, probably defy explanation?

    Ms Siko’s rage surely tells us far more about herself than it does about Louise Bundy. Perhaps she can feel justified about herself only if she can find someone else to condemn. Such insecurity is a mystery to me — but I’ll extend to her a consideration she did not show Louise Bundy, and refrain from unwarranted pseudo-psychological pontifications (or rants).

    I do feel compelled to observe that I’m a little surprised the moderator did not deem Ms Siko’s comment in violation of the News Tribune’s rule against “abusive” posts — and, for that matter, Veron’s comment, too. They’re little more than trolling — bursts of bile that really do nothing to advance any rational discussion.

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