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Man taken into custody in Federal Way after email threat to president

Post by Alexis Krell / The News Tribune on Aug. 21, 2012 at 5:49 pm with 14 Comments »
August 22, 2012 7:21 am

UPDATE: The suspect has been identified as Anton Caluori, 31, and faces charges of threatening the president and assaulting a federal officer, Secret Service spokesperson Brian Leary said.

Caluori came to the door brandishing a shot gun, and “made statements concerning possible explosives in the residence,” Leary said, adding that the bomb squad was called as a precaution.

Federal Way police were called about 2 p.m. to assist the Secret Service in the 100 block of South 337th Lane, police spokeswoman Cathy Schrock said.

Caluori was suspected of making threats to kill the president, Schrock said.

The surrounding apartments were evacuated.

Caluori’s initial court appearance is set for 2 p.m. Wednesday, Leary said.

INITIAL POST: The Secret Service took a man into custody Tuesday in Federal Way for allegedly emailing a threat to the president, according to Emily Langlie, spokeswoman for the United States Attorney’s Office.

The suspect was found to be armed, and officials are in the process of searching his apartment to make sure there aren’t any explosive devices or anything that could threaten the public, Langlie said.

The email was sent to a general FBI inbox, she said.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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  1. I wonder what the “threat” actually was. Was it a direct threat? Or simply “I wish you were dead” kind of message? Either way it’s not that smart, but one is a crime and the other is free speech. Not that I would expect this administration to give a dang either way. You speak out against them, you get smacked down.

  2. Kevindot1 says:

    It is not the administrations decision. It is the decision of the FBI and Secret Service. The President probably never even read the e-mail.

  3. ItalianSpring says:

    You can write books detailing plans of how to kill some presidents, but it’s never allowed where a marxist poseur is concerned.

  4. MrCarleone says:


    What’s the matter, Little Man !

    Don’t have the guts to take on law enforcement ?

    All talk, no action ?

  5. Anyone ever seen the TV miniseries, “The Stand”?
    This dude is “Trash Can Man”!
    “My life for you”!
    “Seeks massive responsibilities, beyond normal tolerances”…. My life for you.
    This dude ain’t dealing from the same deck as most run-of-the-mill nut jobs. he’s got a hyper-inflated sense of self and his own worth.
    Got a C level manager not cutting the mustard? Hire ME!
    Scarey. Very scarey.

  6. Regfool2 says:

    Oh, well for Pete’s sake. If the Secret Service had known about his LinkedIn profile, none of this would have happened. (That was sarcasm for those not awake enough to discern.) Had I only known…my next big deal is trying to paint the laundry room. Can’t seem to get to that, but here’s a ‘get it done’ sort, not that far from our happy home, who could have knocked that out in a week. His self-reported profile sounds like he’s not the sort to be overwhelmed by mountain of laundry, a litter box (which sometimes smells like a life or death situation) and the waste bin of accrued dryer lint which appears to be assuming a life of its own.


    Gotta go scoop the litter box.

  7. dg and Italianspring:
    Boy, you two need to pull your heads out of your nether regions. Threatening the President of the United States is “free speech?” and
    it is only because he is a poseur that he this guy was arrested.

    dg apparently never took a simple civics class or perhaps never got through high school?

    Italian, you need a simple dictionary to look up the word Marxist. It is so sad when someone just reads/listens to pundits and then pukes out their insults verbatim and consider themselves clever. Being an unthinking parrot is not clever.

  8. rawdibob says:

    My goodness, people need to be really careful about threatening this President. Already, he has EXECUTED without trial at least 2 citizens (one a 16 YO kid) because the White House said they were an imminent threat.

  9. Scorn, are you confusing Marxism (as postulated in Karl Marxs book The Communist Manifesto) with Stalin’s reign of terror in post revolution Russia? I not sure there is any connection between the two.

    Not a worry, many also confuse the term “Facist” with “tyrannical,” which is the proper term for regimes such as Stalin’s, Mussolini’s, Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro; those that abuse their citizens (or subjects) to retain authoritarian control.

    Marxist, or Fascists for that matter, are not necessarily tyrants.


  10. Threatening the President – whether in person, mail, e-mail, whatever – is illegal no matter who is currently in office, and these threats are ALWAYS taken seriously by the Secret Service and FBI. Again, it does not matter who is currently in office or from what party. This has been true for many, many years.

    We just happen to be hearing more of it lately because the idiots at Faux News are stirring the pot so much with the lies they tell over and over. This in turn causes some twisted people, who do not like thinking for themselves, to turn these ideas into such vile hatred.

    I has extremely negative feelings against our last President, but I never would have called him un-American or treasonous. And I especially wouldn’t have verbally attacked his wife with such charges. That’s just wrong.

  11. Ortingmom says:

    We just happen to be hearing more of it lately because the idiots at Faux News are stirring the pot so much with the lies they tell over and over. This in turn causes some twisted people, who do not like thinking for themselves, to turn these ideas into such vile hatred.

    And what is it that you just spewed? Oh I know….vile hatred.

  12. “The email was sent to a general FBI inbox, she said”

    Unfortunately all criminals aren’t this stupid.

  13. This is bizarre. Here we have an impostor ‘president’ – using the term loosely – using a forged Birth Certificate for identity purposes, which in this case would make Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Hussein Obama guilty of Mispersonization of Identity in order to gain employment with the U.S. Government – which is a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison – and we have a citizen who obviously is fed up with this kangaroo court mess in which Soetoro/Obama has expended over $2-Million to keep his true identity secret. And then we have Secret Service Agents and Federal Way Police Officers who have taken a sworn oath to protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Who’s zoomin’ who… and who should really be arrested? The answer is obvious to anyone who has been following California Attorney Orly Taitz and her valiant efforts to unseat impostor Obama. And it’s not over yet. Stop and think about the enormity of this crime, literally every single act of the Obama administration has been an illegal act, as if it had never taken place. The United States of America will not survive unless the people rise up and throw this impostor out of the Office of President that he and his minions are occupying illegally. Simply put, we the people have a Constitutional Crisis on our hands.

  14. EARTHMAN says:

    Obviously this guy didn’t mean it. He’s reaching out for help is all.

    Any first year psychopath… er… uhh…psychiatrist knows that he had to be deprived of a sincere hug from male family members. Or, he was forced to compete with other kids for grades, prizes, attention and maybe a job or something.

    Life can be so unfair.

    Mr. Obama promised he would change things for the better after all those bad things Bush and his bro’s did.

    Anton Caluori has probably realized that Mr. Obama, the new American daddy figure, lied to get elected. His mental health counselors would probably confirm that Anton Caluori’s own father lied to him and made him feel bad by insisting he stay away from bad things like drugs and commies.

    C’mon, the cure is as obvious as the shotgun in his hands. He just needs a hug from his new daddy, commie/Muslim/psychopath/liar…Obama.

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