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Prosecutors charge Fox Island man with hit-and-run accident in Gig Harbor

Post by Stacia Glenn / The News Tribune on Aug. 6, 2012 at 12:32 pm with 15 Comments »
August 6, 2012 2:08 pm

Two weeks after his wife was struck in a hit-and-run accident, a 52-year-old Gig Harbor man drove around looking for the vehicle that knocked her off her bicycle and caused a concussion.

He found the vehicle on Fox Island, took pictures of the damaged side mirror and called authorities to report his find.

Now, Gregory McCormak Andrews, the alleged driver, is charged with vehicular assault and failure to remain at the scene of an injury accident. He is set to be arraigned Aug. 17. A bench warrant was issued for his arrest today.

The accident occurred July 12 near 42nd Street Court Northwest and Ray Nash Drive Northwest in Gig Harbor. A passerby found the female bicyclist lying along the road and called 911.

A witness later told authorities he confronted Andrews prior to the hit-and-run after noticing Andrews was driving erratically on Kopachuck Drive Northwest. Andrews admitted he had been drinking, apologized and agreed to pull over to speak with the witness, charging papers state.

The bicyclist’s husband decided to look for the driver himself and located the SUV.

Pierce County sheriff’s deputies went to speak with Andrews and noted damage on his vehicle consistent with damage on the victim’s bike. He denied hitting anyone and said the broken side mirror was probably caused by blackberry vines along his driveway.

Although Andrews told deputies he didn’t think he had struck the victim, “he also stated ‘If I hit her, can you tell her I’m really sorry.”

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  1. You can’t hit anyone that hard and not realize something is amiss.I feel his defense will be it was all the bartenders fault and I was abused as a child.Why not?The child abuse claim seems to work best of all the ways to get the charges dropped!

  2. Tracianne says:

    An the supporters of this guy will come out and say he was a good kid, just starting to get his life together.

  3. notimetobleed says:

    I have found that Fox Island drivers don’t drive much better sober than they do drunk.

    Good for the husband that tracked down the guy! I hope he gets the maximum!

  4. snofallx2 says:

    I don’t understand why the husband had to go find this guy..where are all the law enforcement people? Good for the hubby tho!

  5. Belatrix says:

    My wife’s vehicle was hit quite hard in a parking lot a few month’s ago. Lifted the car off the ground. The fellow moved to another parking space and went on his way. Fortunately for us…an off duty police detective witnessed the incident. Photo’s he took, specific, and observations. Is that a great witness or what? Police were called. Hit and run charge. Found guilty, etc. in court. His insurance tried so hard to say the damage was not all his fault. His insurance finally paid up after a few months.

  6. Belatrix says:

    The hit was in Gig Harbor.

  7. truthbusterguy says:

    Good job to the husband that found the driver. Not surprised the Pierce County sheriff didn’t find the driver. I know two people that were crime victims in this area and did their own detective work to catch the guys. In one case the victim had to get outside help to prosecute the thief.

    Like TBG has said before, “only you can take care of you”.

  8. ferryguy says:

    To the people like (truthbusterguy & snofallx2) this is what you get when you cry about how evil government is and that we need to cut, cut, cut government spending. You can’t have it both ways, folks. Either we all pay our fair share to support police, fire fighters and others in government or we find our own way to do their job. Welcome to the world of Teabaggers!

  9. guidocarmasi says:

    hire the guy. great detective . could be the next Clouseau!!

  10. rubioloco says:

    Ferry guy This story is about a woman being hit by a low life and how he was brought to justice. IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS. Am sick and tired of EVERY negative situation being the fault of one or the other political parties. Shoot,….. bet the Big Bang was a Right Wing conspiracy as it involved things that go ‘bang’….when will people like you give up the politicizing of everything???

    I (as well as everyone else) is glad this woman is okay and that the alleged criminal will be brought to justice. Her husband is a good man

  11. truthbusterguy says:


    I am a big supporter of cops and firemen. The problem is we pay them too much and their benefits are not sustainable.

    Crime rates are down overall even if we reduce the size of the force. What we need is for cops to catch the crook instead of hiding in the weeds trying to catch a speeder and we need firemen to put out fires and rescue people and cut out a lot of the fluff they do as public relations.

    Counties can hire more cops and fire because they can’t afford the present pay and benefit packages. Just look at the budgets and you will see how police and fire union greed is breaking the backs of cities and counties.

    The day is coming when the camel’s back will break and they will all be taking a haircut like the cops and firemen in Scranton PA. They are working for min. wage right now. It will happen here someday if we don’t rein in their cost to taxpayers and END collective bargaining.

    Here is an idea. Hire returning vets as firemen and cops. Pay them less, no union and we will get twice the work out of them.

  12. Houston_Dawg says:

    If any state and federal workers deserve pensions it’s the police & teachers. Every single other person working for the state and federal government should only get a 401K matching like the rest of us, if were lucky. City, State & Federal governments can no longer afford to pay pensions to everyone. This is part of the problem with our Federal politicians. They stay in office for 8 years they get a full pension when they retire. Who the heck gets a full pension after 8 years of service? Both parties are guilty of this and should be fired.

  13. marilynofsd says:

    WA? this is a story about a hit and run, bad guy caught by the HUSBAND, and you guys are turning it into a political football? Grow up. Everyone knows Bush did it.

  14. happydaze says:

    Dont grieve for me for now I’m free…I’m followin the path that god had made for me… he made sure i didnt fall i took his hand when i heard him call….i tuened my back thats when i suddenly left it all… i could not stay not another day… to laugh to love to work or play….a task undone has gotta stay that way… but untill the day we will see eachother..ill be up in the sky restin in peace restin in paradise…

    i wrote this a few years back about another friend who has passed and just thought it might help… R.I.P Parker

  15. brett987654321 says:

    Good man. Glad he found this scumbag. Give bikes some room! If you have to slow down for a minute it is not the end of the world.

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