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Enumclaw man charged with vehicular homicide

Post by Stacia Glenn / The News Tribune on Aug. 6, 2012 at 9:06 am with 7 Comments »
August 6, 2012 9:57 am

A 22-year-old Enumclaw man has been charged with a fatal crash that killed one of his passengers and severely injured the other.

Kyle Joseph Podolak faces one count of vehicular homicide and one count of vehicular assault in connection with the April 22 crash in Orting. He is scheduled to be arraigned Aug. 17.

Killed in the collision was Brandon Duprie, 21, of Enumclaw. The other passenger suffered a spinal fracture and now has a metal plate and screws in his back.

Podolak fractured his left arm, officials said. Speed and alcohol caused the crash, according to the Washington State Patrol.

According to charging documents:

A couple driving by state Route 162 and Orville Road East about 1:25 a.m. noticed a truck lying on its side in a ditch and stopped to help. Two men were able to crawl out of the windows and were yelling for Duprie.

While paramedics were treating the two injured men, authorities used heat-seeking technology to search for Duprie. They found his body in brush and brambles 50 feet from the truck. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The WSP estimated Podolak was driving 60-64 mph as he came around a sharp left turn with a suggested speed of 25 mph. He drove off the road to the right, over-corrected and drove across the road to the left. Podolak’s truck then rolled, went through a 6-foot chain link fence and hit a power pole.

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  1. lostachilddrunkdriver says:

    These young men were involved in an unimaginable wreck! I think it is time for Mr. Podolak and his family to read the laws for vehicular homicide and assault. #1 He was DRUNK! #2 He was SPEEDING and he killed a young man! From the sounds of the court documents he almost killed Mr. and Mrs DuMar! A few seconds sooner and he would be facing 3 counts of vehicular homicide. Face it friends or not, he killed someone! It is illegal to be drunk and drive. I ask you would he have been going 63 mph in a 25 mph zone normally?? Wow if he does??? Grow up face it your choices killed your friend you are not exempt from charges because Brandon Duprie was your friend. Pierce County Prosecutors will do a fine job and I hope Brandon will receive justice for his lost life? Think people!!

  2. @lostchilddrunkdriver….this is a hard situation for all parties involved. Just because you have read a newspaper article, doesn’t mean you know the full story.

  3. must be a family member of Brandon’s if you were reading court documents. Its sad that you would attack Mr Pololak this way, we all know the fact’s but you shouldn’t interpret them to deal with your anger! Mr and Mrs Dumar drove up on the scene they were never in harms way. All 3 boys had been drinking so they all broke the law when they got into the vehicle. The bar they were at broke the law when they over served them! Mr Duprie did not have his seat belt on the other two did. If you think this is something that the two other boys will ever forget losing there best friend this way then you are a sad individual..!

  4. BecarefulHowYouJudge says:

    Brandon’s family loves Kyle like he is their own. They have no blame, no anger or hate towards Kyle. They all feel the great loss of Brandon, and are supporting Kyle in the only way they know how, by loving him and caring for him. Kyle loved Brandon like a brother. This was an accident. Poor judgement, yes. But an accident none-the-less. Brandon’s family and friends know this is not what Brandon would want for Kyle. And it is CLEAR that the first commenter is not a family member or friend of Brandon’s. So be careful how you judge. Watch the words you say.

  5. lostachilddrunkdriver says:

    I actually have read the court documents as I work with a local Attorney. And I have lost a child at the hands of a drunk driver. This is all I am stating, that love or not, this young man needs to face the citizens of the State of Washington we are the people prosecuting him. It is illegal to get behind the wheel when you are drunk! If he would have respected the laws of Washington State his friend would still be alive. So unfortunately no matter how close to Brandon he was he will still be prosecuted and possible serve time. I mean really why did he not call a cab? Or a friend? So so SAD that Brandon will never have children or a family of his own. Sad all around! Bottom line Alcohol and Driving not the answer for a friendship – but the devastating end of a lifelong friendship!

  6. Every situation is different… Unless you know the families/people involved please don’t speak for us. I know first hand that Kyle is facing consequences from this regardless of spending time behind bars. I also know that he is well aware of what his punishment could entail. As a member of the Duprie family I assure you that putting Kyle behind bars #1 will not bring Brandon back & #2 will not “teach” Kyle anything… Because he already feels more remorse than anyone can even imagine. Everyone is entitled to there opinion but please don’t speak for the family!

  7. kylescousin says:

    Lostachilddrunkdriver…. I feel for your loss….but don’t start hammering nails without a hammer. I’m sure your situation was different or what not…BUT, you can’t sit here and be all anal on this, Kyle learned his lesson, a lesson he won’t get back. I feel you don’t fully know the status or let alone the situation and your just going by hear say. Let alone… Isn’t it illegal to be an attorney and talk about peoples private information??? Correct me if I’m wrong, either way that’s messed up bud! And makes me really mad and the rest of the family and brandon family probably pretty ticked off that if u did read the cop report and blogged about it…. The duprie family loves Kyle as he was one of there own. I think you need to apologize for your un morally rude comments, if I knew who u were id stick a size 10 boot where the sun don’t shine. In other words…keep ur nose to your self and apologize to everyone for your WRONG BEING comments. And the justice for brandon with Kyle going to jail…get real dude, that’s a messed up thing to say. And whoever you are…don’t be preaching about drinking and driving… I’m sure you were once young to and I’m sure you’ve had a beer or however many and drove too…..literally, I am pissed off with you…apology for your rude harshness will taken but not be stood for I hope its illegal for you looking at documents and then comment on this and blogging about it and I hope you lose your job and possibly get in trouble with the law for it!!!

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