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Prosecutors charge motorcyclist who abandoned critically injured passenger

Post by Stacia Glenn / The News Tribune on Aug. 3, 2012 at 10:14 am with 18 Comments »
August 3, 2012 10:14 am

Pierce County prosecutors have charged a 26-year-old Tacoma man accused of abandoning his critically injured passenger after crashing his motorcycle July 26.

Philip Mack faces one count of vehicular assault and one count of felony hit and run. A bench warrant has been issued for his arrest.

The collision occurred in the 1900 block of Marine View Drive in Tacoma. Witnesses told police they saw Mack speeding up to 70 mph before he swerved around a vehicle, lost control and laid the bike down.

A 22-year-old woman on the back of the motorcycle was thrown into nearby bushes. Mack and passersby went to check on the woman, who was unconscious.

Mack “then returned to the fallen motorcycle, started it up and drove away from the scene, leaving his helmet…” according to charging papers.

The woman was taken to Tacoma General Hospital. She suffered two brain hemorrhages, a broken right leg and fractures in her right femur, chest cavity and right rib. She has not regained consciousness.

Mack suffered road rash and abrasions to roughly 90 percent of his body, authorities said.

Mack’s father called police the day after the crash to tell them his son was going to the hospital. He also directed officers to the motorcycle.

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  1. mojjonation says:

    Boyfriend of the year award winner. After all is said and done, this guy might want to hide for a bit. Things like this have a way of returning to sender so to say.

  2. Itr doesn’t say he’s been caught and arrested. I hope the girl recovers. Also hope she doesn’t take up with him again.

  3. Regfool2 says:

    moiraz – bench warrant says to me he’s A) in the hospital recuperating from his “road rash” and not going to be discharged for a while or B) on the lam and not taking responsibility for his actions. Prayers for the woman who was grievously wounded. Condolences in advance to his next rider.

  4. PuyallupGuy says:

    What a irresponsible P.O.S., glad he got roadrash and abrasions to 90% of his body – he deserves it.

  5. ottobite says:

    I am a family member…turns out his parents are friends of the victims great grandmother. She is not doing well. He is in custody. Better if he stayed there…..karma.

  6. straight up Punk!

  7. rixkidz says:

    He needs to be in jail for a very long time…
    Drunk or not his lack of judgement and morals for leaving his passenger on the side of the road are unexcuseable and unforgivable. I hope Karma bites him in the a** for the rest of his life. Prayers for the young lady and a complete healing.

  8. sarahs22 says:

    This man was not her boyfriend. He was a neighbor. He was arrested on Friday. She is not doing okay. She is still in critical condition, unable to breath on her own, and still unconscious.

  9. sag1985 says:

    This story is so sad for both families. I know this situation makes him look bad because the negitive choices he made regarding this horrible accident but if you knew Philip you would know that he has never been in trouble in his life and is a kind person. My heart goes out to both people involved and their families.

  10. Sadandmad says:

    Yes, this makes him sound like a coward and his actions tell all the readers who he really is! I love the new information world we live in because it makes it hard to hide your poor choices. I believe this is the same person I found, Mack, Philip L……. It showed charges in 2001, 2005, 2008 and a charged DUI in 2009 that was lessened in court. Wow you can find out almost anything about people theses days, with the internet. If so, he Sounds like a fine upstanding young man, NOT! I also feel sorry for both families and the victim for what they have to deal with now, but I have NO sorrow for him and hope Tacoma sticks to thier guns and offers NO deals! He should be thankful someone was their to call for help or she might have died!

  11. That would not be him in 2001 He would have been 14 or 15 maybe, I have known philip since Elementary school and he is NOT a horrible human being, he made a HUGE mistake and I pray that the girl will pull through because I KNOW Philip won’t ever get over his guilt for what he’s done. He’s not a bad person, so you can all take your judgements and shove them. I’m absolutely positive that he freaked out and made a HORRIBLE judgement call, either that or he was in shock. I am praying for both families and especially Jessica and Phil.

  12. and Sag1985 is correct, He’s never been in trouble in his life and has NO criminal record so Get your facts straight there are alot of Philip L Mack’s!

  13. Sadandmad says:

    Newk, thanks for the prayers for the true victim Jessica! but the 2009 Referenced above was also brought up at the arrainment by the prosecutor….so, I think the research looks good, also the 2001 does say he was a minor, thanks for verifying that fact….maybe the prosecutors facts were incorrect, NOT? His freaking out and horrible judgement could have killed this young lady had there not been witnesses! I wonder if you would still stand by him if is actions had killed her?

  14. I’m not defending his choices and I’m not defending what he did, I’m defending the fact that I know for a fact he is not a bad person and he obviously made a HUGE mistake,and name calling and judgements are uncalled for. I have a friend who was a victim in this very similiar accident and his friend left him too, he said things like that happen when your in shock. You say your praying for the victim and the families so theres obviously some belief in God, What about “only God can judge”. Just saying. He’s not a bad person, and I hope Jessica does end up ok. As far as a Criminal Record, Not his. Still not buying it. But Thanks for your opinion. If you look up where he’s actually in jail, it will tell you everything he’s been charged with STARTING in 2001 and thru 2012 and theres nothing but this charge!

  15. Sadandmad says:

    No, judgement needed the fact is he fled the scene and left her there! In my humble opinion the act of a coward, sorry that is my opinion. I am not trying to educate you on the facts (his previous poor choices or the ones with this incident) they are what they are and will all come out in the days to come, then he will be judged by a jury or a Judge and will be punished for his actions if found guility. If he does have a concencious like you say they he will have to live with that also. I am sure from what I read, that Jessica will have months and years of suffering for his actions on her road to recovery! I also hope the family seeks out a good lawyer to make sure he also helps with the financial issues that lie ahead for her.

  16. motorcycle09876 says:

    I am very sad to hear about this situation and apparently I came in to this conversation late. Not wanting to step on anyones toes or attempt to judge anyone. I decided to do some research. I went to the Washington State Police to do a background check on this gentleman that has never been in trouble before. Oddly enough there are 8 Philip Mack’s, unfortunately there is only one that is under the age of 30. Since the paper said he was 26 I assumed that his date of birth was the one the only one in the 80’s. Just so there is no confusion 6/27/1986, currently lives in Graham, WA. It costs $10 to run a background check on anyone and I would think the WSP results would be trusted. I do this for all of my childcare providers. On 1/27/2008 he was charged with theft in the 3rd degree on 1/27/2009 the charges were dismissed out of Pierce County District Court. On 9/11/2005 Mack was met by police for Minor Poss. And/or consumption charges were filed on 9/13/2005 and then dismissed 1/26/2006 out of Puyallup Municipal Court. On 4/10/2009 Mack was arrested for Driving Under the Influence that case was amended on 10/15/2009 to Negligent Driving in the first degree, out of King County District Court. Mack paid a $1000 fine. I felt bad that he was being slammed for this mistake, now not so much. Maybe this time charges wont be dropped to Negligent Driving. It sounds like it the picture that is being painted by the majority is actually true. If you would like there are mugshots to the DUI.

  17. missbeccabby1 says:

    My name is Rebecca, I am Jessicas sister. I was at the arraignment, he does have a past DUI, and she is still in a coma and on a breathing tube. She is not doing well at all. Also he is NOT her boyfriend, they are just friends, he was her neighbor. It’s extremely rude of you all to be spreading lies about someone laying in a hospital bed unconscious. Everything is still up in the air with Jessica, Philips decision could end her dreams of being a fire fighter. She was in training to become one when this happened. I have NO sympthay for him whatsoever whether he was in shock or not leaving someone to die is not acceptable. Just thought I would let you all know the truth.

  18. Alwaysinlight says:

    The morning light shall wash upon her face. Heavens glow will grant her grace. Sleep and rest will bring her peace. Love and kindness will put her at ease.
    Child we are here beside you. We cannot take this journey with you. Do not let fear enter here. Remember we are always near.
    Sister, we love you. Sister, we will guide you.
    Jessica, the light will bring you home to everyone who misses you.

    Sometimes darkness falls. An unexplained madness calls. We are all part of a bigger plan. We must rise above and stand. Love is all we need. Don’t live this life in greed. Afflictions big and small, we must love one and ALL.
    Phillip, find the light within. Choices stand before us all. It’s ok to make a fall. Learn the lesson here, always keep Jessica dear.

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