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Bear killed after being hit by car near Roy

Post by Stacia Glenn / The News Tribune on July 18, 2012 at 12:32 pm with 15 Comments »
July 18, 2012 1:39 pm

A 3-year-old bear was euthanized this afternoon after being struck by a car near Roy, according to the Washington State Patrol.

The collision occurred in the 30900 block of state Route 507 at milepost 32.

The driver was not injured.

The bear weighed about 300 pounds, trooper Guy Gill said. It’s carcass will be used to feed animals at Wolf Haven or Northwest Trek.

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  1. PoorBlackBear1 says:

    This incident was one of the greatest Injustices and failures on the part of our government agencies to work together to rectify a horrific situation. This black bear was hit at approximately 1150 am, flailed around suffering, standing up, falling down, rolling around on 507 and eventually into the ditch, face gashed open and bleeding, clearly in agony from internal wounds as well as the external ones and local as well as state police officers, armed with weapons capable of ending the suffering watched on with cameras. What were they waiting for? Fish and Wildlife to show up to make an “official” call as to whether this clearly dying animal could be tranquilized and saved or should be euthanized because Fish and Game was “qualified.” I can assure you, there was no qualification necessary to see that this bear was not going to make it. An hour later, Fish and Game, casually approached the scene, took a second long look and shot the bear, as bystanders, to include the family that hit it wondered in horror why it took an hour of suffering for the animal to be put out of it’s misery. The police defended their actions, “it’s not our jurisdiction and it’s a lot of paperwork to discharge a bullet” – it’s just plain ignorance. I’m so embarrassed on behalf or our entire species!

  2. aylawoman says:

    And an Eatonville man charged with *many* counts of bear baiting (and killing them) got a whole six days in jail after pleading Guilty to fourteen of them. ( What kind of penalty is that?? The world and our legal system make no sense any more…

  3. fanciladi says:

    That’s it…our govenment completely dumbed down…

    Where is their common sense??? Apparently it’s regulated to death…idiotic to say the least!

    No one wants to take the responsibility…they may get sued or whatever…too many regulations…stupid regulations!!!

  4. nwcolorist says:

    PoorBlackBear1, one hour is lightening speed for government to make decisions.

  5. sharonnah59 says:

    No doubt it was an awful situation. If the Officers that were present had fear of repercussions, it would seem to me that they could take a consensus. Such as gathering the witnesses and saying. “I’d like to end the suffering, does anybody object?” If the condition of the poor bear was as obvious as mentioned, it would be a no brainer. But I can understand their position…what if it was a border line case? Where is the line drawn? People (who weren’t even there) would say they had no expertise to make such a decision, etc. Sad in any event.

  6. buttmanroad says:

    This will happen more and more as we build Homes and Destroy Wildlife Habitats. The Blame should go to our Selfish needs of taking Nature and our precious land for granted.

  7. sirlancealot says:

    Police have red tape because of us. We are so PC and litigious. Can you imagine the uproar here if the cops had shot the bear? You think we get upset when cops shoot people. This is Washington, and animals are protected even more than people sometimes. Heck, my friend puts diapers on his dog so the dog doesn’t have to go outside in the wet grass to pee.

    I feel sorry for the bear, but to yell at the cops without taking responsibility as a failing society is misguided in my opinion.

  8. better to let the bear suffer then let a policy wank have his say

  9. thecoffeepot says:

    A very sad situation that years ago plain old common sense would have ended the bears suffering asap. Asking the group that was present should have been sufficient public vote same as with a jury.
    If such an accident ever happens again, someone throw the bear a plastic gun and it can be listed as self defense, less paperwork.

  10. I’ll bet if the bear had “doughnut breath” the cops would’ve shot that bear PDQ thinking “Their” doughnuts had been stolen before even questioning the bear !!! LMAO – Stupid Cops, even with a gun they have no balz !

  11. The first commenter said it all. How can a cop have jurisdiction to check for a hunting and/or fishing license and not have jurisdiction to mercy kill a bear?

    We live in the United Policy States of America.

  12. Wrapper98439 says:

    The same people complaining that they didn’t shoot would complain if they did. It is just about being able to complain.

  13. justridin says:

    If i was watching this…i would have reached under my seat and taken care of it….no paperwork for me….ok…maybe a few court documents…

  14. Back in the mid-70’s as a State Trooper, I had to shoot a horse hit by a vehicle near Rogers High School. The owner of the horse was there and said the horse had to be destroyed (leg was broken). Back then the decision was made at the scene, no red tape, no reports for the spent bullet, just putting the poor horse down so that it did not suffer any more. I feel sorry for officers in our PC society afraid to make decisions.

  15. PoorBlackBear1 says:

    Hey Wrapper98439 – I can assure you I am not a complainer just for the sake of. This was a horrific lack of humanity. I have no affiliation with any animal rights groups, I just believe in respect for all living things.

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