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Two teens arrested for last week’s attack of Tacoma police officer

Post by Stacia Glenn / The News Tribune on July 16, 2012 at 5:55 am with 33 Comments »
July 17, 2012 8:52 am

Two teenagers accused of assaulting a Tacoma police officer at McKinley playfield late Wednesday have been arrested, police said this morning.

A 17-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl were booked on suspicion of trespassing, third-degree assault and resisting arrest.

They were found at Charlotte’s Blueberry Park at East 74th and East D streets.

The incident began about 11 p.m. Wednesday when a pair of patrol officers confronted a group of teenagers for being in a city park after neighbors complained about the noise. City parks close a half hour after dusk.

A 15-year-old girl who mouthed off to officers was eventually arrested on suspicion of trespassing, which prompted her 16-year-old sister to take a swing at the female officer. The boy allegedly grabbed the officer’s legs and dragged her across the sidewalk in an attempt to free the girl.

Although they managed to flee that night, police knew who they were and later tracked them down.

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  1. kwestong says:

    Couple of sweet little inocents…

  2. Regfool2 says:

    Thank God we’re not planning another officer funeral. Shame on the adults who didn’t teach these young people right from wrong, and respect for their neighbors. And shame on all the people who are going to comment on this blog and talk about whiy these juveniles were justified in their actions. Shame on those who are going to say these youth haven’t had a fair break for whatever reason. We have a growing segment of the population who avoid personal accountability like the plague, and contribute little (if any) to the betterment of society. They believe they are exempt from the rules of society, and, in fact, society owes THEM. The inmates are almost ready to riot and take control of the asymlum, folks.

  3. Regfool2 says:

    Asylum. (Daggone cat stepped on the keyboard).

  4. royboy361 says:

    These little brats need to be taken to the woodshed.

  5. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Public “caning” plus 6 months of public service for a minimum punishment!!

  6. Zmonster06 says:

    Regfool2 – No,…I dont think anyone is going to disagree with you. Not anyone who is worth their own salt that is. Time for these kids to learn some first hand accountability about poor decision making.

    I am assuming kwestrong was attempting sarcasm.

  7. kwestong says:

    You assume correct…

  8. lefty_coast says:

    Who is going to be the first family member to post and tell us these are really “good” kids?

    News Flash: They’re not!

  9. codetalker says:

    One year community service and probation till 21 years of age.

  10. mojjonation says:

    The problem with anyone who breaks the law, regardless of how big of the infraction, is that the taxpayer has to foot the bill. While caning and community service are all good, the bottom line is WE will have to pay for it. So if these pillars of society are doing community service and are on probabtion until they are 21, the money needed to keep those programs moving will ultimately come from those who have made better life choices. I am not saying to ignore what they do and have done, there needs to be a better way to deal with it. What or how that is, I don’t know.

  11. BigBlockChev says:

    There is a simple way to rid a huge segment of this problem from our community. If your child is convicted of a violent crime, felony, or is a gang member, you forfeit any public assistance including subsidized housing, food stamps, EBT cards, free health care, subsidized transportation, tuition, free cell phones, free school breakfast, lunch, and dinners.

    We should not be paying these famies to dump their thug kids on us. Once the freebies are cut off, they will take their offspring somewhere else like California, chicago, or Detroit where the freebies flow like water.

  12. BBC, very interesting solution! Covers mojo’s concerns too.

  13. dustdevil11 says:

    BigBlockChev has it right. Even if they could find these kid’s parent(s), that’s where the problem started. Make them suffer with loss of taxpayer provided income sources, and the US will start to improve again. As a nation, shame has been removed from folks in certain neighborhoods.

  14. fredslocombe says:

    “Children of the night…” a symptom of unemployment due to outsourcing. Thanks Mittens! Lol

  15. paulsecl says:

    Has anyone stopped to think why these kids are on the street or why they may have attacked the police officer. It is not because they are brats or hooligans. If I came from a home that was abusive, filled with drugs, or any other reason that can lead children/teenagers to the streets I would feel much safer in a park rather than that type of home. Also, if I saw my sister getting arrested and she was the only family I had left and I knew she wouldn’t be able to get out of Jail, I would fight. Survival of the fittest is what we have been taught. A 16 year old mouthed off, doesn’t every 16 year old mouth off even if they have been raised by good parents. Why not think of how we can reach out to these children/teenagers rather than judging them. Use the privilege you may or may not have earned and help others who are less fortunate. These children/teenagers did not ask for the situation they happened to be in.

  16. MrCarleone says:

    The Pierce County Courts will sing them Kumbyah, give them a hug, and send them on their way.

    Wait for It !

  17. Try teaching these kids, as they walk the halls during class and hijack the clasroom when they show up. Then get blamed by the parent that it’s your fault. But, they’re all victims and poor me upbringings. You thought the bus attendant got it bad, you can see that verbal abuse on a daily basis and physical intimidation. Let’s just empower kids more and give them more input to their needs and continue to see the degradation of our schools and communities and live in fear of kids like this hijacking people’s lives.

  18. justridin says:

    Mandatory and random drug tests for everyone receiving welfare! with a zero tolerance plan in place this will most likely boost hour states revenue….it just sounds right….

  19. justridin says:

    And maybe there will be some extra funds available so they can learn me how to spell….lol

  20. rawdibob says:


    I have a 6 ft length of bamboo and few feet of chain. NO, the chain is to keep the brats in place while being caned. I’ll donate both if a judge will have them caned.

    I’ll even donate a bikini top for the girl.

  21. What? I thought Midnight Basketball took care of this problem…

  22. Has the midnight curfew been rescinded, or just not enforced?

  23. lightupthedarkness233 says:

    Speaking as someone connected with law enforcement. Cops give a great deal of latitude with teenagers in Tacoma. Knowing that teenagers sometimes get mouthy and sometimes that attitude is a way of venting. Its when they get outright disrespectful that they say enough is enough. That girl who was getting arrested probably got way too mouthy and went over the line.

  24. Wrapper98439 says:

    Many good points. The kid wasn’t arrested for a little talking back. Went far beyond that. I am sure that a public caning would ease the problem. Cane the kids too!

  25. buddyandelliott says:

    paulsecl needs to offer to take in these poor, misunderstood and unloved children. Pretty much everyone else here is making sense.

  26. Regfool2 says:

    paulsecl: Give me a break. Do you have ANY idea how many folks in the world have come from downright hellish situations and made something of themselves, rather than succumb to circumstances? I count, among my ancestors, some who were indentured servants, some who descended from a psychotic individual for whom caning would be too good, were he still alive, and some who were desperately poor. Did they whine and cry? No. They went after every opportunity they had to better themselves and, as a result, their lot in life. It took hard work. It took blood, tears, sweat, and self-discipline. It wasn’t FUN. It wasn’t EASY. They had to go without. They had to sacrifice. They had to push themselves when they were dog tired.

    These kids have more resources available to them than my ancestors EVER did. You can’t go home? You feel the park is your best option? Excuse me? Get some help. Get your fanny down to the Crystal Judson Center. Call CPS yourself. Tell your principal, (assuming you’re still in school). Tell your Pastor – or are you too cool for church? You could even *gasp* tell a cop. But DON’T go to the park and disrupt the rights of others to a quiet night’s sleep. Nobody wants to listen to your profanity. That just means you lack an adequate vocabulary to express yourself effectively. As to “every kid smarts off?” That may be, however it’s quite a jum from that to assault. Where the heck do you get off at attacking a cop? My kid EVER did that, and the cops wouldn’t be taking her to jail – ’cause I’d be driving her there MYSELF. And she could cool her feet in the slammer until I felt like getting her out. Here’s what you folks don’t get. Life is full of choices. Choices have consequences. Bad choices have unpleasant consequences. What makes you think you’re so special you should be exempt? You’re gonna have a hard time in this world, cupcake. One of these days, the government’s gonna run out of money, the taxpayers are gonna run out of patience, and you’re not gonna have anyone to hold your hand and help you postpone reality. You’re gonna be in a world of hurt, because you haven’t done the work you need to do to survive in this society in a functional manner, let alone succeed. Almost everyone you talk to can cite being victimized at some point in their life, and I include myself in that. Too bad. So sad. Boo hoo. Deal.

  27. Movienut says:

    VERY Interesting BigBlock…..

    If only we COULD try your ideas on as an experiment!

  28. Movienut says:

    Well said Regfool!!!

  29. RegisteringFool says:

    Trespassing? In a public park? I’m all for responsible teenagers (cough) but what is going on here? There is obviously more to this story that we have not been told.

  30. Its funny to see how society thinks. Most, not all, thinks that all felons are bad people and they are a plague amongst society, and should be banned. A need to take a closer look than to just inspect the putter appearance. In this case, yes, these Young individuals are at fault and should be held accountable for their actions. I wonder how come they weren’t charged with assaulting an officer. If these kids don’t change, it might just be to late and the dominoes effect will start quickly. Todays generation is… I have no words for them….sad really

  31. trey12345 says:

    i dont know you people but stop comeing at my cousin like that cuz its could be that the cop was thatnking they was hard in talking to kids any kind of way in they mite have been trying to defend there self soo you can stop talking about kids any kind of way

  32. trey12345: Are you really that illiterate, or are you just trying too hard to appear that way in a very poor attempt at sarcastically offering (feigned) support for these delinquents?

  33. Some how this feels like harassment by police. Slow night.. Trayvon Martin Syndrome…

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