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Tacoma resident shoots and wounds break-in suspect during attempted home invasion

Post by Adam Ashton / The News Tribune on July 14, 2012 at 10:03 am with 29 Comments »
July 14, 2012 10:03 am

A Tacoma resident in the 600 block of North Pine Street early Saturday morning shot a and wounded a man who reportedly was trying to break into his home.

The break-in suspect did not heed warnings that the homeowner was carrying a gun, Tacoma police said.

The suspect suffered a non-lethal wound and was taken to a hospital for medical care. Police detectives are following up on the case over the next several days.

Police said the husband and wife who live in the home were awakened about 2:10 a.m. to the sound of someone trying to break through their locked front door.

The husband shouted to the man trying the door that he was at the wrong house, police said.

The husband then armed himself with a handgun when the man on the porch persisted in attempting to break the door knob. The husband felt the door and believed the break-in suspect was about to succeed in getting into the house.

The husband warned the suspect again and then fired a shot through the door, wounding the suspect.

The husband and wife stayed at their home early Saturday.

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  1. Sagacious says:

    I await the outcome of this event. Who will be charged and with what charges.

  2. MrCarleone says:

    More great news to start the day !

    Thank You to the homeowner, though next time, double-tap, center mass !

  3. rubioloco says:

    Shooting through the door will likely lead to charges filled against the homeowner or a lawsuit by the victims attorney. Sad how this is often the case but homeowners have to almost follow a script when defending themselves.

  4. No charges please.

  5. Houston_Dawg says:

    Should have shot twice just in case… What a stupid punk.

  6. picothepirate says:

    He should have waited until the door was forced open and then blasted the dummie right in the face. As it it he will probably be charged because the perp wasn’t in the house.

  7. There won’t be any charges. Good for the homeowner; eventually the word will get around….stop trying to break into houses!

  8. another dirtball learns the hard way…..

  9. He’s lucky it wasn’t his brother or cousin or somebody he knew.

  10. nonstopjoe says:

    Hopefully, it wasn’t a drunk neighbor who picked the wrong house.

  11. Something tell’s me that this was a drunk at the wrong house. The shooter is going to rightfully claim that he was in fear for his safety, his wifes safety, and the safety of his property. No criminal charges filed, but there will be a large civil lawsuit. Sure hopes he has good home owners insurance, because given the decisions that juries tend to make, the drunk is going to get some money coming his way.

  12. downblocker says:

    Should have emptied the gun so the worthless SOB will not be a social drag.

  13. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Next time fire several rounds and help society improve the gene pool!!

  14. thewestside says:

    The home owner should have called 911 and run out the back door. Just because you have a gun doesn’t give you the right to shoot anybody that pounds on your door.
    The homeowner is toast, get a good lawyer.

  15. hor_i88on says:

    “thewestside” or Mr. Stu Padiso,
    Perhaps the homeowner was handicapped or could not run. Just suppose!!

    Then you suggest the perp get a lawyer???
    You need to get a life, Stu.

  16. “Generally speaking,” he said, “we are not going to charge a homeowner for defending himself or herself against a burglar. “Here’s the lesson for potential burglars: When you break into someone’s house, you take the chance you’re going to get shot.”

    Read more here:

  17. thewestside says:

    How does being “handicapped” prevent a person from calling 911? Have you been on 6th ave on a Friday night? Cops are everywhere, just a couple of minutes away.
    Would you shoot through a door not knowing who is on the other side? It could have been your next your neighbor looking for help. It could have been a family member, who knows?
    I would like to see how this plays out.

  18. twoboarders says:

    Our neighbor in the North End just had their home burglarized. Early a.m. It took too long for TPD to arrive via 911. They got away. We had a hit and run on our street and TPD told us they don’t have the resources to assist most calls. I wouldn’t count on TPD for much.

  19. veritatem says:

    To the morons who think that he probably shot a drunk, or that this could have been his brother, or that he should have run out the back door, please read the article and use your brains. It was 2 AM and he repeatedly told the attempted intruder that he was at the wrong house. It clearly wasn’t someone who was know to him. It was someone who kept trying to break into his house. He was safest in his house. Running out the back door would be idiotic. He would have been on firmer ground if he waited for the scum to come into his house before he shot him, and if he did so, the shots may have been more effective. He would not face any litigation at all if he had let the perp come in and kill him. That’s what the hug a thug crowd would have preferred. The way things are phrased, “believed the break-in suspect was about to succeed in getting into the house” indicates that it is unlikely that he wil be charged, and than God for that.

    There have been enough incidents recently, that when someone tries to break into your house at 2 AM, they should know that they stand a pretty good chance of being shot. If they are, good for the homeowner. If they are not, and if they break into the house, they should be sent away for 30+ years for home invasion.

  20. redstepchild says:

    Me personally, Id have gotten 911 on the phone so there was a recording.of me saying ” Youve got the wrong house”.. Id have also added “stop immediately or I will be forced to shoot to protect my safety”.

    Then, if it went to court, the perp cant say he wasnt warned.

    Calling 911 isnt just about reporting a situation. If your a gun owner, its a way of covering your arse if you end up being forced to discharge your weapon.

    Gun owners have a significant responsibility to look for other options before shooting.

    Thay being said, I think the homeowner did right, except they should have had 911 on the line before shooting, IF that was feasibly possible without endangering the owners.

    Gun owners should be required by law to warn they will shoot, if the situation allows iy. O

  21. Glad the bullet didn’t ricochet and hurt the victim. This creep stole the peace and serenity of these people in their home that no amount of therapy can ever give back to them.

  22. I’ll be glad when they require sign on through Facebook on these pages(It’s coming) then it will clean the gene pool here and maybe we will not have to see people here addressesd as “Morons” and everyone can be called out by their first names.

  23. kwestong says:

    Buglars and their bullet wounded bodies = awesome.

  24. ginahopk says:

    The home owner did the right thing. This person breaking into their home could have killed them. Also, being drunk is no defense for burglary. Let all these creeps start to realize that when they chose to break into homes they will be shot. If I wake up and someone is in my apartment, I shoot.

  25. seahawkerholm says:

    Until you’ve been the victim of a home invasion, you are no authority on how people should feel or act. By the way our right to bear arms is a constitutional right. Our right to defend our home (in the proper way) is guaranteed by state law. You have a problem with any of it, call your congress-person and quit being so damn judgemental you a$$

  26. seahawkerholm says:

    Also, has anyone else noticed the rash of break-ins and armed robberies increasing in Pierce and King counties? Has it been like 20-30 in the last 6 or so months? All you pacifists that think you don’t need to protect yourself & your family in the home….when a crazed meth-head breaks into your home to steal electronics & jewelry, & finds you home…do you think he/she’s going to think twice about shooting you & your family where you sit/lie? What are you going to do, ask for a time-out so you can grab your phone real quick and call 911? These home invasions take minutes…unless the police department is two blocks away, it’ll be too late, and hope to God you’ll be allright. Speaking from experience: get a license, buy a registered gun, learn how to shoot it, then buy a safe (with fingerprint recognition lock on it) to keep it in at the house. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY–A Former Gun-Free Homeowner

  27. @ Hopefully, it wasn’t a drunk neighbor who picked the wrong house.

    Not a neighbor. Drunk yes is my understanding , robbery no, wrong house yes, believed he was at a relatives house who lives in the area. Not trying to break in, though how would the resident know that. Doubt anyone would argue with self defense when you believe you are in danger and your life is threatened. This was an unfortunate chain of events that lead to a troubled young man being shot.

  28. If the homeowner gets charged, the world will end. Should of just emptied the while thing to make it worth the charges that will be filled in the upcoming months…..just saying

  29. Traci909 says:

    Hey News Tribune, any update available for this?

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