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Tacoma police officer assaulted by teenagers at park

Post by Stacia Glenn / The News Tribune on July 12, 2012 at 6:20 am with 36 Comments »
July 12, 2012 11:57 am

A Tacoma police officer was attacked by two teenagers late Wednesday after arresting a girl for trespassing at McKinley Park.

Several neighbors called police to complain about a group of loud teenagers just before 11 p.m. Two officers went to the park and found seven teens hanging out.

Police explained to the group that city parks close a half hour after dusk and that curfew is midnight, but a 15-year-old girl “just couldn’t let it go and she kept talking, saying she could do what she wanted,” police spokesman Mark Fulghum said.

“Things went downhill from there,” Fulghum said.

An officer arrested the girl on suspicion of trespassing and led her to the patrol car. While they were gone, the girl’s sister swung at the female officer, who blocked the punch.

A 17-year-old boy then grabbed the officer’s legs and tried to drag her across the sidewalk while yelling for the girl to run. During the scuffle, both the boy and girl managed to escape.

A K-9 unit was brought in to track the teens but were unsuccessful. Police said they know who the suspects are but they were not home when officers went to speak with them.

The officer suffered minor scrapes during the incident.

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  1. nwcolorist says:

    You think just maybe alcohol was involved?

  2. Regfool2 says:


    Or drugs. Or a mob mentality. Or low IQs.

  3. BigSwingingRichard says:

    A few facts please: Which officer, was it a female officer and they forget to bring their gun to work that day?

  4. MrCarleone says:

    Is there a valid reason why these punks do not have hollowpoints in them ?

  5. whatthehell says:

    cops being rasist leave the kids alone

  6. Belatrix says:

    Oh my. These young folks are going to be stellar adult citizens in our community. The police know them.

  7. itwasntmethistime says:

    Yes, because you don’t shoot unarmed people for trying to hit you. The officer has minor scrapes, her life was not in danger. I’m sure the next time the kid will pull out a gun and then the officer will shoot her, but last night wasn’t the time or place.

  8. stopcomplainin says:

    I blame the parents first. What parent in their right mind allows a 15 year old girl to be out at night like that? It’s time to rid America of the liberal plague and allow parents to discipline their children again.

  9. stopcomplainin says:

    whatthehell-it’s spelled racists, and BTW, don’t leave kids alone, they need discipline.

  10. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Another missed opportunity to improve the gene pool!!

  11. Chippert says:

    stopcomplainin’, parents and children are both to blame. The kids are old enough to make their own choices even if it is a stupid one. As for blaming the liberals, this has been going on under all administrations. It is not just a liberal problem. I know many Tea Partiers who will not discipline their children and who always blame everyone else for their problems. Stupidity knows no political boundaries.

  12. What the hell happened to our kids of this generation? To much back up from the government, tinge to pullout the belt and cock the hand back and release. Its much easier the second swing

  13. dontbesilly says:

    Not surprised this happened at McKinley. Most of the parents around there probably don’t know what their kids are doing during summer break, assuming their kids even go to school during the year. These punks will mouth off to the wrong person one day, and end up in the obits.

  14. dinocrusher says:

    I think the officer used good judgement, considering she was assaulted. If the officer would have used deadly force the article would read a lot differently (probably not in favor of the officer) and I bet the same people who commented negativly would still spew their ignorance.

  15. As much as I find myself doing this, you can’t say most parents. Most implies more than half and I would have a hard time believing more than half the parents in any neighborhood don’t know what their kids are doing, especially at that time of day.

  16. itwasntmethistime says:

    Allow the parents to discipline their children?

    Parents ARE allowed to discipline children. These kids were probably doing exactly what their parents wanted them to be doing — bothering someone else instead of hanging around the house. And the cop-hating attitude comes from home. Mama’s probably pleased as can be that her children stuck up for themselves.

  17. Too bad they just didn’t blow a batch of pepper spray in the little delinquents faces…or turn the dogs loose on them.

  18. stopcomplainin – I’m sure it’s Obama’s fault. He needs to set a better example with his own children. Look at all the trouble those two get into. Wait. I have the wrong president. That was the Bush girls getting into trouble when GW was in the White House. Guess he was too liberal.

  19. Don’t taze me bro!

  20. paradox255 says:

    I’m never amazed at how many booger-picking morons write in and state that the cops should impose the death penalty on kids for being morons themselves.

  21. fanciladi says:

    How did the Tea Party get into this incident? Those who complain about the Tea Party (Taxed Enough Already group) don’t have a clue abouty them. They are NOT the Occupy Wall Street jerks who are thugs. The Tea Party are normal Americans who are tired of these taxes being raised and squandered away stupidly.

    Done with that part!

    These kids have no respect for the law! You play…You pay! They need to know there is the universal law of ‘reaping what’s sown’ and if they don’t learn it now, they are in for BIG trouble!!! Who knows if it’s a ‘the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree’ issue or not…??? :\

  22. MJ2YOUNG says:

    Most parents do not care what the kids are doing. Just waiting for them to get out of the house. Sign them up for the military. We need to bring back the military draft.

  23. VitoAndoliniCorleone says:

    Teens attacking police. Thank you Obama! Thanks for nothing.

  24. Palerydr says:

    The people responsible for these children are their parents/guardians. To place the blame anywhere else makes me think you have a lot in common with a bag of hammers. If kids like these get no guidance of their moral compass at home who do they turn to? My guess is their peers who aren’t capable of helping others make good choices.

  25. cargilekm says:

    I like how everyone thinks that it is just this generation of kids that are this stupid. Look back at old newspapers 20 to 50 years ago. Same problem kids then as now. You can’t fix stupid!

  26. nwcolorist says:

    cargilekm, when I entered high school in 1961, the worst student offenses were smoking cigarettes in the bathrooms, chewing gum in class, and not tucking your shirt in.

    We live in a totally different world from fifty years ago.

  27. ItalianSpring says:

    I really want those teens to try that with me. I really really do.

  28. photinia says:

    you dont pull your gun in a situation like this…hope you’re just kiddin’…and not a complete fool.

  29. VitoAndoliniCorleone says:


  30. ceasar88 says:

    The police need to track these kids down and arrest them. If they get away with this, the next time something terrible will happen to a police officer. In NYC, if a person hits a cop, the cops will not rest until they find the person and teach him a lesson. Right now, trouble makers are laughing their heads off and are emboldened to strike at police when the police try to enforce the law. Time for the iron fist. Find them, charge them as adults, and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

  31. cargilekm says:

    nwcolorist, most kids today still have those same problems and don’t so these stupid things. It is still just a few stupid people that act like these kids. by reading old papers you see the police reports about this kind of behavior in all generations. You just cant fix stupid.

  32. fanciladi says:

    nwcolorist, that was about the same for my time…I graduated in 1960. It is a lot different now…more influences right out in view on the TV…things that would never have been shown back in my time…SAD!!!

  33. I agree these kids are just as much to blame as the parents! Regardless of the “up-bringing” at thier age they KNOW right rom wrong. I did not have the best environment or “up-bringing” but I still knew right from wrong. AND chose to make better/good choices no matter what I seen growing up! These kids needs to be arrested AND taught a lesson and this is coming from a single Mother whose son just graduated AT Lincoln HS and his headed off to college. Start making these kids/parents ACCOUNTABLE and have a consequence. Because if they are bold enough to assault an officer WHO KNOWS WHAT they will do next or what they have already done and NOT been caught for. And people stop blaming Obama for everything lol its really played out.

  34. Wrapper98439 says:

    Growing up in the 60s and 70s in the Midwest, we would run from cops on dirt roads, and go down roads that their cars would get stuck on, but you did not lay a hand on a cop. Usually, you would even go pull them out. It was good harmless fun. It is a totally different world now. Back then your uncle would beat your butt if daddy was gone. Now, nobody even knows who daddy is.

  35. fanciladi says:

    Yup, Wrapper98439…today is a much different day…plus, today, uncle would get jailed and sued!

  36. Regfool2 says:

    I live for the day the pro-punk anti-officer people find themselves face to face with one of these mouthbreathers. In fact, if you’d just be so kind as to post notice on your residence that you support the behavior of these out of control entitled juveniles, it would take a load off the rest of us.

    I thank God the officer’s injuries were relatively minor. And I hope those of you who support this kind of behavior continue to demonstrate your support for these out of control brats when their actions start to affect you and your world.

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