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Ex-Lakewood cop sentenced to 33 months for stealing from families of his fallen comrades

Post by Adam Lynn / The News Tribune on June 29, 2012 at 3:23 pm with 20 Comments »
June 29, 2012 3:56 pm

This comes from staff writer Sean Robinson, who tweeted the hearing live this afternoon:

Skeeter Manos, the disgraced ex-cop convicted of stealing from the spouses and children of his fallen colleagues, was sentenced this afternoon to two years, nine months in federal prison.

U.S. District Judge Robert Bryan handed down the sentence in federal court in Tacoma.

Manos, 35, pleaded guilty this spring to one count of wire fraud. Federal prosecutors said he took more than $100,000 from an account used to collect donations for the families of four Lakewood police officers shot by Maurice Clemmons in 2009. Manos, who was treasurer of the Lakewood Police Independent Guild at the time, also admitted stealing from his fellow officers’ union dues.

He was fired after being charged.

Federal prosecutor Robert Westinghouse said at Manos sentencing hearing today that the defendant was motivated by greed.

Manos used the charity’s ATM card 300 times for personal use, prosecutor says.

“None of that is explained by a gambling addiction. That’s just greed.”

John Unfred of Lakewood police said, “There are still those of us who believe in death before dishonor. Sadly this is not the case with Skeeter.”

Manos attorney, federal defender Leonard Russell, said his client made mistakes but “even those who he has hurt terribly by his actions see him as a good man.”

Manos told the court, “I’ve dishonored pretty much everybody that I’ve ever liked or loved. I’ve dishonored my profession.”

Judge Bryan then handed down a high-end sentence.

“This was an egregious offense,” the judge said.

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  1. MeDaMCSE says:

    Adam, need to update your copy.”Skeeter Manos, the disgraced ex-cop convicted of stealing from the spouses and children of his fallen colleagues, was sentenced this afternoon to XX in federal prison.”

    He might just get XX in prison.

  2. northwestrealtor says:

    Less than 3 years for committing the lowest of the low crimes against your own fellow officers, deceased officers and their families,
    and the people of the surrounding communities. To think this guy used to wear a Lakewood Police uniform is absolutely despicable.

  3. Another Extremely harsh sentence from our so called justice system.

  4. onetuffgrandma says:

    Why not write an article on how much money and how many benefits the families of each fallen officer received – and is still – and will continue to receive? It is well over one million per family. Financially, they are more than OK.

  5. DavidAnderson says:

    We would like an update on Brian Wurts as well.

  6. rubioloco says:

    onetuffgrandma… it is okay to steal from children of fallen police officers if they have enough money??? Guess with that logic it was okay for their fathers to be killed as they already had a mother and plenty of family to love them. Shoot, those kids have it good and are set for life arent they???

    Your comments are reprehensible and shameful.

  7. onetuffgrandma must know something that a lot of the population had no knowledge of.For instance the amount of money the dead Officers familys received.Where did this information come from or was this just picked out of the air?At any rate,if the families were asked if they had a choice of getting the money or getting back their loved one,what do you think their answer would be?

  8. NineInchNachosII says:

    Does Mrs. Skeeter have to return the snowboard gear and new refrigerator?

  9. tacomasaroma says:

    I’ll bet Skeeter isn’t the only bad apple in Lakehood Police Department.

  10. Rational says:

    rubioloco?: That isn’t what onetuffgrandma said and your disgusting for putting words in her mouth. Simply pointing out a fact that there is more to a story than what is reported isn’t the same thing as the mindless drivel you put forth in your rant of mental illness. Try dealing with the facts rather than what your sorry brain presumes to be true.

  11. rubioloco says:

    NineInch… shoot didnt you know that Pierce County has an interest-free loan program for convicted felons? Steal the money, pay for your home, toys and trips. When you are caught you just pay back the stolen amount but you get to keep the things you bought with the stolen funds. Awesome deal isnt it?

    Skeeter was allowed to use that money interest free for several years to buy toys and save his mortgage. Most people who embezel as he did have to both forfit the material assets accrued through criminal activity as well as pay the restitution. I think this is why they charged him with wire fraud so the family wouldnt be penalized.

    We werent privy to the chamber discussions but would assume that is close to how this was determined

  12. rubioloco says:

    rational…. inferring that exposure of the funds raised to support the children of the officers gunned down would some how mitigate the publics disdain for this criminals activity is ridiculous. It is public information that over $3 million was raised for this cause. So what does the financial security have to due with the theft of these funds and the sentencing of the felon? If you would read the thread leading up to that comment it was in reference to the lack of justice in this case. So that comment inferred that maybe it wasnt such a bad thing as there was plenty of money in the fund.

    Let me add that I have connections with Skeeters family and they would by no means minimize his actions based on the balance of the fallen officers childen. Nor would Skeeter. Bringing up the fact that the families will be ‘okay’ would not be a term that family would use to justify this crime

    Please keep your personal insults to yourself as I am neither mentally ill nor have a sorry brain. Well maybe in hindsight I do have a sorry brain….my brain is sorry that this crime was committed against four families that lost their loved one.

    The facts are that this person stole from a fund he was entrusted with to provide security for the children of fallen officers. To compound the atrosity, the person was a member of the same agency and understood the impact that tragedy had on both the families and society. The fact that someone would want to bring up the balance statement in this discussion defers the attention from the magnitude of this crime.

    To do so is reprehensible and shameful.

    Ask Skeeter as I know he would agree.

  13. tacomasaroma says:

    Maybe Skeeter will get sent to Club Fed Butner Crime School where he, Bernie Madoff, Jeff Skilling, Randy (Duke) Cunningham, John J Rigas and Jonathan Pollard can sit around having cocktails and decide how to screw the American People with just a slap on the wrist and an order of repayment that their victims will never see.

  14. NineInchNachosII says:

    Skeeter is lower than a snakes belly in a wagon rut. I hope that snowboarding gear breaks somebody’s leg.

  15. tacomasaroma says:

    NineInchNacho…A neck would be better. Less chance of survival.

  16. NineInchNachosII says:

    If I was Mrs. Skeeter i’d feel awful guilty pulling milk out of that brand new stainless steel refrigerator every day. that refrigerator was paid for with dead orphan blood money. HAUNTED RAISIN BRAN!!!!!

  17. dhante78 says:

    DavidAnderson: Your Wurts update….he is a douche bag…a confirmed liar but not criminal yet.

  18. dhante78 says:

    Skeeter is a piece of scum. He lied to his letter of please be nice to me and don’t send me to jail…when he claimed he attempted to pay back what he stole…he didn’t do it…he doesn’t care he is sad he got caught…I was shocked to here his wife would have been there to support him outside of fear her picture would be in the paper…he liede to her, cheated on her, and probaby has a kid with another women…but sure i would stand behind him he is a low life.

  19. tacomasaroma says:

    Turns out I know some of Skeeters family. They are good people! I don’t know how a member of this family could have gone so awry.
    I was kind of enjoying the Lakewood Police Departments misery because I felt
    kicked by them when I was down.
    The Manos that I know and have met have my support.

    Sincerely, SD

  20. claimsmanager4u says:

    There is a question in my mind whether or not the Tacoma News Tribune wants to tell the whole story about Brian Wurts and Skeeter Manos.

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