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UPDATED: Man killed, found in parked truck near Tacoma

Post by Stacey Mulick / The News Tribune on June 14, 2012 at 6:19 am with 15 Comments »
June 14, 2012 2:39 pm

UPDATED at 2:39 p.m.

A 35-year-old South Hill man was found shot to death in the back of his truck Wednesday night, more than 24 hours after his wife had reported him missing.

Pierce County sheriff’s detectives have launched a homicide investigation into the slaying of Fred Gonzalez.

No arrests have been reported. No motive for the slaying has been released.

Gonzalez’s wife reported him missing at 7:45 p.m. Tuesday. His 2003 blue Cadillac Escalade was found in a parking lot in the 2200 block of 99th Street South about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Investigators found Gonzalez’s body in the back of the truck, Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said. An autopsy later revealed he’d been shot in the head.

Pierce County sheriff’s detectives were working to uncover where Gonzalez had been between the time he was reported missing and when his body was found.

We will update this post when more information becomes available.

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  1. babytigers says:

    Really? We need an autopsy to see why he died. They say he died of a gunshot to the head.

  2. Jon__doe says:

    when he was discovered in the back of his truck pulled up against a wall so you couldnt get in through the tail gate and a hole in the head…hmm wonder how he died!! accident or natural really can you say MURDER! If I didnt know who the man was and what he did and I lived in that area I would be a bit angry that the Sheriffs department didnt just make that statement that a homicide had happend until almost a day later there could have been a homicidle maniac lurking around and alot of kids live in those apartments. However I dont live there and I know who he was and he was just another drug dealer from Spanaway with a record and the police already have him in there files so I am sure they know why he is dead and just dont want to tell. I am sure a good reporter however can figure this out!

  3. SoCalPunk62 says:

    You’re a prime example of how little some people think about what they’re saying. We civilized folks expect our local authorities to investigate murders and do such mundane tasks as autopsies because we’re not stupid enough to just assume facts without evidence and proof. A thorough investigation can lead to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator (duh). Thankfully, the people who constructed our legal system were more thoughtful than you

  4. Wrapper98439 says:

    I’m with babytigers. They have needed to do an autopsy for further details, but the gunshot would was likely pretty obvious immediately.

  5. opinionsarelikeasswholes says:


    It sounds like you’re on here saying that he was “just another drug dealer from spanaway” there for he doesn’t deserve the departmenta time or a proper investigation into who murdered him!

    Italian Spring… Maybe someone should ask you the same question! I mean being a proud Italian and all!! Did you come to this country with the proper paper work? Did your parents or grandparents?? How ironic that you would choose that as your member name and ask a question like that!! He was a born in the united states with puertorican heritage! Now why don’t you worry about something not so irrelevant!!!

  6. tacomabound says:

    You know what its funny how people wanna talk mess about a man that just lost his life. This man had a family and friends that loved and cared for him truely. Saying he was a well known drug dealer is crap. That may or may not be the reason for his death but it was still wrong in so many ways. No one deserves that. I knew Fred and i have a lot of history with him and he was a good person inside and out. My love and prayers go out to his family. I know how they are feeling. I lost my daughters father the same way (murder) and people wanted to drag his name through the dirt also. No need to say names but R.I.P. you will be missed…..

  7. andrewball says:

    i knew freddy, he was a good father and husband. he had alot of people who cared about him. he was not just some drug dealer like you idiots who dont even know him are saying. why would you talk crap about a guy who just lost his life? why dont we worry about who did it, and catching that guy? my heart goes out to his family and loved ones. if you dont know freddy personaly, keep your comments to your self. he was a good man. everybody i know had respect for him, and everybody liked him. lets remember the good things about him, not run his name through the mud. r.i.p. freddy

  8. friendlyperson says:

    This is not Facebook or Myspace should we not be commenting on the news instead of personal attacks! The bottom line is there was a murder and apparently an obvious one this is something the public has a right to know about IMMEDIATELY not when they get around to it; this is something I agree upon. This country was built on imigrants only the natives are true Americans by blood the rest of us by birth, the attacks on a last name are NUTS. My prayers go to the family and the rest is for god to judge what kind of man he is because everyone does have an opinion as the prior comment states.

    With that said as far as the news goes are there any leads; was this an isolated incident? I only hope this is not one of those times where people will need to worry about retaliation and who will get caught in the cross fire. I hope his family is being looked after to make sure they remain safe. To many inocent people suffer the after effects of these types of crimes.

  9. I ment h-vac tech. And on the kiro 7 blog somebody called dave1942 made a comment saying “and guess who shot him ” whats that all about?

  10. Reading all these comments makes me sick! Ive known Fred for a long time & although he did some things that was considered wrong…please lets just let the man rest in peace. Nobody, nor good or bad deserves this kind of treatment. To his family, Im so sorry for what you all are going through. I send my love & prayers & support to you. Peacefully Rest In The Lords Kingdom…R.I.P FRED

  11. khooper87 says:

    Freddy was a good man… there aren’t any leads as of this time. i have been searching all morning to check and see if there are any updates… the person or people are gonna be caught they were dumb enough to drive his car they obviously aren’t smart criminals that can just get away with murder. i cannot imagine what his wife, mother, brothers, and kids are going through but i know that i hope that the people are caught and get exactly what they have coming… Washington just decided to start doing the death penalty again and people who take lives deserve the same… sorry to all who may be offended but its my opinion and im entitled to it…

  12. opouncey says:

    First of all you need to stop trying to dirty this man name if some has a record he doesn’t deserve to die that doesn’t mean he was a bad person in fact he was loved by many and touched many heart always had a smile and was a funny guy he will be missed and I hope everyone can come together to fix this problem chewy my heart goes out to you Rest in Paradise we love you real talk family

  13. fred was my husbands friends for many years and JON_DOE he was a human being maybe not made the best decisions but he was somebodys husband,father,son,family! how dare you say that just because he was “just another drug dealer from Spanaway” it’s really not that much of a bad thing, I gaurentee you have not been an angle in your life and that you have made mistakes? He was a very nice man, he had a nice family and they are going thru the worst kind of pain right now loosing someone that they loved! You should be more respectfull than that you obviously have no manners at all. In that being said I know feel better and R.I.P fred aka chewy, Justice will be found for your family and My families prayers are going out to your family

  14. opinionsarelikeasswholes says:

    I’m beginning to question if this case is even being worked on! Is it because it’s not a cut and dry case? Is it because it’s not obvious and in their face? Is it lack of evidence? Are fruends and family not giving information because they are afraid to implicate themselves in any criminal activity? What is it?? I have a hard time believing that the people responsible for Chewies death were very smart! It’s been a week and there has been no more mention of his SLAYING! From what I’ve seen Thera not an obituary or mention of any services?! People want to talk about him being a drug dealer which is neither here or there. The man was murdered! We should not be accepting of this no matter what life people think he lived or didn’t live! Those that know him know he was a good step dad who acted like a biological dad who was close to his family, going fishing and taking trips.

  15. Give it time. When things get quiet it doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing. I’m sure that the PCS are working it. I truly hope the people who knew this man will speak up with info if they have any.To his family- I am very sorry for the loss. To his friends- keep your ears to the street.

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